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SHHHH Fri 09-Feb-07 21:45:35

DON'T READ IF YOU ARE WAITING TO DELIVER YOUR OWN BUNDLE.......Not the nicest of births ime/o

WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.......................Ds has finally arrived and believe me what an ordeal .

I started with what I thought were bh's on tuesday night after our last attempt to get him out..dh bought me a curry which was not the hottest but by my korma standards it was lol.!!!

At around 6.30 am I couldn't sleep through them any more so woke dh to get my tens, phoned del suite and told to maked my way down but no rush...arrived around 9am where they said I wasn't in labour and would prob send home. Walked around hospital for 2 hours assesed and shocked to have gine from 3cm's to 5. Into birthpool, out after 30 mins, unlike with dd I hated it, no relief.They wanted me out at 10cms anyway as I struggled to del dd's shoulders so they wanted to be in a position to be prepared iykwim. A doctor saw me and strictly said if no progress was being made I was not to have sitocin (sp)and an ecs was to be done. Given epi,had waters broke, soon needed epi topping up, anetietist (sp) in theatre so waited and waited, given diamorphine,no relief,so continued on g&a. 12 hours after arriving Harry Nathaniel was born at 10.02pm on 07/02/07 weighing............................................................................................................................................ 9lb 13oz .I needed stitches..AGAIN . He is gorgeous but not bf well and the same with a bottle. Swollowed a lot of my mucus at the birth and is very sickly..advised it should clear within 48 hours..So noone is sleeping well except 19 months old!!

I am knackered and arrived home last night, my body feels like its been battered, I have a kidney infection which was discovered during labour, throat infection and basically want to roll back into a hole.!!

BUT at least ds arrived safely and all has gone well.

lulumama Fri 09-Feb-07 21:46:44


BLESS YOU AND LITTLE ONE ! lovely names, and a <<gulp>> good weight !

so sorry it was traumatic...keep talking if you feel you need to...things will settle down, especially when you are physically feeling better, the infection and illness will take it out of you.....

rest up and take care xxxx

maisym Fri 09-Feb-07 21:48:30

Many congrats xxx Lovely names.

Beauregard Fri 09-Feb-07 21:49:20

What a whopper
Congratulations ,i hope you soon lose that 'run over by a bus 'feeling.

Carmenere Fri 09-Feb-07 21:49:41

OOh big baby, well done you and I do love his name. Congratulations

Miaou Fri 09-Feb-07 21:51:18

Aw shhhh, what hard work! So sorry to hear about the infections and tears, you must feel very rough I guess.

But congratulations on Harry's safe arrival and I hope he continues to do well

Dragonfairy Fri 09-Feb-07 21:52:04

Congratulations! Hope you feel better soon. x

bunny3 Fri 09-Feb-07 21:52:27

Ouch and well done!

Shouldnt have read this as being induced tomorrow morning!

Califrau Fri 09-Feb-07 22:37:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pinkchampagne Fri 09-Feb-07 22:41:19

What an ordeal, SHHHH - poor you!
Congratulations on the birth of Harry Nathanial though! Great names - I have a Harry myself!

sweetkitty Fri 09-Feb-07 22:47:43

congratulations counds like a trauma but I bet he's worth it all

put your feet up and get loads of rest x

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 09-Feb-07 22:51:39


Same weight as my DD, my first.

MrsJohnCusack Sat 10-Feb-07 03:49:23

oh Shhhhhhh......
congratulations and I hope you both feel better soon. Top names too

Cadbury Sat 10-Feb-07 05:14:52

Congrats shhhh - that is some birth you went through - and what a weight! Not surprised you feel battered! Mend soon.

Sallyallyally Sat 10-Feb-07 07:42:00

Well done Shhhh. It's no fun when you're not feeling well yourself is it? Try and get as much rest as possible and let the excited visitors do the running around and entertaining. Sounds like you did marvellously

Budababe Sat 10-Feb-07 07:48:23

Wow - well done you. Congratulations!

Flamesparrow Sat 10-Feb-07 09:02:10

Huge hugs and congratulations on baby Harry

Maddison Sat 10-Feb-07 09:14:48

Congratulations Shhhh

Sorry about all the trauma of the labour though, also sorry you're not feeling too well either. Do as someone else suggested and let everyone else run around after you!!

9lb 13oz What a whopper!!!

carrotcake Sat 10-Feb-07 10:01:29

Lovely name, but I'm biased, as I have a Harry, wasn't that big though Sorry you feel so battered, sounds like quite an ordeal. Rest up and get better soon and congrats!

northstar Sat 10-Feb-07 10:07:27

Congratulations Shhh! I was wondering where you were. Welcome to Harry Nathaniel. How is dd taking his arrival. Sorry you're feeling so battered atm, wish there was something I could do to help. Hate to say this but your story might finally make up my mind not to go for no.3

SmudgeMum Sat 10-Feb-07 10:08:54

Congratulations SHHH. Welcome to the world Harry Nathaniel. I'm very impressed that you posted so quickly, especially after such a tough time. It sounds like you did really well to not end up with a csection. Hope the feeding gets better soon and that your infections clear up too. Have a well earned rest and make sure other people sort things out you only have to look after Harry. See you on the postnatal thread soon.

Debbsyandson Sat 10-Feb-07 11:08:16

gulp at weight well done huge congratulations

marmitemad Sat 10-Feb-07 12:48:42

Congratulations SHHHH and well done.
Hope you and LO are both feeling better soon.

MarsLady Sat 10-Feb-07 12:53:01

Congratulations shhhhh!!!!!!!!! Glad he's here. How's the feeding going?

FoghornLeghorn Sat 10-Feb-07 15:47:26

Well done Sssshhhhh

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