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ANY TEENAGE MUMS ON HERE or is it just me if so give me some advice plz

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BloomingBennett Tue 24-Apr-07 20:28:08

hi. just want some people to chat to bout stuff maybe like me if not then peoples experience in childbirth so every young mum knows what to expect

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bristols Tue 24-Apr-07 20:31:38

Hi BB. Am not a teenage mum but can tell you a bit about childbirth if you like. Anything specific you want to know about? Hopefully some younger mums will be along in a mo. (I'm 29 btw)

emankcin Tue 24-Apr-07 20:34:06

Hi, I am trez old codger, but i was a teenage mum pregnant at 16. So if no one younger turns up and you want to scream "ARGH i'm so scared make it go away i am supposed to win the lottery and live like J-LO" then i quite understand

lulumama Tue 24-Apr-07 20:35:29

hi blooming!

had DS at 23, so out of the teen years !

but i would be happy to talk pregnancy and birth with you !

when are you due?

lulumama Tue 24-Apr-07 20:36:15

i know Lwatkins is a teen mum to be! due in about 4 or 5 weeks

BloomingBennett Tue 24-Apr-07 20:37:21

hi thats great thanks!!! well first of all im 16 weeks pregnant and im gettin headaches and terrible backache is this normal also id like to know does an epidural leave an after effect???

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BloomingBennett Tue 24-Apr-07 20:38:38

oh due in october the 9th soz

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PinkTulips Tue 24-Apr-07 20:40:35

hi blooming.

i had dd at 20 and ds at 22 so not quite teen but young enough

how old are you? are you still in school?

lulumama Tue 24-Apr-07 20:41:21

yes ! normal !

now, make sure you are drinking enough fluid, herb and fruit teas,water, juice, decaff tea and coffee , if you can ! that can help with headaches

what sort of back ache?

re epidural..

some women get a terrible headache after, some find it leaves them bruised and in pain where it is sited, also, can mean immobility after the birth.

can slow labour, and possibly lead to more intervention..

but there are positives !

where you having your baby?

lulumama Tue 24-Apr-07 20:42:38

oh ! i have a client due 9th october !!

you are at the stage where baby is fully formed , and now needs to grow, your uterus is stretching , all the ligaments and muscles are stretching, so can be uncomfy

are you going to all your antenatal checks?

<<stern voice>>

PinkTulips Tue 24-Apr-07 20:42:50

i had bad headaches til about 20/22 weeks with dd. less so with ds.

and unfortunately backache is normal and will get worse towards the end.

can't help with epi question i'm afraid, wen't au naturale both times (clever me )

bristols Tue 24-Apr-07 20:44:11

Not sure about the headaches and backache. I did have backache later on but I suppose it depends on how big the bump is and how much you are bending your spine to compensate. You can take paracetamol in pregnancy if you need to but never take anything like nurofen or ibuprofen.

As for the epidural, I had one and had no after effects. However, as with all these things, there are sometimes complications. You can end up with a bad headache which can last for a few days and can be quite severe. You could also end up with an infection in the site (as with any cut to the skin). Very rarely people have become paralysed after an epidural. Having said all that, the epidural certainly made my labour a really pleasurable experience. And I had no after effects or comlications at all

Lwatkins Tue 24-Apr-07 20:45:21

Hey BB!

First of all, huge congrats on your pregnancy! Glad you found MN, it's really helped me through my pregnancy on the not so good days.

I'm 19, <<whispers>> I'll be 20 next friday - getting on a bit now This is my frist baby and I'm going to be a single mum. I'm at uni doing my degree, about to finish my first year in less than 2 weeks! What happened to time!

I'm usually always about if you need anything, us students have cough cough, very busy lives you see

Hows your pregnancy been so far?

BloomingBennett Tue 24-Apr-07 20:47:41

yes Im still at school well 6th form doing my a levels. Im 17 Hi pink my mum says hi too Im dreamy dowlers daughter. Cant believe how many responses Ive had thank you all so much. Im really nervous about the pain of labour but Im really excited too Im lucky I have my bf and both families and school is being really supportive but feel a bit like the others in 6th form are starting to gossip

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PinkTulips Tue 24-Apr-07 20:52:19

o wow! i'm so glad she steered you towards MN, your mom and mine's antenatal group on here were invaluable during pregnancy (and during labour for me... i got MSN between contractions so the girls could keep my mind off the pain!)

have you checked out due in october yet?

congratulations btw, i know it will be incredibly difficult but the fact that you have strong family support will make a massive differance and you'll cope just fine

labour isn't a bad as people make out, it only gets really unbearable right at the transition stage and by thenyour almost done.

trust you body and you'll be fine

lulumama Tue 24-Apr-07 20:52:47

shame you don;t live a bit closer to me !!

you are over the water from me , am in southport!

chirpygirl Tue 24-Apr-07 20:53:36

Hey BB, and congratulations!
I am due 3 days before you with my second but am feeling much the same as I did with my first (I am 28, and you are making me feel very old ).
I get horrible backache if I sit in the same position for too long, so if you can get up in college then make sure you don't sit for more than about half an hour without moving/stretching.
I also get very bad headaches if I haven't drunk enough, I worked out that I need about 3 litres a day when I am pregnant and BFing to stop getting dehydration headaches so try drinking more and see if that helps.
(It does mean having to pee every hour, but people expect that from pregnant woman!)

(Can't comment on epidural as had a CS)

BloomingBennett Tue 24-Apr-07 20:53:40

hi lwatkins im so glad you are in uni read my profile you are now my inspiration lol

lluana are you a midwife???

im gettin backache like period pain sometimes is that worrying???

goin to midwife on tuesday for blood tests but hate needles hence the epidural question and yes am oin to all checks hehe

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Lwatkins Tue 24-Apr-07 20:55:53

Oh the gossips - I remember them well! I came back after Christmas with a 21 week baby bump and I was the talk of the entire uni! Not very nice when people are clearly eyeing you up and then whispering right infront of you. Been there! But I'll let you in on a little secret. They may have their mouths and gossip, but you have HORMONES

What other people think will not affect you sweetie. Let em' talk. You sound like a smart girl with your head screwed on right, you and your baby are all that matters - not idle gossip

lulumama Tue 24-Apr-07 21:01:11

am a trainee doula, so am very interested in all things birthy!!

lulumama Tue 24-Apr-07 21:02:24

the period like pains and cramping are all part and parcel of the massive hormonal changes that are going on , and the uterus stretching and growing to accomodate the baby

any fluid loss or blood loss must be checked out. as must regular contraction type pains

BloomingBennett Tue 24-Apr-07 21:04:52

hi pink mum says she remembers and yes i checked the october one

lluana-yeah i would love to meet more mums like me or nice people like you lot lol (im a suck up)

chirpy-hi whats a cs like if you dont mind me asking

what you all sayin is a great help

lwatkins VERY FUNNY lol thanks alot its just i am really a quiet girl and people dont expect this from me and i doubt ill handle it well so yeah hormones will help hehe

any one tell me what its like to feel your baby for the first time ??? i cant wait

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bristols Tue 24-Apr-07 21:07:18

It feels amazing. The only way I can describe it (and this is a bit grim) is you feel bubbles in your tummy as if you have wind but then nothing comes out. So you think 'could it be the baby?' Then it happens a few more times and you know it is the baby!

fryalot Tue 24-Apr-07 21:08:00

Hi bloomin - am not a teenager (and haven't been for a very, very long time ) but welcome to mn!

Epidurals sound great, don't they! NO pain at all.

I had one with dd1, and whilst I didn't have any actual complications afterwards, I am 100% convinced that the epidural stopped my labour. I went on to have dd2 totally naturally - they tried to give me gas and air, but I didn't like it, and my honest advice would be to see how you get on.... don't plump for the epidural because it sounds good. Have it if you need it later on, but don't have your mind made up about it beforehand.

Hope this helps. Keep posting and letting us know how you're getting on

Lwatkins Tue 24-Apr-07 21:08:05

Have you joined the antenatal thread yet? If not then do, they'll look after you and they are all experiencing pregnancy at the same stage as you (give or take a few weeks) so you can all moan together lol. I'm on the May antenatal so if you ever need anything you can find me in there! Or feel free to email me anytime:

It's good that you have a strong support network behind you. My family have been incredibly supportive with me and I've needed it as I'm 'going it alone!' But it's also been nice to come on here and speak to other women going through pregnancy. Being young I don't really have any friends with babies so it has felt lonely at times.

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