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To think pouring water on your icy car is just selfish?

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7hup Wed 23-Jan-19 09:19:45

Just fell on my face outside a neighbour who must have done this early morning.

So a stream of ice running across the pavement to the road which I didn't see

I fell hard. Am OK but if I were elderly or more fragile I could have bad injuries.

At least salt the pavement after!

ShatnersWig Wed 23-Jan-19 09:24:20

Yes. Get a bloody car cover or at the very minimum a windscreen cover.

7hup Wed 23-Jan-19 09:25:12

Am going to salt it in a moment so no one else falls

HotSauceCommittee Wed 23-Jan-19 09:25:24

It seems easier (and safer) to use a scraper to me.
Hope you are ok.

Plabom Wed 23-Jan-19 09:25:36

Oh no! I hadn't thought of the excess water causing ice, I'm guilty of this. Will amend my ways!

Auramigraine Wed 23-Jan-19 09:25:56

I hate this as well, it’s always like that on the street to my child’s school, was this morning. Loads of icy lines across the pavements where it’s ran down off their cars

gamerwidow Wed 23-Jan-19 09:28:47

Selfish. I stupidly poured some water out of a bin yesterday which turned to ice. I didn’t have any salt so spent a stressful 2 hours sitting near the window making sure passers by were ok until it melted. I don’t understand how you could make a hazard like that and just leave it.

SuchAToDo Wed 23-Jan-19 09:28:54

If you know whose car it was , leave an anonymous note in their letterbox saying they should use a scraper or windscreen cover and that their selfishness has caused you to fall and made the pavement a risk for anybody walking on it especially anybody frail and elderly...

BillywigSting Wed 23-Jan-19 09:29:16

I hate this too.

Me and ds nearly went arse over tit about a dozen times on the usually ten, but today fifteen minutes walk to school. Couldn't go five steps without stepping on black ice. My ankles are sore now from the sudden stopping and I'm pretty cross.

ShatnersWig Wed 23-Jan-19 09:29:34

I hadn't thought of the excess water causing ice

How can you NOT realise this? Really?

Villanellesproudmum Wed 23-Jan-19 09:30:50

I always used to use a credit card to scrap it off for this reason, Hope you’re ok.

SleepingStandingUp Wed 23-Jan-19 09:30:52

Agree OP. Lots of our estate have drives and lots of them do this. Hate doing the walk of doom with a pushchair but it absolutely petrified me when I was pregnant

Gooseygoosey12345 Wed 23-Jan-19 09:31:28

Why would you leave it across the pavement! I use a scraper but if I were to pour water it would be on my own drive or on the road where nobody is walking.

EmeraldShamrock Wed 23-Jan-19 09:31:45

Yanbu. It was like an ice rink DC skidding on the way to school, it is very dangerous. I fell last year and smacked my hip and tigh/femur hard, if I was an elderly person or DC it could break their hip.

I hope you are OK after your fall, it is very scary as it is so quick. flowers

StuckInTheMiddleWithJude Wed 23-Jan-19 09:33:01

@Plabom don't worry I also had NOT considered this!!!

We have a drive so I'm sure I haven't caused anyone to trip though

NotUmbongoUnchained Wed 23-Jan-19 09:33:29

Everyone in my estate does this. I just look where I’m walking.

BongoBingoBam Wed 23-Jan-19 09:33:47

You use a credit card? 😂 that's so odd just invest in a scraper they're about £1. Poor credit card.

Kazzyhoward Wed 23-Jan-19 09:35:09

I use hot water, but the car is on the road, so the water doesn't go onto the pavement - it channels into the gully and drain. But, really, if you do it gently and don't just randomly throw a bucket over the car, there's very little that drips off anyway. I can do the whole car with just half a kettle with just a few drips.

silkpyjamasallday Wed 23-Jan-19 09:36:20

It's like this near us too, I have to push DD up a very steep hill to get to her childminders, and the black ice on the pavement from people just chucking water over their cars makes it even more difficult and pretty precarious.

spiderlight Wed 23-Jan-19 09:36:25

My DH spent about six weeks with two severely sprained wrists in braces a few years back when he slipped on ice caused by someone who was merrily washing his car in sub-zero temperatures at dusk confused

Glitterkitten24 Wed 23-Jan-19 09:37:33

People pour water on their cars to defrost it?
Surely hot water + frozen windscreen = cracked windscreen?

1981m Wed 23-Jan-19 09:37:52

De- icer worked a treat today

ByeGermsByeWorries Wed 23-Jan-19 09:38:04

Someone opposite me did this yesterday only liberally applying it with a bucket so most of it ended up on the pavement and a child slipped in it.

NoWittyNamesAvailable Wed 23-Jan-19 09:38:49

Kazzyhoward, using hot water can cause your windscreen to crack. It's safer and easier to use a scraper.

Angiemum24 Wed 23-Jan-19 09:39:17

Very selfish. Maybe pop a note through the door.
I hope you are alright.

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