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1/68 chance of downs - any with a similar result - what was your outcome?

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boredwithfoodprob Mon 20-Oct-14 19:40:02

Hi all, I don't post on here much - only in extreme situations!

I'm 13+1 pg with my third DC. At the end of last week I had the nuchal scan and bloods taken. The NT came back at 3.3mm which they told me was the high end of normal. This immediately worried me as my other two babies were plain sailing in all respects throughout both pregnancies. I have been worrying and researching all weekend, and as expected (but still upsetting) got a call today from a lovely midwife saying that I have a 1/68 chance of the baby having Downs. I realise that this is not super high, but means I am classed as "high risk" and this to me is a shock as with my other two I had stats as 1/1000s.

I am 37, my bloods seemed okay but a bit on the low side:
0.8002 HCG
0.9609 PAPPA

So I assume it's mainly the nuchal and my age that's giving me the high risk result?

I'd really like to hear of others who are/were in a similar position, with similar results.

Thank you! x

minipie Mon 20-Oct-14 19:50:00

I had 1:104 for Downs and 1:42 for Edwards and Patau. I had a CVS, all was clear. (The harmony test wasn't available at that time).

If you do the maths, 1:68 is 1.47%, or in other words there is a 98.53% chance your baby does not have Downs. Pretty good odds I'd say.

IMO the words "high risk" are a bit misleading for stats like that. What they really ought to say is "high enough risk that some mothers might want to consider further testing".

If I got those results now I'd probably have the harmony test but this is private so depends on your finances.

boredwithfoodprob Mon 20-Oct-14 20:18:56

Thanks minipie, yes when you look at it like that as the midwife advised, it looks a lot brighter. I guess my worry is that I am comparing the results with with two other babies - I have just managed to dig out my daughter's results and the NT result was only 1.3mm which seems so much less than this time.

I will definitely opt for the Harmony test and take things from there.

I'm glad you got the all clear from your CVS!

Thanks for responding.

MummytoLoganDarcy Wed 22-Oct-14 11:01:30


I had my 12 week scan yesterday. We were so shocked to be told my NT measurement is 6.8mm..this puts us in very high risk. With my combined results we have a 1 in 4 chance of having a Down's syndrome baby. I am waiting for my actual blood levels to come in the post but I'm sure this is just another thing for me to over analyse on google! I opted for the harmony test and hoping that gives us a clear answer. I have sat and scanned for stories of similar results to mine recently for someone to talk to and maybe for hope, it's a horrible waiting game and I hope you have some positive news soon xx

CrispyFB Wed 22-Oct-14 12:35:28

I've had a 1 in 34 and a 1 in 5, and both times each DC has had typical chromosomes. I waited it out with the 1 in 34 as Harmony wasn't available and I didn't feel personally able to do any sort of risky testing. Harmony is a lifesaver (literally!) for women in your situation and I was so grateful to have it last time around for the 1 in 5.

I have four DC and the last one was 2.7mm (borderline high) and the rest had all been normal to low. It's just different babies usually rather than anything actually wrong. I do totally know how it feels though, wondering if the reason it's different is a scary reason.. but just as they have different personalities, they have different results antenatally too!

MummytoLoganDarcy Wed 22-Oct-14 12:46:10

Thanks for the reply. Wow so amazing you had high risks and babies were clear, that's great. I'm relieved we have harmony but the wait like you say is a shocker x

Turquoisetamborine Sat 01-Nov-14 20:13:07

Hi, have any of you on this thread had any results back yet? I'm hoping it turns out well for you.
I got 1 in 29 for Downs so I'm beside myself. Good to hear some positive stories though.

Coconutty Sat 01-Nov-14 20:15:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

massagegirl Sun 02-Nov-14 11:06:47

Nuchal 3.9. 1 in 12 risk for Down's syndrome. Amnio and cardiac scans all clear. All is well with my 18 month old.

boredwithfoodprob Tue 04-Nov-14 14:21:07

Thank you for your posts and positive stories.

Just wanted to update. I went for the Harmony test at the Foetal Medicine Centre, 2 weeks ago today. I was still within the time frame for the Nuchal/12 week scan to be repeated and this alone put my mind at rest some what - the Sonographer spent a good 30 mins looking at every detail on the scan - checking for all other markers of Downs which the NHS do not have the time/resources to check for. She was even able to check fingers and toes! The NT measurement remained the same at 3.3mm but everything else was normal. I got the results back today from the Harmony - I had the best result possible of a 1/10,000 risk of all 3 trisomies. Having gone from a 1/68 risk originally, I am over the moon with this result but there is still a small part of me that wonders why the nuchal was increased (hopefully just a blip), but fingers crossed the 20 week scan will go well and i'll feel more positive.

I highly recommend the FMC for anyone in my position who had a high risk result with the NHS. The only downside is the price.

Turquoisetamborine Tue 04-Nov-14 15:03:48

That's brilliant bored!!

Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy now and relax.

I've got my nifty scan tomorrow so I'm hoping for the same piece of mind from the scan.

WipsGlitter Tue 04-Nov-14 15:15:23

Another positive story: I had no soft markers, no signs, no concerns - nothing at all and my baby was born with Downs. And I love him more than you could ever imagine!

Ragwort Tue 04-Nov-14 15:24:14

Wips - that's lovely to hear such a positive response smile.

Friends of mine were told their 'risk' was 1/100 - and yes, their child was born with Downs and it has been a struggle for them.

As I was an older mum (43) I had the test and was 'low risk' - however that didn't prevent my DS being born with a different health issue that couldn't have been predicted.

GoodtoBetter Sat 20-Dec-14 22:21:23

I had a 1 in 68 risk based on bloods (was 35 and nuchal fold was well within limits). I had an amnio which came back negative and she's 3.5 yo now and no issues at all.

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