To sit in my car where people can see me on lunch?

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Ribrabrob Wed 12-May-21 13:21:55

There’s not really much around near to where I work and nobody seems to take their lunch break, usually just eating at at their desk (yuk).

I have to get away or otherwise I can’t concentrate so I sit in my car. My car can be seen from the office (it’s literally just outside the window) and I guess I just feel a bit weird sitting in my car eating knowing that I can be seen.

Nobody’s ever said anything to my face but aibu to think I do look a bit strange? Is it normal to eat in cars? I want to eat and watch cat Tiktok videos at lunch, I don’t want to be disturbed hence I don’t stay at the desk.

I suppose I just feel self conscious because nobody else I work with does it and it’s a fairly small team and office.

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EmeraldShamrock Wed 12-May-21 13:24:39

I've seen a couple of people do it over the years.
I don't think there is anything wrong with it.

GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing Wed 12-May-21 13:26:28

Nothing wrong with it, and it’s a good idea to have a proper break away from your desk.

Mellonsprite Wed 12-May-21 13:27:06

I think it’s fine, I know what you mean, you need a break from your desk to just recharge for a bit.

Yummymummy2020 Wed 12-May-21 13:27:58

Nah that’s not odd, it’s pretty common. I knew a lot of people used to go nap in their car over lunch time😂 I wouldn’t like to eat at my desk either so you are right to get a change of scene!!!

ArosGartref Wed 12-May-21 13:28:04

There should be space for you to eat away from your desk. I don't blame you for going to your car. Not ideal but better than eating at your desk.

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Wed 12-May-21 13:28:55

I wouldn't like people being able to see me. Could you park somewhere else or drive to a nice spot?


hopeishere Wed 12-May-21 13:31:55

Some staff I my office did this and we thought it was weird but we did have a small kitchen to sit in. I'm very anti social so I can imagine doing this if I had to. I always try and take my lunch where other people are not.

Rain1975 Wed 12-May-21 13:32:16

I used to do this. I would always be found for a quick query if I stayed in the building and parked my car at the far end of the car park for an uninterrupted lunch.

Bluntness100 Wed 12-May-21 13:33:57

I’d find it a bit odd to be watched actually. I’d park elsewhere.

Frymetothemoon Wed 12-May-21 13:37:36

I used to do this as it was the only way to get a break. I took to moving the car a short distance away though as I didn't feel relaxed with people walking by and looking at me

UhtredRagnarson Wed 12-May-21 13:38:43

I worked somewhere last summer and they separated the office into two groups who couldn’t intermingle (covid). My group was the lucky one that wasn’t allowed to use the kitchen for lunch so we had to eat at our desks. Which I hate!! So I would go and eat outside (no car)

Daffodil21 Wed 12-May-21 13:40:22

I used to do this. I couldn't be seen from the office but one day my colleague sat in his car next to me and did the same! He started doing it regularly too so I just made sure I didn't park next to him in the mornings so we could both get some lunchtime peace 😀

Skyla2005 Wed 12-May-21 13:41:39

It's fine. Park the other way round so they not looking at you !

Timeforabiscuit Wed 12-May-21 13:41:40

I hated having lunch at the office, because even if you were obviously on your (unpaid!)
break away from your desk, people would still interrupt asking work questions.

Lots did lunchtime walks, runs, sat in cars or outside benches - quite a few drove to the nearest supermarket carpark for lunch.

ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere Wed 12-May-21 13:42:41

Nothing wrong with it but it does look odd. If I were you I’d address it head on by saying as I head off “yes I know it looks weird but sitting at my working desk to eat my lunch does my head in for some reason. I need to be physically away from my desk so I’d rather go to my car and listen to the radio”. I’m a great believer in being upfront about harmless quirks - it helps workmates bond (I do realise that the entire idea of bonding with workmates is totally against the MN Code).

Flowerlane Wed 12-May-21 13:42:50

Do you have different lunch times to your colleagues? If you have the same lunchtime then I could see it would be seen as a tad antisocial to others especially as they can see you eating in your cargrin

I do understand though that you want to be away from your desk, do you not have a staff room?

bananaboats Wed 12-May-21 13:43:05

YANBU I used to do this too and have seen other people doing the same thing so don't think it's unusual

NeedNewKnees Wed 12-May-21 13:44:00

It’s fine. I used to do the same and my excuse was “catching up on The Archers”

Numnumcookie Wed 12-May-21 13:45:17

I do so just to avoid the usual "I know you're on lunch but......." then one thing after another and you've missed you're whole lunch angry. Very common where I work unfortunately. Probably due to the fact other staff members can just take lunch later if needed, whereas I have very set working hours due to client appointments and they conveniently forget that fact.

RemyMorgan Wed 12-May-21 13:46:05

When I was working I had an allocated parking space, so I could leave at lunchtime and come back to not find it taken. So I used to drive to the public car park round the corner, pay 60p and sit there! Because if I sat in my car people would still come and knock on my window to ask me questions!

I found people did think it was weird that I didn't want to have lunch with colleagues. Often people would walk into town together, or go to the park, or to the break room. I absolutely hated the idea of that (unsociable!) so I'd always slip off early if I wanted to walk to town and go and have a coffee on my own or whatever.

I'd sit there OP, if you get some peace!

CounsellorTroi Wed 12-May-21 13:46:24

I used to do this many years ago. I worked at a place with plenty of onsite parking so no chance of losing your space if you went out at lunchtime. I'd drive to a local park and read a magazine or book while eating my lunch (no phones then). This was back in the days when you were expected to take an hour for lunch.

CombatBarbie Wed 12-May-21 13:46:35

Reverse into the space?

maggiecate Wed 12-May-21 13:50:09

Not weird at all, it’s far better practice to get away from your desk. And frankly if people did think it’s weird so what? I can guarantee you that they all do at least one thing that everyone would probably think is weird as well!

To make the most of it you should get a little folding picnic table and camping chair for when the weather gets better - you might start a trend!

CandyLeBonBon Wed 12-May-21 14:06:55

Ahhh I miss the days where lunchtimes were spent down the pub!

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