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What girls names go well with Madeleine?

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nuthacuppatea Fri 26-Sep-08 20:51:29

Maddy's baby sister is due in 7 weeks. Any suggestions of names that go well with Madeleine?

LouMacca Fri 26-Sep-08 20:54:39


Love the name Madeleine and also Maddy. I guess another long name which also sounds nice shortened.

SlartyBartFast Fri 26-Sep-08 20:55:20


Plonker Fri 26-Sep-08 20:55:28

Madeleine & Elizabeth
Madeleine & Katherine
Madeleine & Isabelle
Madeleine & Eleanor
Madeleine & Abigail
Madeleine & Olivia
Madeleine & Lucy
Madeleine & Charlotte
Madeleine & Amy
Madeleine & Rebecca

Do you like any of these?

SlartyBartFast Fri 26-Sep-08 20:55:37

but i dont know why they have to go well?

SlartyBartFast Fri 26-Sep-08 20:56:01

or do you clal her maddy?

nuthacuppatea Fri 26-Sep-08 21:04:22

Wow. Such speedy responses. yes Plonker I love your suggestions. Well 5 of them - Elizabeth, Eleanor and Isabelle are V nice! Mmmm Josephine ...I like that!

castille Fri 26-Sep-08 21:06:06


nuthacuppatea Fri 26-Sep-08 21:06:28

We do call her Maddy...amongst other another longer name that could also be shortened would also be good.

Quattrocento Fri 26-Sep-08 21:06:55

Is this an attempt at a very early age to set the tone that siblings should get along with one another? (wishful thinking IME) ...

SlartyBartFast Fri 26-Sep-08 21:08:05


giraffescantdancethetango Fri 26-Sep-08 21:08:52

katherine (katie) ?

nuthacuppatea Fri 26-Sep-08 21:10:45

Ha Ha. wouldn't that be nice...but I shall wishfully think...until reality hits me!

LesAnimaux Fri 26-Sep-08 21:17:40


My mums choice many years ago. smile

everlong Fri 26-Sep-08 21:58:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BabyBaby123 Fri 26-Sep-08 22:02:08

just go with what you like - there's a lot of this 'names to go with' atm, it doesn't really matter - once the child is there and the two names are said together all the time they go together naturally!

Elkat Fri 26-Sep-08 22:45:17

Agreed Baby Baby. I figure that the child spends the first twenty years of their live max being Madeline and baby sister, and then for the next 60 years she'll be Madeline and hubby. So in the grand scheme of things, the sibling's name really is quite unimportant. Go with whatever name you like and suits the baby.

nuthacuppatea Sat 27-Sep-08 08:29:48

Yeah I suppose. Just looking for inspiration really! I do like Delphine.

LesAnimaux Sat 27-Sep-08 08:47:40

I really, really, really like Delphine! smile

happymummy72 Sun 28-Sep-08 00:34:46

May sounds nice with it.

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