Baby name - only a few days to decide!

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FTMRLH Fri 08-Oct-21 13:37:40

We are registering our baby next week.
We have given her the first name Olive.

And my husband wants the middle name to be Doris after his great grandma.

What’s everyone’s opinions on this? The midwives said it’s too old sounding and made me question our decision.

Any other suggestions for a second middle name or an alternative that’s still honouring his grandma?


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Theoldwoman Fri 08-Oct-21 13:50:17

Olive is one of my favourites.

Doris - mmm , not a fan but then again I gave my kids middle names that they could use if they really hated their first (as an adult) No family names give as they were just too old fashioned.

SleepingStandingUp Fri 08-Oct-21 13:51:24

I don't think it flows and I don't like Doris but not my baby and I'd never you that to your face.

TyrannosaurusRights Fri 08-Oct-21 13:54:26

How rude of the midwives.

If you and your husband want to use a family name that’s meaningful to you as a middle name I’d do so.

SlidDownTheElephantsTrunk Fri 08-Oct-21 13:55:02

Doris = silly fussy women.

Not my cup of tea but it's a middle name and will never be used out loud.

I don't even like my own kids middle names !

ReeseWitherfork Fri 08-Oct-21 13:56:49

Don't question it, call her Olive Doris if that's what you'd like. Absolutely nothing offensive or weird or eyebrow-raising about it. No name is going to be to everyone's taste.

alpinerain Fri 08-Oct-21 14:21:13

Weird that the midwives would say that...

Doris does sound old but it's only her middle name. I love Olive and it doesn't sound old to me!


ClaraBean Fri 08-Oct-21 14:29:54

I'm quite shocked the midwives said that!!!
I actually love Doris, but it doesn't flow very well with Olive, if that bothers you.
But you'll probably rarely call her by her whole name anyway.
Don't let other people put you off and call her whatever you want!

FindingMeno Fri 08-Oct-21 14:33:17

I'm not keen on the flow if I'm honest.
Olive Dee? ( as in D for Doris)
Olive [ insert additional middle name] Doris?

Ignore the midwives. That's so rude.

WithRosesAroundTheDoor Fri 08-Oct-21 14:35:31

Olive Dorothy flows better but if you like Olive Dorris go with that.
The midwives were very rude to comment.

girlmom21 Fri 08-Oct-21 14:38:39


Olive Dorothy flows better but if you like Olive Dorris go with that.
The midwives were very rude to comment.

I thought Dorothy too!
Doris doesn't flow but are you planning to regularly call out your daughters full name? If not, it's fine.


emmathedilemma Fri 08-Oct-21 14:47:28

I'm not against Doris, particularly if it's after a relative, but I just don't think it works well with Olive, the sounds just don't flow.

Balonzette Fri 08-Oct-21 14:48:50

I also don't think it flows very well with Olive. It makes the lovely Olive a bit frumpy and clunky. It's not a very nice name, Doris. I know a little 2 year old Doris. I can't get used to it.

alligatorpeardrop Fri 08-Oct-21 14:50:04

Olive Doris is a really cool name for a girl, those midwives have a bloody cheek.

ofwarren Fri 08-Oct-21 14:52:25

I think it sounds clunky due to having the same number of syllables as Doris.
O Live
Do Ris
If her first name was Olivia for example, it would flow better.
I also prefer the name Doris to Olive.

ODFOgrinch Fri 08-Oct-21 14:59:24

They are both great names.
Give the midwife a 'did you mean to be so rude?' with one raised eyebrow, or burst into tears: that seems to make them remember to be kind.

LittleGwyneth Fri 08-Oct-21 15:12:08

I don't like them together but she's unlikely to use her full name very often and if it means a lot to your DP I'd probably let it go.

urbanbuddha Fri 08-Oct-21 15:12:56

Sorry but I agree with the midwives. Both names are too plain and old-fashioned. Olive isn't my favourite but if you love it go for it
However I think Olive and Doris just don't wotk together. Did your DH's grandma have a middle name herself?
Or Maria?

bloominglovelyorange Fri 08-Oct-21 17:24:10

Olive Doris is lovely
I'd really ignore the midwives to be honest
Olive is the name that will be used 99.999999% of the time. It's a lovely name.

I don't even know my best mate's middle names! Seriously, stick with a name with meaning rather than something that "flows" or something your random midwives might like. A middle name with meaning is really special . Stick with Doris

Innovationstandard Fri 08-Oct-21 17:26:29

Ditch Doris

AnotherLauraLou Fri 08-Oct-21 17:28:08

I don’t like either name to be honest, but Doris doesn’t go with Olive at all, it almost rhymes. Doris is a horribly frumpy old fashioned name, regardless of who you’re naming her after.

FriedasCarLoad Fri 08-Oct-21 17:35:51

1) Olive Doris is lovely, especially with your reasons for it.

2) Rude midwives!

3) People will rarely hear the middle name anyway, except for now. So go for the meaningful name even if the flow or feel isn't 100% perfect for you.

KirstenBlest Fri 08-Oct-21 18:53:06

The names don't flow very well and I'm not keen on Olive, but Doris is due a comeback.

If you like Olive, use it, as long as it goes with the surname
Middle names aren't used much

The midwives probably like meh names

MalagaNights Fri 08-Oct-21 18:57:38

I love Doris.

It has the same kind of vibe as Olive.

Vintage, spare, cool.

They don't quite flow but that really doesn't matter. If it's meaningful to you and DH that matters more.

KirstenBlest Fri 08-Oct-21 19:03:46

I'm surprised at the comments on here. Names are trends and if you'd told me 30 years ago that there would be lots of Arthurs, Stanleys, Alfreds, Mays, Evas and Elsies again, I'd have been surprised.

Doris Olive flows better and I think it's nice

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