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Struggling with my 5 year old....

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SweetMummy911 Mon 27-Nov-17 16:04:01

Hello mums

My DS turned 5 in Sept - he has just started reception and he has always been a "vivacious" and "energetic" child but lately he is getting harder and harder to control.

The behaviour pattern include incidents such as:

- Are we having pasta for dinner mummy? When I answer "NO" he starts to moan very "toddler like" and gets very upset

- Family comes round to visits, DS gets super excited and starts to jump around, won't listen and "settle down" like asked. The only thing that works is to either send him upstairs to calm down (if at home) or take him outside in the car to let him chill out. Unless we do this and "stay on him" in the past he has been "jumping" over people and runs round uncontrollably behaving like a child much younger than 5

- Going around shops it's virtually impossible - he behaves like a 2 years old, running around and being disruptive

- His sister (2) starts to sing, DS will start to scream in her face to "shut up". His justification she's annoying me

- If somebody upsets him (mostly children) he will not simply accept that an adult intervenes and the other child apologises. He will keep going back and try to seek his own justice, not violently but he will keep going on and on and oftentime other children will retaliate and get fed up with him

We have tried the "naughty step" or "time out" - he seems to big for that now and only agitates him further. We've tried taking toys away but it just angers him and he knows he eventually gets them back the next day or so therefore it does little to discourage bad behaviour in the future.

Simply put - unless we are doing exactly what he wants he will kick off, whinge and act (at times) quite rudely e.g. rolling eyes, telling me or DH we are "naughty/or nasty" sad

He has had a couple of minor incidents at school and I have spoken to his teacher who is in contact with us to try and get his behaviour under control. In her own words however, his behaviour appears to be worse at home. At school is on track with his learning, he is NOT disruptive during lesson and generally he is a good little student. He has lots of friends and good rapport with his teacher and TAs - it just seems that something switches when he comes home sad.

We have had insinuations from some family members that he has ADHD/ADD or some behavioural issues. However when I spoke to both HV (last year), his preschool teachers and his teacher (only a few weeks ago) and they've all assured me he is NOT displaying any traits and they are not concerned he has learning or behavioural issues.

Any advice? He can be the loveliest most caring young man when he wants to but his behaviour lets him down on a constant basis and family are starting to "distance" from him and not include us at family occasions for fear of him kicking off which isn't nice sad or helpful angry

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Mon 27-Nov-17 18:36:18

If he does things like scream in his little sisters face, what do you do? Also, how do you handle it if he misbehaves outside of the house?

Do you think his hearing might be part of this? I think you can self refer for a hearing test, just to rule poor hearing out.

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