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Due April 2009: Episode 19 - We had sex in July!! The curse of the slummy mummy!!

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SmuttyNuttyTaff Wed 11-Mar-09 20:02:37

so the orgy thread begins grin

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SpringySunshine Wed 11-Mar-09 20:08:43

Excellent first post there, Smutts grin

staryeyed Wed 11-Mar-09 20:12:25

Hi, thought Id pop in before the thread gets full. smile.

SmuttyNuttyTaff Wed 11-Mar-09 20:16:58

Might as well kick off with some smutt grin sets the mood grin

Hi Stary, how are things going with you??

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WhatFreshHellIsThis Wed 11-Mar-09 20:19:17

Smut and more smut, tsk. grin

first raspberry leaf tablet down the hatch - i'm taking this competition very seriously.


SmuttyNuttyTaff Wed 11-Mar-09 20:23:32

WFH - grin i have a mental image of you and BB soing some sort of baby birthing olympic circuit grin

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SpringySunshine Wed 11-Mar-09 20:26:44

God, can you imagine if they came face to face? <<winces>>

SmuttyNuttyTaff Wed 11-Mar-09 20:28:57

Perenium massage to warm up

1st hurdle - RLT
2nd Hurdle - 8 pineapple centres
3rd hurdle - curry
then some spacehopper bouncing to ...
4th hurdle - BJ bonanza
5th hurdle <<snigger>> dh bouncing
then some more spacehopper bouncing <<pick up crochet hook on the way & break waters>> to the birthing pool

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SmuttyNuttyTaff Wed 11-Mar-09 20:29:45

Handbags/ placenta's at dawn.....scary...

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WhatFreshHellIsThis Wed 11-Mar-09 20:30:34

Not sure we could do more than wave threateningly at each other, I can't actually get off the floor right now grin

Have to go and wrap DS' wellies in silver foil now....sigh.

SpringySunshine Wed 11-Mar-09 20:31:57

WFH, you're making a good effort with that costume even if you can only wave threateningly grin

Nutty, you & Kitty should open a bootcamp grin

SmuttyNuttyTaff Wed 11-Mar-09 20:33:54

Have fun smile

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PuzzleRocks Wed 11-Mar-09 20:41:46

Skiingone - Many many congratulations on the birth of your little girl. I hope it wasn't too traumatic for you. Everything sounds very positive now though. And well done on establishing breastfeeding, no easy feat with the most straightforward of births. Marianna sounds like a real fighter. And such a beautiful name. I'm delighted for you.

Bleuravin Wed 11-Mar-09 20:42:35

Does anyone one know of a good link to info on perineal massage? I just don't really get what/where I'm supposed to be stretching...

PuzzleRocks Wed 11-Mar-09 20:45:10

The baby list...
12 Feb: skiingone: MARIANNA, 4lb 4oz
20 Feb: Glaskham: RUBY MARIE, 4lb 3oz
04 Mar: Barbarella: ESTELLA, ROSANNA, OTIS
05 Mar: Kazkiss: ISABELLE FLORENCE 4lb & OLIVER THOMAS 3lb 8oz

Still yet to hatch...
29 Mar : WhatFreshHell, DS 2.4 born on Easter Sunday
30 Mar : BabyBolat: 1st timer
01 Apr : Rachelinscotland: DD 3 years, and DS 2 years in March
01 Apr : Juwesm: 1st timer
01 Apr : Chickenbalti: DS 4 years DD 17 months
02 Apr : BoffinMum: BOY! dd(21) ds(10) ds(7)
02 Apr : MathsMummy27: GIRL! DD 3 years
03 Apr : purlease: 1 m/c, 1 DD 3 years
03 Apr : Kalikaroo: SURPRISE! (28), 1st timer, lives in Scandinavia (but too shy to say where!)
04 Apr : Bleuravin
04 Apr : Bumpalump
04 Apr : babypringle: 1 DS 2yrs 1 month
06 Apr : ToastnHoney: first timer
06 Apr : Mummyontherun: DD 22 months
06 Apr : pintofstella: DS 5.7
08 Apr : LuLuBai: 1 DD born 02 Apr 07
09 Apr : Oddeyes (30): GIRL! DS 17 mths, 1 mc. London
09 Apr : Minush
10 Apr : hopeful1
10 Apr : mrsfossil: 1 DS 6.5
11 Apr : Bubbaluv: 1 DS 1yo
11 Apr : SpringySunshine: BOY! 1st timer.
12 Apr : Brettgirl, 1st timer
12 Apr : Mumblemumhome4lunch (37, Swindon): DS will be 4 on 11th April, DD 2yrs and 1month
13 Apr : Dungungirl(30): BOY! 1 m/c, DS 4 years
14 Apr : AuldAlliance: DS3.8 BOY!
14 Apr : Woody2shoes: Second DS
15 Apr : claireykitten: GIRL! DS 12 months
15 Apr : electra
15 Apr : Sarahmum: DS 10yrs
16 Apr : tristaleejac(25): 1 ds, 3 years
17 Apr : Surprisenumber3(32): DS1 9 DSS 9 DS2 5 GIRL!
18 Apr : gingersarah: 1st baby
18 Apr : Lauren61
18 Apr : salbysea: (28) 1st timer
19 Apr : Kittycatisgettingfat (29) 1st timer
21 Apr : B52s: DS will be 2 and a quarter
21 Apr : Staryeyed
21 Apr : Schulte
22 Apr : PuzzleRocks: DD 22mths GIRL!
22 Apr : soon2befamilyof4 DD 13 months.
23 Apr : FatandFedup DC3
24 Apr : conkertree (27): DS 17 months
24 Apr : Bronze (Gawain) - 4th DC
24 Apr : Frekkles
25 Apr : Swaliswan: DD 17 months
27 Apr : Bicnod
27 Apr : Carameli
27 Apr : ilovesummer 3rd dc
27 Apr : purplemonkeydishwasher DS 3yo
30 Apr : Nutty Taff (27) DD nearly 5 GIRL!

SmuttyNuttyTaff Wed 11-Mar-09 20:45:23

lol I can just see me n kitty in camo & combats, timberlands or cat's, little khaki tank tee's, caps, whistles and megaphones grin

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staryeyed Wed 11-Mar-09 20:45:28

Im fine thanks if you dont count the spots, flaky skin, sore hips...(moan, moan, moan).

quick Q- I was supposed to have an antenatel apt 2 weeks ago but didn't. I am due one in 2 weeks. Is it worth trying to squeeze another in before then or should I just wait?

Bleuravin Wed 11-Mar-09 20:51:12

And should I be worried that I've got no leakage or dampness? All I've got is just some small amounts of crusty stuff ever so often on my nipples.

PuzzleRocks Wed 11-Mar-09 20:51:59

FAO: Chickenbalti Bumpalump pintofstella Minush Bubbaluv Woody2shoes Sarahmum


right GIRLIES listen up

if you would like to be included in the birth/labour buddy system please e-mail me at

please include in the email :-

a contact number (pref mobile for texting)
email that you want to use so i can send you your buddy details (if not the one you're sending from)
your MN name (incase i get confused, v possible)
your due date (as above)

i will sort out groups after i get your info and put regulars with regulars and straglers with stragglers if thats ok?

do give me a lil leeway on getting back to you, i will be as quick as humanly possible any problems once info has been swapped then feel free to mail me

love n kisses ME

PuzzleRocks Wed 11-Mar-09 20:53:01

Yes Blue, google Goatse. grin

SmuttyNuttyTaff Wed 11-Mar-09 20:55:19

Puzzle grin grin

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surprisenumber3 Wed 11-Mar-09 21:02:00

oops didn't see the new thread and just posted on the old one!

Congrats skiingone!

Swaliswan Wed 11-Mar-09 21:03:27

Welcome to the world, Marianna!

Well done for coping so well with the NICU routine, skiingone. I hope that you are starting to feel settled at home and that your confidence will continue to grow. Marianna will be one month old tomorrow!

SpringySunshine Wed 11-Mar-09 21:05:50

Puzzle! shockgringrin

staryeyed Wed 11-Mar-09 21:06:51

Wow we have 5 babies already!

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