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Is it tacky to display DC's artwork

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ShadeofViolet Tue 30-Mar-10 13:53:33

In the kitchen?

DH says it is, as I have them on on wall,fridge and one cupboard.

Is it tacky?

Aranea Tue 30-Mar-10 13:54:41


why would that be tacky? It's normal. And I think important for dc to see that their work is valued.

lifeissweet Tue 30-Mar-10 13:55:38

Certainly not tacky. I have my ds's pictures on the fridge and I remember being very proud when my mum displayed mine in the kitchen as a child. I think framed in the living room is a step too far, but in the kitchen - certainly not.

LittleMrsHappy Tue 30-Mar-10 13:56:06

I couldn't care less if its classed as tacky or not tbh grin.

We have a few note boards around the house and ds artwork goes in them.

Jamieandhismagictorch Tue 30-Mar-10 13:56:35

No, not tacky.

wahwahwah Tue 30-Mar-10 13:57:06

No, not at all. Can't think of where it would be considered tacky. He just doesn't like blu-tack or sticky-tape on the walls.

OrmRenewed Tue 30-Mar-10 13:57:36

Tacky? no of course not.

Messy, at times annoying, yes but tacky no.

notsochickchickchicken Tue 30-Mar-10 14:09:03

Certainly not, either that or I am tacky.

ArcticRoll Tue 30-Mar-10 14:09:28

No not tacky at all-essential decoration for fridge!

StewieGriffinsMom Tue 30-Mar-10 14:10:54

Message withdrawn

LittleSilver Tue 30-Mar-10 14:11:36

No, of course not.

DuckyCukker Tue 30-Mar-10 14:18:34

Message deleted

lifeissweet Tue 30-Mar-10 14:21:49

ok - disclaimer about my living room wall comment for Ducky - Obviously, if said picture looks a bit abstract or like a naive piece of modern art then I can see why that would work - I think I meant a 3 year old's scribbled picture of the cat or a piece of tatty sugar paper with pasta stuck on it is probably best reserved for the fridge.

Nessarose Tue 30-Mar-10 14:22:35

No its not tacky. My DCs artwork is all over my kitchen. And the calender DS1 gave me for xmas is hung up in the living room.

JaneS Tue 30-Mar-10 14:27:41

Of course it's not tacky! Tell your DH he's being a fool.

DuckyCukker Tue 30-Mar-10 14:30:38

Message deleted

chegirlWILLbeserene Tue 30-Mar-10 14:48:08

Not tacky at all.

DS has SN. He cant write or read yet. He can draw beautifully though (as long as its superman or dr who). He loves to see his pictures on the wall.

I have some in frames and some stuck on the fridge. They reach the end of their natural lives when finally overcome by splodges of jam, OJ etc.

I am a child of the 70s. When I bought my artwork home it went straight in the bin.
<scarred for life>>

troublewithtalk Wed 31-Mar-10 12:06:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 31-Mar-10 12:09:36

I am clearly the tackiest of the tacky. We had a couple of dd's paintings framed. They are cracking to look at.

MathsMadMummy Wed 31-Mar-10 12:10:10

of course it's not tacky, it's showing your DS that you're proud of his scribbles hard work!!!

shock that someone would think it was tacky, TBH.

we sometimes put DD's stuff on the fridge (she's 2.9, so not much goes up yet) and the first time she drew a face a few months ago, I put it in a frame

sfxmum Wed 31-Mar-10 12:12:48

No it is not tacky does not even get into it
now if we are talking about houses with small children when no 'artwork' is displayed I judge grin flipping weird that is

ipanemagirl Wed 31-Mar-10 12:14:16

No, not in my opinion!

Fascistic attitude, caring what other people think too much.

Please yourself.

HerBeatitude Wed 31-Mar-10 12:25:06

No of course it's not tacky, it's really tacky not to have some kids artwork around if you've got kids.

I remember going into a friend's mother's house when she was about 25 and being so impressed to see a drawing she'd done when she was 6, still on the kitchen menu board!

snowplop Wed 31-Mar-10 12:27:26

Tacky? No no no.

I laminate DCs' stuff.

Tons of lovely pics/collages/potato prints all over the house.

Lots of "ooovers" though. Why is the humble vacuum cleaner such a compelling subject?

Maybe you could provide your DCs with a palette of colours that harmonise with your decor...

TheCrackFox Wed 31-Mar-10 12:43:11

It is not tacky, it is sweet.

I like to see a family home not a show home.

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