Baby 10 days old and doubting our name choice

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OutOfSortsToday Sun 17-Oct-21 16:17:57

Before she was born we had a shortlist of 3 for a girl, when she arrived DH admitted one of them (my favourite) he just couldn't get on board with as a first name. That has become the middle name (Cecilia)

Of the other two options we were totally undecided but eventually went for Elise, a name we've always really liked.

We've now discovered that lots of people pronounce it Eh - leess (with second part as 'lease' like in leasehold). We had always thought it was Eh- leez, and we much prefer that.

We've found that almost everyone so far has pronounced it Eh - lease with a soft s.

1) are we wrong to pronounce it eh-leez?

2) should we change it if we're finding the different pronunciation a bit annoying? Maybe I'm overthinking it?

Please be gentle, I'm feeling pretty rotten physically after the birth and have found picking her name really stressful from the off.

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PanicBuyingSprouts Sun 17-Oct-21 16:20:58

Really sorry OP but I thought it was E-lease as well. If the pronunciation is bothering you that much you can still change her name.

I know someone who changed their DD's name at around the same age and has always said the relief she felt outweighed the worry about telling everyone thanks

AliceMcK Sun 17-Oct-21 16:22:12

Personally I like both pronunciations. The only person I know with the name is pronounced Eh-lease…

I love Cecilia too, it’s a beautiful name.

MajorCarolDanvers Sun 17-Oct-21 16:23:09

It's a nice name. I'd pronounce it eh-lease too I, afraid.

IndecentCakes Sun 17-Oct-21 16:23:43

It's Elise as in 'A Letter to Elise' by The Cure, but change it now if you want to!

OpalOwl Sun 17-Oct-21 16:23:56

I know two, both pronounced eh-lease.
I'm sure people will soon get used to it and will pronounce it as you wish.

DramaAlpaca Sun 17-Oct-21 16:24:26

Many congratulations!

You've got two beautiful names there, but I have to admit my default pronunciation of Elise is with the soft s as in the original French.

If it'll annoy you (and it will!) perhaps you need a rethink on her first name.

Eloise is similar and would give you the z sound you like.


Justgettingbye Sun 17-Oct-21 16:25:42

I know someone called Elise and pronounce it as 'lease' maybe if it was spelt a bit differently with a z or something people may say it how you like

PeterPomegranate Sun 17-Oct-21 16:26:21

Have you registered the birth?

If not then it’s easy enough to change.

Maybe Eloise as suggested above?

IneedSocks Sun 17-Oct-21 16:26:44

You could just change the spelling to a Z rather than S xxx

ShuddaBeenMe Sun 17-Oct-21 16:27:12

The ones I've taught have all been Ee Lease

Cantstopthewaves Sun 17-Oct-21 16:27:20

Eh-lease would be how I pronounced it too.
There's a few in DC's primary and I've never heard any pronounced leez.

PanicBuyingSprouts Sun 17-Oct-21 16:27:22

Forgot to add that I adore Cecillia. How about Cecilly?

JapanJetplane Sun 17-Oct-21 16:27:48

I would think it was E-lease but I like E-leez as a pronunciation too. It’s a really pretty name.

You’ll have to correct people to begin with but they will soon get the hang of it.

NewKidOnTheBlock99 Sun 17-Oct-21 16:28:44

I would pronounce it as Eh-lease but as someone’s mentioned above I would just change the spelling to Elize

ShuddaBeenMe Sun 17-Oct-21 16:28:48

What was the third name? If you want to change it you can, it's not too late thanks

Lammysaurus Sun 17-Oct-21 16:29:34

I'd pronounce it EE-lease or Eh-lease. Which are the way it is pronounced in an English-speaking country. I would not worry too much about alternative pronunciations unless the baby's father or extended family come from a culture where your chosen name means something different, or is pronounced significantly differently.

bekindbekindbekind Sun 17-Oct-21 16:30:22

Oh I would have pronounced it Eh-leez as well! That would bother me too I think. What is the third name? Would you still be happy with <third name> Cecilia?

bekindbekindbekind Sun 17-Oct-21 16:30:49

Or do you think you would miss the name Elise if you changed it?

StrongerOrWeaker Sun 17-Oct-21 16:32:03

I think eh-leeze is the French pronunciation.
I like both names. Sorry-not helpful

MissyB1 Sun 17-Oct-21 16:33:30

Change it or it will drive you mad. You could change the spelling as pp have suggested, to Elize. However Celia /Cecil/ Cecily are all pretty names and less of a mouthful than Cecilia.

Darkdarknights Sun 17-Oct-21 16:34:59

The one I know is Eh-lease. It’s a lovely name, much nicer than Cecilia.

caringcarer Sun 17-Oct-21 16:35:18

Surely just change spelling to Elize.

CommonRoom Sun 17-Oct-21 16:37:42

I would pronounce it with a Z.

It's a lovely name. Surely people who matter will pronounce it the way you say it?

viques Sun 17-Oct-21 16:41:34

I think both are lovely names but find them a bit of a mouthful together.

Elise Cecelia / Elize Cecelia both tricky.

I always worry with soft c and s names in case the child has a lisp. Irrational , I know.

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