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There's a starfish in our garden this morning...

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Ronaldinhio Sun 06-Dec-09 08:11:48

AIBU to wonder if it might be the end of the world?

FourArms Sun 06-Dec-09 08:16:54

LOL! A real one?

BouncingTurtle Sun 06-Dec-09 08:18:57

That depends... how far do you live from the coast?

Ronaldinhio Sun 06-Dec-09 08:23:16

Yes a real one
I live about 100yds from the sea but it's in our backgarden
I am not spongebob squarepants!!

ShutUpandDrinkYourMulledWine Sun 06-Dec-09 08:25:14

maybe a bird dropped it?

ShutUpandDrinkYourMulledWine Sun 06-Dec-09 08:25:32

is it alice?

ShutUpandDrinkYourMulledWine Sun 06-Dec-09 08:25:45

good grief


Ronaldinhio Sun 06-Dec-09 08:28:06

lol at "alice" as I wondered who the hell you meant

It is soft but how do I tell if it is alive? Hold a mirror over it to check for breathing?

ShutUpandDrinkYourMulledWine Sun 06-Dec-09 08:35:07


gawd what if you have to resuscitate?

HeiligFeierabend Sun 06-Dec-09 08:38:09

Put it in some salty water and see if it moves?

ItsAllaBitNoisy Sun 06-Dec-09 08:38:25

Show it a spatula and see if it makes any movement.

Or waft a crabby patty under its nose.

/Do they have noses?

Ronaldinhio Sun 06-Dec-09 08:50:07

My first thought was should we put it in water
Dh says "what, are we going to rehome it?" he then said (honestly)
"what if it's an alien?"

much slapping around the head....

It's just lying in the garden

HeiligFeierabend Sun 06-Dec-09 08:55:13

Well if it's an alien, you'll be in the Daily Mail tomorrow grin

Ronaldinhio Sun 06-Dec-09 09:00:10

what does one wear for a Daily Mail "scoop"?

"Mumsnetter cruelly keeps starfish alien in garden" shocker
wonder what biscuit it likes?

ImSoNotTelling Sun 06-Dec-09 09:01:14

Go and put it on the beach near the sea?

<sorry for being boring>

AMumInScotland Sun 06-Dec-09 09:04:40

I don't think plagues of starfish are one of the biblical warnings of the forthcoming apocalypse, but you can never be too careful...

Don't put it in water - unless you get the saltiness right it'll probably explode or shrivel up or something equally yucky - take it to the beach. You might try giving it a speech about how we are very welcoming to aliens in general, just to be on the safe side.

Ronaldinhio Sun 06-Dec-09 09:06:12

we're going to do that this morning, as a family, alien worrier and all.

bramblebooks Sun 06-Dec-09 09:14:44

just to reiterate, don't put it in tap water as it'll go white and die. blush. You may then be responsible for killing the emperor of an alien race and will trigger the apocalypse.

Ronaldinhio Sun 06-Dec-09 09:18:45

how do you know so much about aliensstarfish

cornsilklikeshumous Sun 06-Dec-09 09:20:18

Take a picture. You must save it poor thing. It's probably trying to find shell city.

Ronaldinhio Sun 06-Dec-09 09:27:04

cornsilk is that your Christmas name??

semi Sun 06-Dec-09 09:27:18

I hope you managed to do something with this. I read this thread and it made me smile...becuase it was such a bizarre and yet wonderful thing. I'd try to save it - but wouldn't really know what to do apart.from drive it back to the sea I've googled 'how to rescue a starfish' but it comes up with pet dog not really v useful. There must be an answer out there....
Once you've done that, I don't know how old your kids are but capturing this story - drawing, writing about it I think would be a lovely idea...there imaginations will go into overdrive...mine already has...would love to hear the outcome

Ronaldinhio Sun 06-Dec-09 09:35:44

semi from your answer I can tell you are a better mother than I am already

the girls are sitting at the table eating sausages and pancakes
I'm drinking coffee
the alien whisperer is getting ready and then we are off to put the starfish back on the beach

what should we carry it in?

ItsAllaBitNoisy Sun 06-Dec-09 09:41:27

A star shaped container. Natch.

ItsAllaBitNoisy Sun 06-Dec-09 09:43:05

If it's dead it would make an interesting tree top decoration..

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