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Primary School Teacher Admits to Lying About Bullying - Should She Be Named???

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BMHQ2 Wed 04-Oct-17 00:27:28

My young son was being bullied repeatedly on a daily basis, including verbal threats from the bully that he was going to kill him, physical abuse including the bully placing his hands around his throat.

This was raised directly with his class teacher. I was assured that they were managing the situation and met with the class teacher daily after school to check on the day's progress and to obtain an update.

At the last meeting she assured me that my son was fine that day and stated there were no problems. My son returned to the classroom and I asked him how was today (class teacher was present). He said the bully kicked him in the peanuts, he was in pain, sent to the office and given a warm washer.

The teacher had blatantly lied, hiding an escalating bullying situation.

I called a meeting with the School's head teacher. The class teacher, agreed with the events above that I have described, thereby indirectly admitting to having lied about the incident. The head teacher was obviously not impressed with her admission. No injury incident note was recorded or sent to me by the school.

If this teacher was teaching your child would you want to know?

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AMumma16 Mon 30-Oct-17 08:17:22

Having experienced a similar situation, it is very frustrating when something like this happens.
I'd say the best option is to go through the complaints procedure rather than outing them directly.
In my situation the school closed ranks and the individual even sat there and lied during our complaints procedure (it was painful to watch as it was clear to everyone that they were economical with the truth) but they still got away with it.
Once you've completed the procedure you can think about what to do next.
I'm still debating suing them personally.

ScarletSienna Mon 30-Oct-17 08:19:37

Did you post about this last week? There was some good advice on that thread.

What came out of the meeting with he Head?

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