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to think that George Clarke is ridiculous

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spacepyramid Thu 21-Nov-19 14:32:49

on George Clarke's Old House, New House.

In their lounge they have an electronic keyboard - "The piano", a pair cheap metal bookcase "The library" a photographic umbrella leaning against the wall which is the 'photographic studio'

ToeNailSoup Thu 21-Nov-19 14:35:13


He's an absolute tosser; really unlikable, really irritating, and, for me, a symbol of how far mediocre white men can get.

He was okay when he did Renovation Man or whatever and tolerable in Amazing Spaces but now he's like cow shit in a field.... fucking everywhere.

spacepyramid Thu 21-Nov-19 14:36:38

Yeah, he used to be quite good. The only other property guy I see on TV is more of a tosser is Phil Spencer.

SoupDragon Thu 21-Nov-19 14:39:38

I like him.

Robs20 Thu 21-Nov-19 14:41:59

I like him too!

Bluntness100 Thu 21-Nov-19 14:43:22

Yeah but he's really quite good looking, so I forgive a lot 😜

Yoohoo16 Thu 21-Nov-19 14:47:42

I like him and I love Phil spencer!

IdblowJonSnow Thu 21-Nov-19 14:52:58

I quite like Phil but went off George sometime ago.

Rivergreen Thu 21-Nov-19 14:55:21

All his houses are strangely identikit.

And what he did to that gorgeous house in Ackworth was criminal (huge modern kitchen-family room-diner with huge panes of glass) angry. It had absolutely no relevance or relationship with the rest of the house, regardless of whether you like the style or not.

Think it was the first episode of this series of the old house new home one.

spacepyramid Thu 21-Nov-19 14:58:07

Phil Spencer went right out of favor when I found out he was a big game hunter.

George Clarke was pouring scorn on the outside doors between the house and conservatory, surely he'd know it was usually a planning/building control issue.

thenightsky Thu 21-Nov-19 15:00:33

I like both George Clarke and Phil Spencer. I'm also partial to bit of Kevin McCloud, even though he talks wank most of the time.

spacepyramid Thu 21-Nov-19 15:03:44

I'd be partial to a bit of Kevin McCloud too.

femidom12 Thu 21-Nov-19 15:03:56

He has a big fat head, I'm always surprised he can get it through the door of a lot of these houses.

krustykittens Thu 21-Nov-19 15:05:15

I cannot stand Phil Spencer with his constant sexual innuendos. He seemed to do it all the time on that series he had, advising people how to sell their houses, without Kirsty to rein him in. He was doing it around an elderly woman one day and winking at the camera. Just vile. Kevin talks wank but he does know architecture and has a passion for it. Phil Spencer has a much experience as anyone else who has bought and sold a few houses and reads property news regularly, ie, half the fucking country but as PP said, it's amazing how far a mediocre white man can get, especially a public school one

PhoneLock Thu 21-Nov-19 15:08:51

Phil Spencer went right out of favour when I found out he was a big game hunter.

If it helps, he just shoots common or garden game, not big game.

BobbyNewport Thu 21-Nov-19 15:10:36

I can't watch George Clarke. He always sounds like he's about to burst into tears and I'm sure his eyes are brimming over when they do the reveal. He really gets in my nerves.

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Thu 21-Nov-19 15:10:48

Phil is campaigning against new builds being built in his village close to his stately pile, made me laugh, his hypocrisy!. George Clarke gives me the creeps. I like Johnny Irwin who does escape the the country he actually knows what he is talking about.

raspberrymoussecake Thu 21-Nov-19 15:11:05

Charlie Luxton is the best of the property bunch.

Paintingtheroseswhite Thu 21-Nov-19 15:13:23

I've met him and he's not very nice. Saw him give a speech when he'd had a couple of drinks, his opinions on women in the construction industry aren't very progressive

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Thu 21-Nov-19 15:16:18

What a man eh? hmm

Bollykecks Thu 21-Nov-19 15:17:30

I like him! I liked amazing spaces.

I like Phil as well. Why is it hypocritical him opposing new builds near his house? bettyboo

spacepyramid Thu 21-Nov-19 15:20:28

I stand corrected re the big game. He's still a NIMBY though.

HaHaVeryBunny Thu 21-Nov-19 15:24:25

Alistair Appleton who presented Escape To The Country is lovely, such a nice gentle vibe about him.

Phil Spencer comes across as a sleazy and smug with bog standard insight into selling houses.

HaHaVeryBunny Thu 21-Nov-19 15:26:53

@BettybooJustDoinTheDoo Ugh, just when I thought I couldn't dislike him anymore than I do.

Andysbestadventure Thu 21-Nov-19 15:28:15

He's no Kevin McCloud, is he. If Kevin was Waitrose George would be the Kwiksave trolley that keeps appearing everytime the canal got a bit low.

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