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To be utterly disgusted by the protests today.

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SoggySocksAgain Mon 08-Jun-20 00:26:07

Am I alone here?

I am utterly disgusted by what I have seen in the news.

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hotstepper4 Mon 08-Jun-20 00:32:46

No, not alone. I'm disgusted too.

But this whole year has been... disgusting ☹️

Stonerosie67 Mon 08-Jun-20 00:37:30

Not alone.
Peaceful protests are fine but not in the middle of a global pandemic
This shitstorm of violence portrayed as a peaceful protest = no fucking way.

Totally agree with the reasons behind the protests, but its got completely out of hand. It's been taken over by people intent only on causing trouble and stirring up racial hatred.
And desecrating the Cenotaph and other war've lost the argument, you disrespectful bastards.

HannahBanana87 Mon 08-Jun-20 00:38:55

Yeah people really need to go back to work.

Ginandbearit1 Mon 08-Jun-20 00:41:59

Yanbu, it is horrible. Burning the Union flag, desecrating the Cenotaph, attacking police and horses sad absolutely vile, disgusting, I hope they get arrested and sentenced but I doubt they'll suffer much repercussion, too much lenience.

BF888 Mon 08-Jun-20 00:42:56

Unfortunately civil and human right don’t stop just because there’s a pandemic. If people choose to break guidelines I’d rather them do it for something that brings about imperative change than sunning it on the beach.

Frozenfan2019 Mon 08-Jun-20 00:43:05

But this whole year has been... disgusting ☹️

Yep. How dare people look after the elderly, protect each other from a deadly virus, support each other by organising community groups to help each other, protest against prejudice and racism, stand outside clapping for nurses and doctors and thank the lowest paid workers in our society for doing a fab job.

This year has been a shit show. Next year people might start helping the homeless as well... I mean ffs!

I stand with you in being disgusted that some human beings think that other human beings should be treated equally.

travellinglighter Mon 08-Jun-20 01:14:30

Hundreds of thousands protested peacefully and went home. A minority kicked off and caused grief. It’s unfortunate that it’s happening during a pandemic but this is a moment in history that couldn’t wait. Momentum is with the protesters and could lead to real change. Protest is part of a healthy democracy and suppression of protest is a sign of dictatorship. It’s a shame some idiots vandalised war memorials but paint will wash off. Just because some idiots kick off, doesn’t mean your democratic right to protest should be removed.

DioneTheDiabolist Mon 08-Jun-20 01:16:57

I'm grand with it. I have way more disgust for racism and racists so YABU OP.

AllesAusLiebe Mon 08-Jun-20 01:19:05

Not alone, OP. It’s disgusting to see police being attacked and monuments being desecrated. It’s an excuse for violence and I fear that this is becoming a repeat of the riots in 2011.

I also think it’s reckless to be in large gatherings in this country at the moment because Covid 19 still isn’t under control.

LolaSkoda Mon 08-Jun-20 01:20:25

OP. Have you been reading the red tops?

So predictable.

Very few people would condone damaging people and or property. It sadly happens though when a group of marginalised people hit their fucking limit.

Your post sounds so “utterly” white as an FYI.

GoatyGoatyMingeMinge Mon 08-Jun-20 01:21:09


R1R2 Mon 08-Jun-20 01:38:59

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

millerjane Mon 08-Jun-20 01:43:41

Who throws a bike at a horse?

LadyConstanceDeCoverlet Mon 08-Jun-20 01:49:32

Why were horses used anyway?

AMileInMyShoes Mon 08-Jun-20 01:52:35

Disgusting behaviour by some "protesters"

#Damaging war memorials.
#Trying to set the British flag alight on the cenotaph
#Throwing bikes, bricks & glass at police horses
#Hitting police officers over the head with brooms, bottles, cones, bikes, glass
#Screaming at innocent police officers face
#Letting off flares
#Trying to break through police barriers

Yep..... Great protesting there people!!!!

Well they are now, kettled in till 6am and have to pee in there pants, and the silly little boys are begging police to let them out because they are Hungry or have anxiety, they had warnings to leave the area, warned this will happen...

Hopefully this will teach them a lesson!!!!

IveBeenBit Mon 08-Jun-20 01:53:50


AMileInMyShoes Mon 08-Jun-20 01:53:57


Police on horse back have always been used in protesting and dispersing of crowds, its a proven way that often works... If ofcourse, they arent up against thugs!

R1R2 Mon 08-Jun-20 01:56:52


Why were horses used anyway?

AMileInMyShoes Mon 08-Jun-20 01:58:19

Protesting - Fine
Being a little thug - Not fine

Bflatmajorsharp Mon 08-Jun-20 02:07:46

I was personally delighted to see Churchill named for what he was.

Gingernaut Mon 08-Jun-20 02:09:47

Coverage of the riots/protests are being used as an excuse to promote Defund the BBC.

Nearly 30,000 hashtags already on Twitter.

Lawrence Fox is an enthusiastic retweeter.

Bflatmajorsharp Mon 08-Jun-20 02:13:36

They were clearly protests, not riots.

Frozenfan2019 Mon 08-Jun-20 02:14:24

Protesting - Fine
Being a little thug - Not fine

What about if you look a little bit thuggish while you protest, is that OK? What about if your skin is darker than average, does that automatically make you a thug? What about if the white person next to you is the thug but you get blamed because you are not white, is that OK.or should you carry some name because you are there and not at home?

@AMileInMyShoes do you.mind listing everything that is OK and not OK so that we can get it right?


JigglypuffsCaptor Mon 08-Jun-20 02:17:20

The attempted burning of flags on the cenotaph that stands to honour our war dead, who died fighting facism, was rather ironic and incredibly disrespectful.

But they need to continue, their voices need to be heard however if they would just leave the cenotaph alone!

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