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Baby 15 months and not standing

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PinkToeNails Mon 28-Mar-11 21:51:40

Our baby is 15 months old and not standing. I know they all do things in their own time but I'm still a little worried. We saw a pediatrician about six months ago. He made me feel as though I was just being a neurotic/comparing mother and said we should go back in six months if things didn't change.

She did her fist roll at around 7 months but other than that wasn't really interested in moving around the room until she started cruising around 12 months. She sometimes does a commado style crawl. If we try and encourage her to stand she just curls her legs up.

Has anyone else had any experience of this?

PinkToeNails Mon 28-Mar-11 21:53:17

first roll

Forgot to add that we have a follow-up appointment with the paediatrician, but just thought I'd see what experiences other people have had.

ifitsnotanarse Mon 28-Mar-11 21:59:13

It all depends on the child but if you are really worried get in touch with your health visitor. She'll know if there is anything to worry about. Some babies just like to scoot around - one of my nieces is 17 months and got around on her knees until just after Christmas. She looked so funny and cute too smile.

Pregnantwhale Mon 28-Mar-11 22:07:32

I wouldn't worry too much but just get her checked out thoroughly. My dd has hip dysplasia which was only diagnosed at 2.4yo. Some babies with hip dysplasia are late walkers so might be worth mentioning in your appointment. But don't start looking too much into this otherwise you will just stress about it! I'm sure you're little one will be fine.

controlpantsandgladrags Mon 28-Mar-11 22:23:58

presumably if she is cruising then she is weight bearing on her legs and can support her own weight? I honestly wouldn't worry yet about her not walking.......I don't believe a 15 month old would be classed as a late walker. No harm in getting her checked though if it would put your mind at rest.

reallytired Mon 28-Mar-11 22:31:48

I think that gut feeling is very powerful.

When you say your lo cannot stand, do you mean standing independently or not pulling herself up on furniture. If she cannot pull herself to standing with the help of furniture then you are right to be concerned.

However lots of children cannot walk at 15 months. The nhs don't bat an eyelid before two years old.

BarkingHarriet Mon 28-Mar-11 22:33:37

Obviously get her checked to reassure yourself - but neither of my DD's were particularly keen on moving - they didn't crawl until well over a year and finally made their first steps around 18 months.

They're now 10 and 7 and physically fine (although at times still don't like physical exercise (but that's hereditary wink)

Beamur Mon 28-Mar-11 22:34:38

If it helps to compare late walkers, my DD didn't crawl until she was 1, shuffled around on her bottom for a few months and finally got walking at around 18 months, I think it would have been even later if our floors had been softer - I reckon the wood floor put her off crawling much. She's now 4 and although I'd say other kids are more agile than she is, she is perfectly mobile and able.

PinkToeNails Mon 28-Mar-11 23:29:35

Thanks for all the encouragement.

I thought cruising was the same as bum shuffling
<hangs head in shame>

She doesn't take any weight on her legs. I did stop worrying as the HV put us on the waiting list for physio, but when I spoke to one of the therapists she said it's not a problem until they're 2. Think I'm just a bit tired and emotional at the mo.

BarkingHarriet Tue 29-Mar-11 08:13:36

Is she doing other stuff? Can she talk or feed herself, for example?

PinkToeNails Tue 29-Mar-11 11:36:28

She babbles a lot and has tried to say a couple of words.

She can feed herself (when she's in the mood), but is usually happier to be fed. She always has her own spoon and will occasionally put some food in her mouth - in the last couple of days she seems to be getting more keen to feed herself.

She can touch her nose, mouth etc when we tell her to, so I think she is developing normally otherwise.

mistressploppy Tue 29-Mar-11 12:55:01

This was the case with a friend of mine's DS - he couldn't/wouldn't weight bear until he was 20m, and the paed checked him over and pronounced that he had 'bendy ankles'!!! But that it wasn't serious and he'd get there eventually. Sure enough, he stood shortly afterwards and started walking just before he was 2yrs. He's running now (2.2yrs)

I think he is a bit hypermobile (ie bendy grin) but not enough to be too problematic.

The other stuff your DD is doing sounds spot on, try not to worry (sorry, pointless thing to say I know smile)

smashingtime Tue 29-Mar-11 12:58:52

Is she very bendy? Sometimes hypermobile joints cause delays with walking and other gross motor skills. IF she's getting around and sitting well it is likely she'll walk fine in her own time. I had a later mover and walker which was no surprise because we knew she'd have problems from birth, but none the less frustrating so I do understand your worry!

Sounds like she's doing well with everything else grin

deemented Tue 29-Mar-11 13:07:19

My DS3 is much as you describe too. He'll be 15months in a couple of weeks. He commando crawls, he can't sit up unless you sit him up and he sits with his legs straight out in front of him, making a 'V' shape, rather than a '<>' shape iyswim?
He doesn't stand up and won't weight bear on his legs at all.

At his one year check i mentioned it - tbh i just thought he was being lazy - but he's been referred to an orthapeadic pead as the GP thinks he might have hip or ligament problems. We actually go next Tuesday to be see them.

Good luck and let us know how she gets on!

Tgger Tue 29-Mar-11 13:10:34

Helloooo. My DD didn't get to her feet until 17 months, and didn't walk until 18 months- first steps- wasn't competent until 20 months. So..... don't worry, unless there's another concern that goes with it. Bum shufflers (DD was one too) don't walk until later, or generally don't.

By the way if it's any reassurance her nursery that she went to age 2 now say she's completely on target physically for her age (2 and 4 months) and no one would know she's been walking for a lot less time than her peers!

PinkToeNails Tue 29-Mar-11 21:47:39

Thanks again everyone. I have heard that by 2 years old, babies have usually caught up with everything that they're falling behind with.

deemented I hope your appointment goes well next week. Let us know how you get on. Ours is the following Tuesday. DD needs help to sit up too if she's trying to sit up from lying flat. If she's propped up a bit with pillows she can manage it. She also sits with legs straight out so isewym.

We're not doctors, but we think the problem is in the hips.

deemented Wed 30-Mar-11 07:12:17

Oh i will do PinkToeNails - they sound so similar!!

PinkToeNails Mon 04-Apr-11 21:01:25

Good luck for tomorrow deemented. I hope all goes well with the paed.

Galena Tue 05-Apr-11 18:56:05

DD has very flexible hips and ankles - with her, she can stand/walk if supported and loves nothing better than to be on her feet walking and holding my hands (although it's not good for my back!) but she cannot walk unaided. She's now 23 months and interestingly, because she can pull to standing, her lack of walking would not yet be referred on from the HV - only once she's over 2. As it is, we have physio support as she was already 'in the system' having been born 3 months early. She tends to 'W sit' - where she basically goes from kneeling and drops her bum to the floor with her legs behind her either side. Very naughty, bad for hip development, but for her with her bendiness at the moment, the most comfortable way to sit. Now to work on training her to sit other ways (Easier said than done as DH still W sits now!!)

And, after 3-4 months of concentrated physio involvement, last week she began standing unaided for a few seconds at a time and she can now do it for 20-30 seconds. She can also walk just holding one hand, although very slowly, a bit unsteady and occasionally 'pirouettes' to her bum! But there's definite improvement. HOORAY!

Hope the appointments over the next week or so go/went well - our next physio session is next Tuesday too, Pink.

PinkToeNails Fri 08-Apr-11 14:36:45

That's great news about your daughter Galena. Sounds like she's making great progress.

My DD has started doing the 'W' sit now so I will try to discourage it. In the last week she has started putting her legs down more to stand (with me holding her) rather than curling them up but it seems as though she doesn't know how to (or can't) lock her hips. She can now crawl a short distance on all fours so seems like she is getting there slowly.

Megamum42 Mon 03-Dec-12 22:24:12

Hi there. My 15 month old has recently stopped eating much-she will only eat yoghurt. Sometimes she will eat 1 cracker. Sometimes she will drink some milk. Depending on the weather. This has been going on for 3 weeks and she seems visibly to have lost weight. I wasnt initially worried as she was teething, then got ill, but now she seems better, bar a cold, but is still not eating. I'm wondering, is she still ill? or is this a developmental thing? Is she old enough to be fussy? I'm taking her to the GP soon to see if she is ill. But I wondered if any other mums had experienced this and if 15 months is old enough to be fussy and if yes what to do about it? I still think of her as a baby rather than a toddler as she cant pull her self up, stand or walk. But maybe at 15 months she will display other 'toddler traits'?? smile THanks.

Megamum42 Mon 03-Dec-12 22:33:17

sorry that was meant to be a new thread.

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