To think that nothing is going to change for women while girls are still targeted with this bullshit?

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WinterTrees Thu 07-Oct-21 11:57:25

In Sainsburys this morning. In the boys' clothes aisle I noticed tops with the words UNLIMITED and UNSTOPPABLE printed on them. Took a quick detour down the girls aisle to see what similarly empowering messages were being directed at them...

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ThePlantsitter Thu 07-Oct-21 11:59:50

Does it still say 'boys' & 'girls' in Sainsbury's? I haven't been for a while. I can imagine what the other one says but if they're not labelled gender specifically it's not the shop's fault. If they are, I totally agree.

WinterTrees Thu 07-Oct-21 11:59:54

'Let's Stay Home.'

Because the world belongs to men, who face no limits to where they go and what they can do. They're unstoppable.

But hey, smile and be happy with your small domestic existence, girls.

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Optimist1 Thu 07-Oct-21 12:01:02

I see your point. Sainsburys and other retailers could redeem themselves so easily by offering Kids' Clothes instead of dividing them up into Boys and -Princesses- Girls.

NapoleonOzmolysis Thu 07-Oct-21 12:02:16

Loads of examples here. Sainsburys get more than one mention.

squashyhat Thu 07-Oct-21 12:02:41

Well what were they?

Ozanj Thu 07-Oct-21 12:03:34

I read somewhere that Sainsburys sells more girls clothes than boy’s. They sell this shite because it’s customers want to buy it.


ThreeLittleDots Thu 07-Oct-21 12:04:05

Ugh. Bullshit. Not even incidious, pretty obvious and evident.

WinterTrees Thu 07-Oct-21 12:04:19

I honestly can't believe that no one in the meeting where this season's collection was signed off flagged up that this might need looking at again. Who designs these things? Who approves them? I'd actually really like to know.

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VladmirsPoutine Thu 07-Oct-21 12:04:37

I agree the messaging is really terrible, as are the clothes themselves but anyway. Conditioning does start from pretty much the womb.

Plotato Thu 07-Oct-21 12:05:00

It's not as simple as buying from the other section. I hope it's not contradictory but I want girls clothes cut in the style of girls clothes - smaller neckline etc. I just don't want the stupid messages or unicorns and rainbows all over them!

CoddledAsAMommet Thu 07-Oct-21 12:05:29

I hate this shit.

MrsTerryPratchett Thu 07-Oct-21 12:05:29

It’s self fulfilling though. DD loved dinosaurs and space but as soon as she could read ‘boys’ she said, ‘I don’t want to wear boy’s clothes’. Why couldn’t the girl’s section have space and dinosaurs? And bigger bloody shorts.

ThreeLittleDots Thu 07-Oct-21 12:05:45

Who designs these things

You'd hope it doesn't all just arrive in a random shipping from China, and that someone is actually looking at the designs.

WinterTrees Thu 07-Oct-21 12:09:11

That twitter account is interesting Napoleon. Depressing too, but I'm glad it's being called out. Thanks for the link.

My kids are in their late teens and twenties now and I'm shocked by how much more polarised the messaging has become since I was buying this stuff. There was always a bit of a kittens and sharks divide, but not such extreme differences in messages. It feels like grooming.

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MistyFrequencies Thu 07-Oct-21 12:10:37

I've just been in Primark this morning and all hoodys in my daughter's size were "be nice" "always be kind" etc which are such fucking dangerous messages to send little girls. In my son's size he had dinosaurs, "I'm roarsome" "T-Rex expert".
I'm so tired of it.

MistyFrequencies Thu 07-Oct-21 12:11:29

OP you're right, it does feel like grooming.

AnkleDeep Thu 07-Oct-21 12:12:07

Fuck's sake

MrsTerryPratchett Thu 07-Oct-21 12:14:25

And it’s part of the stupid idea that ‘oh girls are worse than boys’ I hear a lot. So we need the Be Kind bullshit. Except violence is as sexed as it always was. Boys and men need the Be Kind bullshit. IME girls have been kind enough.

Warandpeas Thu 07-Oct-21 12:14:45

I'd swap the clothes around as an act of defiance. I hate this crap. I don't want my daughter to always "be kind" or "think positive" - it's blazoned all over M&S tops as well. Why is the onus on girls to be compliant, forgiving and agreeable?

ftw163532 Thu 07-Oct-21 12:16:52

That's fucking depressing.

Retailers are not mere passive suppliers, they have huge power to drive and influence society in order to create the mindset where people buy this sexist shit.

And they choose to use that power to prop up the patriarchy.

BordelDeMerde Thu 07-Oct-21 12:17:03

I had to throw out* a tshirt my inlaws sent over for my five-year-old that said "kiss my curves". envy Not the inlaws fault as they don't read English, and the tshirt was actually intended for eight-year-olds (my child is massive) but still...that message is so not appropriate to any age child. Ffs.

BordelDeMerde Thu 07-Oct-21 12:17:46

*put in the textile recycling box.

dollybird Thu 07-Oct-21 12:20:02

There's a company that advertises on FB t-shirts for girls with great inspiring messages on. I can't remember what they're called though..

Porcupineintherough Thu 07-Oct-21 12:21:25

Retailers choosing to sell this shit is not nearly as depressing as people choosing to buy it for their children. And yet they do.

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