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To think we shouldn't be bringing brits back from China

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MozzchopsThirty Tue 28-Jan-20 08:41:07

I see the US are rescuing their citizens.
How does this work?
Do they quarantine the plane, crew & passengers

Surely this just creates more risk

IMHO lockdown should mean lockdown

Nicecupofcoco Tue 28-Jan-20 08:45:09

I agree!

MoggyP Tue 28-Jan-20 08:45:38

If it was your family stuck, would prbabky be quite keen in getting people out. Sooner rather than later, as further spread envisaged.

It's going to be way easier to impose isolation on people who have come on designated flights than it is to keep tabs on everyone returning (possibly by indirect route) from the (ever increasing) affected area

FAQs Tue 28-Jan-20 08:47:32

What @MoggyP said.

LoseLooseLucy Tue 28-Jan-20 08:48:58

I agree from the comfort of my own home, but if I was in China I'd want to be brought back for sure 😬

MozzchopsThirty Tue 28-Jan-20 08:49:48

'If I was in China' yeah I get that, but I'm not so why put the world at further risk by doing this

AmelieTaylor Tue 28-Jan-20 08:55:59

IF they do it properly the risk will be minimal. Flight crew etc will also be in quarantine.

I think it’s how the British Govt should act in situations like this. There are many
Risks staying in Wu Han, not just the virus.

If you’d want ‘rescuing’ or for your loved ones to be ‘rescued’ then you have to accept this kind of thing. But only for visitors or people who have short term contracts there. If you have essentially moved there, then that’s where you live, so crack in with it.

CakeandCustard28 Tue 28-Jan-20 08:57:49

You can’t just leave them stranded in a strange country though. This could go on for months, even potentially years! Should be tested for the virus and if clear brought home.

saraclara Tue 28-Jan-20 09:03:52

Being brought back, tested for virus and quarantined is only fair.
These people will have families, elderly relatives here to worry about, jobs they might lose, all manner of reasons that make them desperate to come home.

It won't take long and it's not difficult to make sure they don't have the virus. You seem to think that those making the arrangements don't know what they're doing. Of course they do.

MozzchopsThirty Tue 28-Jan-20 09:04:25

It's not a strange country to those brits on the news, they work there
It's not as if they've just been dropped there and don't know what's going on

fedup2017 Tue 28-Jan-20 09:05:04

I think there is more of a risk to the people there of civil unrest / lack of food etc then there is from a virus which has a low chance of killing you.
So yes, I think they should be evacuated and quarantined.

MozzchopsThirty Tue 28-Jan-20 09:06:26

Lol you really think the Chinese government know what they're doing????
Have you ever been to China??

turnandfacethenamechange Tue 28-Jan-20 09:07:08

'If I was in China' yeah I get that, but I'm not

Blimey, I'm alright Jack!

NurseButtercup Tue 28-Jan-20 09:09:13

YABU the Brits that want to come home/scheduled to return, should be allowed to, but quarantined for a period whilst they run tests to ensure they are clear of the virus.

ilovesooty Tue 28-Jan-20 09:10:55

"I'm all right Jack" is exactly what I was thinking.

FernBritanica Tue 28-Jan-20 09:11:53

Tom what I've read we won't actually be quarantining our people, just asking them to stay at home for 2 weeks hmm.

I think we should bring them back bit then put them into proper quarantine!

GiveHerHellFromUs Tue 28-Jan-20 09:12:57

I think if I, or someone I loved, was in China I'd rather they were brought home (and then quarantined for 14 days which is what they are doing) than remain there for us to cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Your PP is incredibly selfish and self-centred.

MermaidUnicorn Tue 28-Jan-20 09:13:44

Don't forget that there are Brits there that may have just been visiting relatives, not resident there. There was a man on the news last night whose gran was visiting him and her medication was starting to run out. That lady should be returned home pronto sad

saraclara Tue 28-Jan-20 09:14:30

@MozzchopsThirty I've been to China many times.
But it's not the Chinese who will be bringing them back. It's the UK government.
They probably use an air force plane, carrying medics and everything they need to contain the virus if anyone is carrying it. And they'll use a military hospital for quarantine. They know what they're doing. They train for this.

Surplus2requirements Tue 28-Jan-20 09:14:37

@MozzchopsThirty how about the woman who was visiting her grandson (that works there) and now can't leave?

But yeah, not my Gran so sod'em

Orangeblossom78 Tue 28-Jan-20 09:15:57

It's not just 'I'm alright','s about putting the whole country here at risk too. So it isn't just a selfish argument. I can see both sides.

I guess they would have to go into some kind of NHS isolation unit if they did come back.

As an aside I felt the stuff on the news about people returning from China being adviser to stay home etc a bit vague. It said they had only contacted some people.

Orangeblossom78 Tue 28-Jan-20 09:16:51

They are sending a plane from Japan to bring theirs home apparently

CripsSandwiches Tue 28-Jan-20 09:18:14

Why can't they bring people back and just introduce a proper quarantine for anyone possibly infected?

MozzchopsThirty Tue 28-Jan-20 09:18:21

@FernBritanica exactly!

There are people on MN who take their kids with D&V swimming because they 'promised little tarquin he could go' 🙄

And yes I am alright, thankfully. I'm afraid if the same happened in the UK we'd just have to suck it up.
If you move to China and work there not paying taxes or contributing at all to the UK you can't start putting your hand up for the next plane back to blighty.

Blacksackunderthetreesfreeze Tue 28-Jan-20 09:18:31

There will have to be an extended period of quarantine that’s for sure!

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