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How much difference will 2 stones make?

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Ginandtonic3 Tue 09-Jun-20 22:14:23

Can I just ask you for your opinion - how much of a difference will a 2 stone weight loss make?

I’m 11 stones and want to get to 9 stones.

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Aquamarine1029 Tue 09-Jun-20 22:18:38

It will make a huge difference.

strandedatthedrivein Tue 09-Jun-20 22:19:26

It will vary greatly I'm sure but when I was 2 stones lighter I was 2 dress sizes smaller.

Sexnotgender Tue 09-Jun-20 22:19:32

How tall are you?

It will probably make a massive difference.

Juanmorebeer Tue 09-Jun-20 22:19:53

Massive. I'm also trying to lose 2 stone and for me it is the difference between being a slim size 8 and being obese (I'm very short!)

MrsEG Tue 09-Jun-20 22:20:14

Quite a lot. I lost similar in my twenties (I went from 13 and a half stone to 10 and a half) and went down to a size 8/10 - I’m 5ft 7. Also naturally there are health benefits to weight loss too (I was classed as overweight and came down to a healthy BMI). Is that the difference you were meaning?

bridgetreilly Tue 09-Jun-20 22:21:21

Well, that's nearly 20% of your body weight, so yeah, it would make a very big difference.

Anthilda Tue 09-Jun-20 22:22:33

Huge difference. I'm petite. I have lost half a stone and already I look slimmer. One stone loss last year and everyone I spoke to noticed. Good luck, for me it is a long and slow process.

wowfudge Tue 09-Jun-20 22:22:34

A big difference.

Ginandtonic3 Tue 09-Jun-20 22:22:58

Thank you. I just feel demotivated. I’ve put on just over 2 stones over the years but I keep kidding myself that I look the same, to be honest I actually believe it till I try clothes on in my wardrobe and the zip doesn’t even zip up. My trousers get stuck just before reaching the hip area. I keep kidding myself I’m the same!

I’m 5”3

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Kahlua4me Tue 09-Jun-20 22:23:51

Probably two dress sizes..

Made a huge difference to me in terms of health and how I felt when I looked in the mirror.

Bestexoticmarigoldhotel Tue 09-Jun-20 22:26:11

Hi @Ginandtonic3 it would make a huge difference ! I’m 5 foot 5 and it’s the difference between being a slim size 8-10 and a overweight 14-16.

However.... I’ve read your posts on other boards. You’ve a new baby and been on a tough journey to get there - my weight is from same journey but without baby to show for it. Be kind to yourself x you can start getting it off slowly over time. You’ll get there!

grafittiartist Tue 09-Jun-20 22:27:53

Doesn't make much of a dress size difference for me, but I feel loads better.

MrsEG Tue 09-Jun-20 22:29:01

I feel you - I’m 4 months post partum with twins and have a good Stone still to shift! I’ve had some success with an app called Lose It to just track what I’m eating. I only started using it maybe 2 months ago and have lost 10lb. Good luck!

Elouera Tue 09-Jun-20 22:29:09

Tomorrow, get a backpack and walk with an extra 2 stone in them to the shops and back. Potatoes, bricks or anything to make the extra weight and you will soon realise how much the extra weight makes!

Assuming you are overweight/obese, 2 stone makes a massive difference to your overall health. It will reduce 8 stone of pressure on each knee alone when walking, plus the benefits to hormones and reduce your risk of blood pressure and diabetes.

wowfudge Tue 09-Jun-20 22:31:51

I'm 5'4" and put on two stone over about 8 years. Lost a stone and a half about 4 years ago and should have carried on and lost more. Didn't, put it all back on. Then piddled about losing a stone, putting it back on, losing half a stone and putting it back on. At the beginning of the year I decided enough was enough and that I would lose weight and change my lifestyle permanently. Joined a gym with weight loss and weight training programme and have lost 20lbs. I want to lose another 10lbs to a stone.

If you want motivation, get someone to take some photos of you. I couldn't bear to look at myself in photos and my self esteem was on the floor. I really want to change that.

HGC2 Tue 09-Jun-20 22:32:58

I’m the same height as you and have slowly lost 2 stones over the last 6 months through sensible eating with some treats and exercise. I feel hugely better, had got to the point that size 14s were tight and now my size 12s are loose

Sh05 Tue 09-Jun-20 22:33:54

At 5'3" it will make a massive difference. You'll need new clothes as you will be nearly two dress sizes down , a new coat for winter!
I used to fill a bag with books/ magazines equal to the amount of weight I'd lost every week and 2 stones is alot of magazines

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Tue 09-Jun-20 22:38:19

GinandTonic congratulations on your new baby. I read your first post and guessed that that you were doing this from the point of view of wanting to lose the 2 stones.

There's so much dieting advice out there, you'll be able to find something that works for you. My only advice is to accept your body as it is right now, for now, and dress yourself in something that fits and makes you feel good - right now. Plenty of time to try on smaller clothes when you're ready.

LaurieFairyCake Tue 09-Jun-20 22:40:55


I totally don't understand that maths grin

How does it reduce 8 stone of pressure on each knee?

And not 1...

cheermeupifyoucan Tue 09-Jun-20 22:43:36

I think you'd be comfortably a dress size smaller possibly even 2 depending on your body type.

fibeee Tue 09-Jun-20 22:51:10

OP quite a lot. I went from 11 to just over 9 several years ago and went from a size 14 to a size 10 (I’m 5ft 7 with a slightly pear shaped figure).

MatildaTheCat Tue 09-Jun-20 22:51:20

I went from 10 and a bit stone to 8 and a bit and it was so different that some people didn’t even recognise me. It was quite unnerving.

It took about 10 months and I settled at about 8.5 stone. No rush and no issue. I did feel generally better.

minielise Tue 09-Jun-20 22:52:13

I’m your height and have gone from 11.5 to 9.5 and I feel miles healthier! I look better too, I can’t get to 9 though, my body just isn’t losing anymore so I’ve decided this is what my body wants to be!

Don’t do it by ridiculous means though, do it gradually so that you build up a healthy routine.

Good luck x

Nicelunch25 Tue 09-Jun-20 22:54:08

A big difference. I'm 5 foot 4 and notice a huge difference between those weights. I find the best way to loose weight is to try and eat healthy stuff but still allow myself treats. Like make a plan to eat a certain amount of healthy stuff with treats as after (and possibly won't have them if I'm feeling good) if I tell myself I'm starting a diet on Monday it never works as I feel deprived and it makes me want to binge. Kind of like picking healthy foods as fuel (I run) and squeezing out the bad food by being too full up. Once I see a bit of results it motivates me to carry on. daffodil

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