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AIBU Books - Part 3

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MoominMymbleandMy Thu 07-May-09 21:07:40

I can't get into the old thread so I think we filled it up! I hope everyone finds the new one.

So nice, shiny new thread, nice shiny new AIBU.

AIBU to be jealous of my DH's correspondence with a stranger?

Pogle, I feel I ought to know yours but I'm not getting anywhere.

Maria, this isn't ringing bells at all now. Doh!

Pogleswood Thu 07-May-09 21:14:08

Meanwhile my oldest cousin is learning to drive,and her brother is dealing with extremes of fear...

MariaCC Thu 07-May-09 21:19:08

Lovely new thread!

And in answer to your question in the last thread CJ (great name by the way - I love love love the West Wing), I sometimes think the problem might be that no one around me seems to be able to figure out quite what 'hue' I am. Including my DH! Maybe he'd be better of with someone a bit plainer. Must go and speak to my old nanny about it. See if she can help...

Pogleswood Thu 07-May-09 21:50:03

Maria,totally baffled here!Even more clues would be nice..

CJCregg Thu 07-May-09 21:54:01

Oh, thank God, there's a new thread. I actually felt as though I'd lost a limb there for an hour or so ...

Moomin, you gorgeous creature (that's actually you, not your character), do you perchance live above a bookshop?

Maria, I was heading down a right old blind alley there, ignore anything I said.

Pogle, cluelet please?

MariaCC Thu 07-May-09 21:59:50

Hmmmm clues.

My nanny reluctantly helped me but I think it might have made things worse. He won't even use my real name and I think he wants to take me to his home across the seas...

CJCregg Thu 07-May-09 22:01:28

Aha! Would they be of the wide sargasso variety?

MariaCC Thu 07-May-09 22:02:27

Take a bow Ms Cregg!

CJCregg Thu 07-May-09 22:06:32

Yayyy! (oops, how undignified)

Now I'm still struggling with Pogle's ...

(PS Thanks, Maria - West Wing is brilliant, isn't it? I was so thrilled that no-one had already taken this name, as Claudia Jean is my all time hero)

MariaCC Thu 07-May-09 22:14:04

She is marvellous and very tall! Personally I'm a Josh Lyman fan - bit of an unseemly crush going on.

But anyway, I'm also struggling with Pogle's and Moomin's. More clues please but please no one get them because I need to go to bed. I'll ponder over night (because that's how obsessed I am).

Stayingsunnygirl Thu 07-May-09 22:52:53

Hmmm - you ladies have me totally stumped - in fact I have been stumped for days now. sad

MoominMymbleandMy Thu 07-May-09 23:00:58

<back from feeding cantankerous infant and other domestic interferences>
Oh good, you all found it!

Wide Sargasso Sea! I adore that book and never even thought of it <stupid, stupid Moomin emoticon>

CJ, you equally gorgeous person! We don't live above a bookshop but the DH spends so much time working in one I feel he might as well move there.

Pogle, sorry, another clue please! I seem to be right out of brain cells.

Night all!

CJCregg Thu 07-May-09 23:08:12

Moomin, look what I found

It's in Australia, but it's only a fiver!

I thought they lived above the bookshop? I'm right in thinking you're Mrs Marks, though?

MoominMymbleandMy Thu 07-May-09 23:55:39

<brushing teeth stimulates the brain - it must do because this isn't the first time I've had to pop back>

And wow! CJ, you angel! I shall be stalking up to the last moment!

And Pogle, are you looking for an angel?!

Quattrocento Thu 07-May-09 23:57:55

Oh I adore Wide sargasso sea as well ... Yummy

MoominMymbleandMy Fri 08-May-09 00:05:54

Oops, sorry, well done CJ! I forgot to say I'm Mrs Doel, not Mrs Marks, but my DH does indeed work for Marks and Co at 84 Charing Cross Road (which isn't there any more sad - all bulldozed for a big modern bookshop)

CJCregg Fri 08-May-09 00:15:34

Sorry, sorry - am being slapdash. Mrs Doel indeed. (Did you know the author Leo Marks was the son of the shop's owner?)

Really need to go to bed now. Brain imploding. But so happy there's a new thread. So I'll leave you with one to ponder overnight: AIBU to support this rather dashing family in their bid to free Mary Queen of Scots?

Stayingsunnygirl Fri 08-May-09 09:13:16

Durrr - I should have got 84 Charing Cross Road - it's one of my all-time favourites.

Are you perhaps travelling through time, CJ?

CJCregg Fri 08-May-09 09:20:40

'Kiss me, Francis!'

Pogleswood Fri 08-May-09 10:48:25

Morning all!
Moomin,Yey! I am indeed looking for an angel!(I was about to drop 'Don't call me darling - I'm a driving instructor!' into the clues!)
AIBU to think one can never attach too much importance to names?

Stayingsunnygirl Fri 08-May-09 10:59:28

YANBU - as long as you are not too earnest about it.

CJCregg Fri 08-May-09 11:05:19

Pogle, what was your angel one? Totally lost on that one.

(Mind you, a bit distracted by trying to work out where my copy of Peter's Room is, and indeed all the others. Slightly obsessive trawling of Girls Gone By into the small hours, and a discovery that I never read Run Away Home, and it's a minimum of £100 to buy, bollocks bollocks bollocks).

As you were ...

Pogleswood Fri 08-May-09 12:24:56

That was quick,Stayingsunny!CJ,my angel was Saffy's Angel,by Hilary McKay - V.good,childrens book,enjoyed by entire Pogle family. (this feels slightly illogical but if you like AF you should read Hilary McKay!)

MoominMymbleandMy Fri 08-May-09 15:30:02

CJ, Run Away Home is £100 shock. Oh my! I think it will take some time to build up an Antonia Forest collection, which is a pity as the DD adored Autumn Term. I hope yours turn up and no helpful relative has sent them to a charity shop as outgrown juvenalia.

And I can't find "A Traveller in Time" now! Fingers crossed that it's in the loft.

I can't quite remember where I came across this, a collection of WW2 memoirs I think, but Leo Marks was in SOE and he composed Violette Szabo's code poem at 84 Charing Cross Road. Apparently he often went there when he wanted to think in peace.

And after all that, AIBU to hesitate over hiring this private investigator? She comes highly recommended but, honestly, she looks like something out of a Victorian photograph album!

llandb Fri 08-May-09 17:44:56

Yay, new thread (thanks Moomin, and lol at Wombles at end of prev.)
<disappears to ponder; also to think how do start one without giving it away>

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