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To ask for your rave meat free recipes?

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newmun Tue 19-Mar-19 13:15:28

Trying to cut out meat. Husband is a big meat eater.

I need recipes that arent obviously meat free. He notices the difference if i use quorn mince. Neither of us like mushrooms. He will not eat curry confused

newmun Tue 19-Mar-19 13:16:02

Fave * hmm

berkshirecat Tue 19-Mar-19 13:27:29

Check out the Hairy Bikers veggie cookbook. Some great stuff there!

Thecatisboss Tue 19-Mar-19 13:36:25

Hugh Fearnley-whittingstall's first veg book (not the second one!)
River Cottage Veg Every Day! Just eating the North African stew leftovers which are delicious.

CaptainButtock Tue 19-Mar-19 13:52:53

Huevos rancheros is massively popular at chez buttock.
Also cauliflower broccoli cheese (roast the veg tho, don’t boil)

Lyricallie Tue 19-Mar-19 13:54:50

I’ve currently went vegan at home (veggie at restaurants) for lent. I’ve recently had:

Pasta pesto (dairy free) but you could have ordinary with lots of veggies
You said no curry but not sure what type I have a lot of Thai curry (just check if the paste include shrimp paste or not) with veggies and tofu, I like the cauldron puffy tofu or quorn pieces.
Last night it was Spanish rice so I cook paella rice with a pasatta and fajita mix stock and then chuck in veggies (fiancé added chorizo to his portion)
Veggie fajitas just generally any veg
Spicy tomato pasta with veg
Mushroom risotto
Lots and lots of soup today was broccoli
I made Jamie Oliver mushroom steamed buns (fiancé added chicken to his)
Tonight is baked potato and spaghetti hoops haha
Tomorrow for lunch I found a good recipe for tofu and purple broccoli miso thing. Sounds yum! So I’ll make that for Thursday and Friday.
Oh and for breakfast I’ve been having avocado and toast with some coriander and sriracha which takes only as long for toast to pop.

Hope that helps smile

Lyricallie Tue 19-Mar-19 13:55:37

Edit: just saw you don’t like mushrooms just swap out any time I said mushroom to something you do like. I’m a huge broccoli lover haha.

mummymeister Tue 19-Mar-19 13:56:01

I like veg bakes using cheese as they are different and filling. leek and potato cheesebake layers of each with some milk. aubergine bake - layers of aubergine, courgette, mozzarella, tin of tomatoes, aubergine and mozzarella with parmesan. use herbs in it as well. staples like ratatouille and cauliflower cheese are also good. The good food guide lamb tagine can be done with mixed roasted vegetables like butternut squash and sweet potato as well as the usual stuff and tins of chick peas. all really good and filling. also veg stew with dumplings.

Itwouldtakemuchmorethanthis Tue 19-Mar-19 13:59:14

Spanish omelette
Roast veg and haloumi in a crusty loaf
Veg lasagna
Baked potato beans and cheese

KC225 Tue 19-Mar-19 14:01:30

Taco soup. Rich bean soup, flavoured with taco and smokey BBQ. Served on a bed of tortilla chips and on top is crème fraiche, grated cheese, jalapeño peppers.

Pumperthepumper Tue 19-Mar-19 14:02:45

Lentil stew - grate carrots, courgette and onion into a pan with a knob of butter and cook until all squished together. Add garlic and cook a bit more, add a tin of green lentils and a tin of chopped tomatoes and cook for as long as you like. Nice with pasta, like spag Bol.

RoseReally Tue 19-Mar-19 14:03:08

I'm a big meat eater too although trying to cut down. Recently very much enjoyed Jamie Oliver's chilli con veggie.

WeepingWillowWeepingWino Tue 19-Mar-19 14:05:14

veggie food isn't simply pretending to make a meat recipe without meat, it's completely different.

If you are the cook (and shopper) then you choose what gets made. If he doesn't like it, he knows where the fridge and oven are.

Fcukthisshit Tue 19-Mar-19 14:05:52

Not really a recipe as such but Quorn chicken nuggets are bloody lovely!!

PeanutButterIsOneWord Tue 19-Mar-19 14:13:21

Hmmmm tricky with an avid meat eater.

I like brown or green lentils in place of mince in spaghetti bolognese and shepherds pie, much nicer than quorn mince.

Also bean Chilli with kidney beans, chickpeas, black beans, pinto beans is hearty and I don't miss the meat.

A Spanish omelette / frittata is so filling and has plenty of protein if that's what worries him.

Dahl is also great, but not if he hates curry. Is it the spice? Would he manage it with limited spice and loads of coconut milk?

newmun Tue 19-Mar-19 14:33:01

Thanks everyonelots of really good ideas.

Im not veggie i just really want to cut down on meat.

Definitely be trying some of these smile

SaveKevin Tue 19-Mar-19 14:33:25

None of these are not obviously meat free but I don't think you miss the meat
This one is a big hit with my carnivore DH.

We also have vegetable mush (grated boiled and cooled potato (or left over mash) grated carrot, curly kale, fried onion, sweet potato and or squash chunks) all squashed into a pan, grated cheese on top, cook in the oven until golden. Serve with a poached egg .

Vegetable risotto and garlic bread. So fry onions, peppers, grated carrots, courgette, celery until soft. Add your risotto rice, then add a tin of chopped tomato. Whatever herbs you like (i tend to go thyme, rosemary, oregano) and veg stock.

I love a coconut dahl with Naan bread.

We quite often have budha bowl things, so packet of tasty rice (you know the fancy uncle ben type) roasted veg and falafel. DH occasionally has grilled meat and a sauce on top (e.g Jerk Chicken and jerk sauce)

I do fajitas with roasted sweet potato, squash, courgette and peppers. Its nice with a sprinkling of feta.

Sainsburys do some spicy lentil and sweet potato burgers which we have with chilli chutney in nice buns

Most of the time though as my kids won't eat veg I just add extra veg to stuff and they have the meat and i have the veg. Its not ideal, but its the best i can do at the moment.

Ive managed to make sausage casserole with veggie sausages and they've not noticed, but whenever i "pretend" the kids always spot it.

Eminybob Tue 19-Mar-19 14:39:34

This vegan lasagna

Is lovely. If you’re not bothered about it being vegan you can make regular white sauce and add cheese.

Also puff pastry tarts with various toppings. This tomato one

Is really nice, but you can add anything, roasted peppers and feta is nice.

We eat vegan once a week so have been trying out various recipes.

Grumpasaurous Tue 19-Mar-19 14:39:38

Have a look at the love and lemons website. There’s a cracking chickpea and black bean chilli on there

Rainbunny Tue 19-Mar-19 15:30:41

This is a dish that always turns out brilliantly: Lentil Shepard's pie NYTimes recipe:

(I add a generous splash of dry white wine when simmering the lentils and I mix cauliflower or parsnips into the mash topping to make it lighter).

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