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To complain to network rail

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roundthebend4 Thu 27-May-10 03:45:40

Ok yes I live near train crossing so I'm used to the trains that rattle by .

But we had a letter saying for ONE night there be some extra noise as they carry out some work and hope we understand that this needs to be done for their customers wanting better travel and is less disruptive for their customers to work at night

But fffs it has been one night a week for last 2 months they set up camp outside my house lorry lights going doors slamming and the guys yelling and laughing

So AIBU to complain telling them that they should shove their customers where sun don't shine and to do any work at a reasonable time

jenroy29 Thu 27-May-10 11:04:53

I would write a letter to complain but I would word it along the lines of more than one night, their staff should be more considerate etc, point out that you are used to the sound of the trains but that their workers were louder. The work on the railway line is a matter of safety so does need to be done periodically and like motorway road works it's more efficient to do it a night.

roundthebend4 Thu 27-May-10 12:45:59

No it was not saftey mre they want to do work so trains can travel faster now question is do I send the picture of the worker peeing into my garden

roundthebend4 Thu 27-May-10 12:53:11

Oh and the machien noise ok pita but can handle it's the actuall workers that's worse

jenroy29 Thu 27-May-10 16:37:31

yes you should send that picture, that's just disgusting

Pikelit Thu 27-May-10 16:53:54

I live by a level crossing too and accept that the line needs to be maintained since I've no great desire to pick a train out of the bottom of my garden. I also accept that if I didn't want to hear trains and the accompanying track maintenance, it'd have been sensible to avoid buying a house adjacent to the main line to London. Work to make the line suitable for higher speed trains is all about safety in the long run too.

But having said this, the contractors are expected to do the best they can to minimise disruption and certainly, pissing in gardens won't be part of whatever Considerate Contractor scheme Network Rail expect their employees/contractors to adhere to. They really shouldn't be working in such a disruptive manner overall either. So send the Fat Controller a stern email attaching the picture of the pisser in action and ask for assurances about more acceptable working patterns.

MrsKitty Thu 27-May-10 17:09:56

Had you said "to complain about the noise of the machines/work/trains" then I'd have said YABU as presumably the railway line was there long before you bought your house, and you must have known it would be an issue, but I think you're being very reasonable in your understanding that the railway needs to be maintained/improved. It is NOT, however, acceptable for contractors to be making unnecessary noise during anti-social hours and certainly not acceptable to be weeing in your garden. Details of Network Rail employee behaviour guidlines and who to contact if you have a problem can be found here.

Jbck Thu 27-May-10 17:09:57

I'd contact the contractor's direct if you can get their details from their vans. If it's Network Rail vans that they arrive in then go to them. Point out the 'only one night' bit in their letter and detail the behaviour that's causing the problem.
I'd lay it on that you appreciate living next to the railway brings a bit of noise and disruption etc but that the contractor's behaviour is unacceptable and you'll contact the police if it continues.
If you've photos of the culprits, video etc then send it too. Altho' sometimes when you watch video back noise levels don't sound as bad.
Hope it's completed soon.

roundthebend4 Thu 27-May-10 18:30:48

yepi kinda accepted when my address said sidings rail noise goes with that.

But yes they are network rail 5 vans full this morning .Think some of it was the house was empty for few years but figure lights going on would alert them to fact someone lives here.

lol photo I caught him midstream .I have emailed them with my concerns offering to send them said photo of culprit

There not talking their shouting to each other and laughing and horsing around , im easy going at 6am i could live with but at 3am I expect them to come do their job and respect yes only 2 houses here but people do like their slee[

MrsKitty Thu 27-May-10 19:53:22

If no response to your email within 3 days then make sure you call that number on the webpage I linked to. The people in community relations are generally very helpful (depending on which area you are in!).

John2601 Sun 29-Oct-17 22:00:16

I have complained to network rail since short ly after the HS 1 change to the line adjacent to my house causing unacceptable noise and damaging to my house to which this bunch of morons replied that a bre digest said that this was not possible as the digest said that there was no effect on adjacent properties depending on the water table and foundations of the properties. This is a load of piffle quoted by some no doubt moron who thinks he is talking to some joe public member and not a civil engineer of many years of experience. I have expressed my complaints over this pathetic attempt to exonerate
NR of any responsibility and still await their response years later.
Their supposedly managed contractors later entered my premises and decimated some of my trackside trees and when I wrote to then complaining again I was contacted 3 + months by their contractor who planted conifers to maintain my privacy which should shield my property some time Darin the future based on their present growth rate but again I await any comment from NR who I find to be the most totally ignorant , arrogant and unprofessional authority I have had the misfortune to deal with.

John2601 Sun 29-Oct-17 22:12:28

Further to my last message I would like to register that damage to my house finishes and a total escalation of the noise levels and vibration in my house which affects every room in my . has increased due to the badly reconstructed points and total lack of maintenance on the track area adjacent to my premises. With Babtie Rail now being on board as a well respected and experienced consultant, I am sure that they have never been asked to monitor and advise on this area.

AnathemaPulsifer Sun 29-Oct-17 22:18:11


AnathemaPulsifer Sun 29-Oct-17 22:19:22

(Plus it doesn't really make much sense and I have no idea what the reanimator is looking for in terms of response)

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