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to secretly love the Oceans Eleven/twelve films?

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essanel Wed 28-Oct-09 23:06:49

Last night oceans eleven was on and tonight its oceans twelve ..... yes the storylines are unrealistic etc but andy garcia, george clooney, brad pitt and matt damon all together ..... surely that makes up for everything wink

HydeTheCock Wed 28-Oct-09 23:15:22

I heart the Oceans series blush

essanel Wed 28-Oct-09 23:21:52

woo hoo i'm not alone!!! kids in bed, glass of wine and this on tv..... bliss!

HydeTheCock Wed 28-Oct-09 23:23:38

I can watch them over and over, it's my guilty pleasure.

What's not to love with that cast of hunks grin

essanel Wed 28-Oct-09 23:29:33

its on a break and just remembered that i have some ben n jerrys phish food in the freezer ... can this night get any better! I love andy garcia!!

cakeywakey Wed 28-Oct-09 23:40:52

You should be able to speak your love for these piles of utter tosh loud and proud! I love Ocean's 11 and 13 - hate 12 so just sit that one out when it's on.

BTW, has anyone else noticed that in Ocean's 11, Julia Roberts walks really badly in that scene where we're supposed to be blown away by her? She's meant to be gliding down the stairs but just looks really awkward? Doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the film, but is always a bit jarring grin

essanel Wed 28-Oct-09 23:49:08

i agree 12 is the weakest link..... but still watchable grin

MissWooWoo Wed 28-Oct-09 23:51:45

brad and mr clooney at the same time ... what's not to like?

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