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Name for baby #6

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Namelovermom Wed 07-Feb-18 23:01:22

I have 5 girls and am pregnant with my 6th, me and my husband both wanted a big family so we decided on 5 pregnancies no matter what.

Our girls names are:
Eloise Arabella Tayte (12)
Elodie Isabella Grace (12)
Alice Rebekah Shay (7)
Esther Freya Katerina (4)
Lillian Ariadne Mae (2)

Some names we like are: Elena, Emily, Emery, Ellerie, Eboni, Eleanie, Everrie, Evanie, Evalee, Everly, Elodie, Hayley, Hadley, Hayden, Harper, Harlow, Harley, Adelaide, Cordelia, Emmeline, Aurelia, Olivia and Alexia

Please suggest names that go with my girls names and middle names for them.

Argeles Wed 07-Feb-18 23:05:38

Adelaide, Emmeline and Aurelia are lovely names.

Almost any combination of the three would work well, but personally I’d choose: Adelaide Aurelia Emmeline or: Aurelia Emmeline Adelaide

DuggeeHugs Wed 07-Feb-18 23:30:48

Cordelia Hadley Harper

Ojoj1974 Wed 07-Feb-18 23:32:24

I love Aurelia
Do you like Meredith? It’s my new favourite non Merry

Namelovermom Wed 07-Feb-18 23:34:46

I do like Meredith

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 08-Feb-18 00:05:18

Out of your list I like Ebony and Evalee but I feel theyre too much like Elodie.
Also like Hadley. Hayley is pretty and very unheard of now. Perhaps it's düe a comeback. Olivia is gorgeous but as you know very very popular. If that bothers you.
Suggestions and middle name combos.
Olivia Ellen Rose
Anna Darcie Rose
Abigail Eden Rose
Heidi Sofia Grace.
Melanie Olivia Rae.

IVflytrap Thu 08-Feb-18 00:57:33

Some ideas:

Adelaide Juno Lucy
Cordelia Elena Hero
Emmeline Olivia Faye
Aurelia Rosalind Hebe
Emily Melisende Xanthe

So, out of your list, I like Elena, Emily, Elodie (don't you already have an Elodie, though?), Adelaide, Cordelia, Emmeline, Aurelia, Olivia.

Alexia is too close to Amazon's Alexa.
The other names aren't in keeping with the style of your other children's more classic, traditional feminine names.
I would probably avoid Elena as a first name as you already have two El-names.

Nikkit88 Thu 08-Feb-18 01:03:16

Wow 5 baby girls and another on the way congratulations!! All those girls and it being the year of the women so Emily would be really fitting I think xxx

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 08-Feb-18 01:33:58

Hayley Jessica Rose
Eden Sapphire Grace
Madeline Aurora Belle
Molly Evelyn Rae
Rachel Erin Maude
Aimee Rebecca Jane.
Amelia Catherine Daisy

SundayShining Thu 08-Feb-18 01:44:28

Allegra or Clemency?

ErrantBakedBean Thu 08-Feb-18 01:55:52

Probably take Elodie off the list seeing as you already have a daughter called that grin

I like Cordelia, Aurelia and Alexia.

ladybirdsaredotty Thu 08-Feb-18 04:28:07

I'd avoid more names beginning with E, definitely El- names and Emily (and Elodie!!).

Your girls all have fairly classic names so I'd go with another one! Congratulations!

manicinsomniac Thu 08-Feb-18 11:24:22

I really don't think you can have Elena, Ellerie or Eleanie - you already have twins with El names, any more would get very confusing. Everrie, Evanie, Evalee, Everly, Elodie, Emily and Emeri and a bit too similar as well, imo.

Out of interest, do your twins always go by their full names or did you have to ensure that they didn't both end up with the same nickname?

I like Hayley, Hadley and Harper but don't think they 'go' with your other names, if that bothers you - they're more contemporary/less classic.

I think Olivia and Alexia work best but then Alexia is probably to close to Alice.

How about:
Bronte, Charlotte, Carolina, Daphne, Felicity, Florence, Georgina, Hannah, Harriet, Isabel, Imogen, Joanna, Juliet, Kathryn, Livia, Matilda, Miranda, Natalia, Rowena, Sophia, Sorrell, Tamsin, Tamara, Victoria, Vanessa, Zara

BabloHoney Thu 08-Feb-18 11:45:22

Your daughters all have beautiful names. How about Melissa or Christina? I think they are both due comebacks smile

Namelovermom Thu 08-Feb-18 16:32:09

I didn’t realise that it said Elodie in my list, I meant to write Edollie but it was auto correct, thanks for all of the ideas.

pipilangstrumpf Thu 08-Feb-18 16:36:02

Love Cordelia.

Do you need boys names too? The probability of having 6 girls in a row is tiny ie really unusual!

Namelovermom Thu 08-Feb-18 16:36:55

Manicinsomniac I didn’t originally have nicknames for the twins I just called them Elodie and Eloise but once I had Alice she couldn’t say their names so she called them Elsie and Ellie and it stuck, they still go by them sis years later, I know Elsie and Ellie are similar but it’s better than them both being called Ellie

17caterpillars1mouse Thu 08-Feb-18 19:19:30

Love Cordelia

Sugarpiehoneyeye Thu 08-Feb-18 19:21:43

Hadley Estella Jane.

Smoliver Sat 10-Feb-18 00:18:52

I like Argeles suggestion of Aurelia Emmeline Adelaide. I think that's a gorgeous combination. Some more combinations and middle name suggestions off the top of my head for you:

Emmeline Olivia Hazel
Hayley Cordelia Jane
Harper Adelaide Rose
Aurelia Elena Joy

BrutusMcDogface Sat 10-Feb-18 08:45:57

Blimey. That's a lot of names! grin

I also would steer clear of el names as you already have two.

howthelightgetsin Sat 10-Feb-18 09:12:23

Most of the E- names you’ve suggested are far too much like Elodie. Emily is the one “E” name that works I think.
Personally Hadley, Hayden and Harper are too harsh sounding next to the existing names of your children.

NotAnotherEmma Sat 10-Feb-18 10:33:07


Gacapa Sun 18-Feb-18 23:03:46

Why would you have an Elodie and an Edollie? confused

juneybean Sun 18-Feb-18 23:09:22

They're all fake anyways don't think it matters what you name them.

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