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What might Silvester get shortened to?

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Museli Sun 25-Jan-09 10:52:01

Just pondering this name amongst many others.

I know it's a bit of a 'cat name' but then I'm fond of Felix and Tabitha too. Maybe I should have had a cat rather than a baby grin

YeToxicHighRoad Sun 25-Jan-09 10:53:14

Silvester Stallone is Sly - that's the only one I've heard.

mileniwmffalcon Sun 25-Jan-09 10:54:28

sil like in the sopranos (although he's silvio)

i liked felix too, dp was horrified grin

BarbaraWoodlouse Sun 25-Jan-09 10:55:38

Sly came to my mind too.

Think Stallone is Sylvester - which I have to say I prefer as a spelling.

SheWillBeLoved Sun 25-Jan-09 10:57:18

We have an old neighbour called this. His friends call him 'Silly'... he finds it amusing, I find it abit erm, well, silly. Other than that - Sly. Can't think of any others.

PuppyMonkey Sun 25-Jan-09 10:58:55

Could you shorten it to Fester? grin

I like your other cat names for babies too btw. Felix is fab.

Museli Sun 25-Jan-09 11:01:34

Hmm, the Stallone connection is unfortunate, isn't it? Had momentarily forgotten that. Not keen on Sly!

I'd assumed Sylvester would be the more natural spelling but the 'i' version seems to take priority in the books.

Not sure we'll really go with this name, tbh.

Museli Sun 25-Jan-09 11:02:52

Fester grin

vess Sun 25-Jan-09 11:05:02


Hate Silly and Sly!
DS was almost called Silvester, but we decided he didn't look like one grin.

bixley Sun 25-Jan-09 13:53:02

I second Silver, great nn

chandellina Sun 25-Jan-09 14:19:35


i actually like the name, never would have thought of it!

myalias Sun 25-Jan-09 14:22:58

Silvy or silv

wotulookinat Sun 25-Jan-09 14:33:00


Frasersmum123 Sun 25-Jan-09 18:24:25

I like Felix to, it was on my shortlist for DS2

Frasersmum123 Sun 25-Jan-09 18:25:05

I have a friend who has a little girl called Tabitha which she shortens to 'Batty!'

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