My dad died this evening

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roisin Mon 18-Sep-06 20:29:21

He died peacefully with my mum beside him. He's only 64, but has been very ill with cancer for a long time, and the last few months in particular have been very tough.

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HRHQueenOfQuotes Mon 18-Sep-06 20:29:46

I'm sorry - thinking of you

Californifrau Mon 18-Sep-06 20:29:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ghosty Mon 18-Sep-06 20:30:17

Oh roisin - so sorry ...

puff Mon 18-Sep-06 20:30:21

I'm sorry roisin.

sallystrawberry Mon 18-Sep-06 20:30:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alexsmum Mon 18-Sep-06 20:30:30

oh roisin all my sympathy is with least he is out of pain now and in peace.

laneydaye Mon 18-Sep-06 20:30:31

roisin...big hug.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

trefusis Mon 18-Sep-06 20:30:34

Message withdrawn

prettymum Mon 18-Sep-06 20:30:42

sending a lot of love xxx{{{hugs}}}xxxx

bubble99 Mon 18-Sep-06 20:30:43

but also a tentative that your mum was with him..... XXXXX

Tutter Mon 18-Sep-06 20:30:52

i'm so very sorry

Blandmum Mon 18-Sep-06 20:30:52

Oh Roisin, I am so very sorry.

Sending you the kindest thoughts.

lucycat Mon 18-Sep-06 20:30:54

thinking of you and your mum - pass on our love to her also.

Yorkiegirl Mon 18-Sep-06 20:30:58

Message withdrawn

Pinotmum Mon 18-Sep-06 20:31:08

So sorry You're in my thoughts.

Miaou Mon 18-Sep-06 20:31:16

Oh roisin, so sorry to hear this. I'm glad for his sake he is now at peace but my heart goes out to you and your mum.


IdrisTheDragon Mon 18-Sep-06 20:31:19

I'm so sorry .

Beauregard Mon 18-Sep-06 20:31:25

Very sorry Roisin
Thinking of you

Dior Mon 18-Sep-06 20:31:55

Message withdrawn

dazzlincaz Mon 18-Sep-06 20:32:24

Thinking of you roisin. Have been there. {{{HUGS}}}

SherlockLGJ Mon 18-Sep-06 20:32:31

Oh Sweetheart.

Waswondering Mon 18-Sep-06 20:32:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hermykne Mon 18-Sep-06 20:32:45

very sorry roisin
not an old man at all, hope you all have fond memoreis of him

hulababy Mon 18-Sep-06 20:33:23

So sorry roisin. Thiking of you and your family.

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