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Teachers shouldn't work over summer holidays

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Freeyameya Thu 04-Jun-20 21:25:56

Surely by the summer holiday the government will allow family and friends to look after children?

I'm not a teacher but I think it's unfair to keep them working over summer looking after key worker children when they have so much to plan for ready for September.

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bigchris Thu 04-Jun-20 21:26:56

Where has it said they will be ?

Freeyameya Thu 04-Jun-20 21:28:16

It hasnt been said but i'm just wondering your thoughts as I saw someone on m my social media feed commenting on a post saying they hope schools will be open for key worker children over summer xxx

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NeverForgetYourDreams Thu 04-Jun-20 21:30:08

They should end school now. Go on early holidays. Get all in place in schools for a return mid August.

stopfundinghate Thu 04-Jun-20 21:31:26

Of course they will still be working. Teachers were still working over Easter holidays and half term looking after key worker children. This is all 'voluntary' but of course if one teacher doesn't 'volunteer' then the other teachers will have to do more. They were not paid for this and won't be paid for it over summer but they'll still be expected to 'volunteer'.

You wouldn't tell a Tesco worker that they need to do more shifts but not pay them


BlessYourCottonSocks Thu 04-Jun-20 21:32:02

That is kind of you. We're mostly just getting abuse at the moment as though closing the schools was our decision. As we repeatedly explain, however, teachers are not paid for the summer holidays and therefore will not be working. People can hope for what they like on social media of course.

Jingstohang Thu 04-Jun-20 21:32:29

Yep teachers deserve their break, unless the DfE want to pay for their overtime and it's voluntary.

montyliesandmontycries Thu 04-Jun-20 21:32:43

Ours are barely working now, so good luck to getting them to go over and above and do anything during summer holidays.

Freeyameya Thu 04-Jun-20 21:33:22

But I don't understand why the government won't let family and friends look after children, or some form of social distance 'clubs' (surely they would love the income now) like dance or acting and limit numbers

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Stompythedinosaur Thu 04-Jun-20 21:34:07

Teachers aren't paid to work during holidays. So they shouldn't be working. That said, I grew up with teacher parents and I remember them doing tons of lesson prep over the holidays.

lovelyupnorth Thu 04-Jun-20 21:35:25

Thing is teachers aren’t paid over the summer Holliday’s so if they are made work it’ll cost the government a shit load.

Jingstohang Thu 04-Jun-20 21:36:27

Freeyameya I think that would be nigh on impossible. Family should be able to babysit/childmind. It makes no sense that you can pay someone to childmind but your family cant.

flabbyflabbyflabguts Thu 04-Jun-20 21:37:27

They should start the summer holidays now
It's unbelievable that teachers are expected to spend their time trying to control a group of children who will want to be close to each other

flabbyflabbyflabguts Thu 04-Jun-20 21:38:29

And teachers should be given more time to prepare for September which will be a shit storm

Freeyameya Thu 04-Jun-20 21:38:35

What do you all think about the idea of trainee teachers or graduate teachers volinteering over summer to help children catchup?
I've heard this mentioned a few times as a 'maybe' but i can see some safeguarding issues with it

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ShawshanksRedemption Thu 04-Jun-20 21:40:18

As someone who was on a rota for key worker/vulnerable kids (and training and prepping when not, as well as writing reports), I wouldn't mind doing cover on a rota to help support the key worker kids (I am after all a key worker too!).

I'm back full time now though and will be exhausted at the end of this term. It is draining when being face-to-face interacting and teaching kids for 6.5hrs a day, as many parents can currently testify! But the odd day here and there I could do to help out.

GuyFawkesDay Thu 04-Jun-20 21:40:49

Trainees need help and supervision. They run the risk of being eaten alive (not literally!) by teens!

Why not let trainee doctors and nurses run hospital wards to give the doctors a break?

Hmm, thought not.

flabbyflabbyflabguts Thu 04-Jun-20 21:41:20

No definitely not
Not because of safeguarding, but because the track and trace system is still not up and running as it needs to be.
Too much risk

notheragain4 Thu 04-Jun-20 21:41:33

I've been wondering this. Our head teacher has had next to zero time off since Feb half term. There's potentially going to be a lot of work in reopening in September but I hope all the teachers get a proper break.

helpfulperson Thu 04-Jun-20 21:44:20

Why would teens be at keyworker childcare?

Our local summer provision is being run by sports coach and youth workers not teachers.

flabbyflabbyflabguts Thu 04-Jun-20 21:44:40

I'm quite happy to keep my children at home. However I am one of the lucky ones, with a garden, every child having access to computer or laptop, as well ipads of they want to work in the garden I'm lucky to have
I do worry about more vulnerable children

ShawshanksRedemption Thu 04-Jun-20 21:44:55


What do you all think about the idea of trainee teachers or graduate teachers volinteering over summer to help children catchup?
I've heard this mentioned a few times as a 'maybe' but i can see some safeguarding issues with it


That's different to key workers.

If it's to catch up then that's an entirely different thing altogether as that would need the entire year group offered a place as as not to disadvantage any kids in the same year.

Also worth noting that admin staff and site staff (as well as many teaching staff) have still had to work during the last few months when providing care to key worker children. I think they deserve a break, don't you?

PixiePowered Thu 04-Jun-20 21:47:28

Our hubs were staffed by other council employees (Active school's, leisure staff) etc.
Surely that would be utilised if they cannot do their own jobs?

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