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AIBU to think that some of the Lidl coffee pods are compatible with other coffee machines?

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Snoz Tue 01-Jan-19 18:58:55

I used to work in Lidl and we used our own coffee pods in a machine but I can't recall whether it was a Lidl own brand machine or a different one?
The pods were lovely, so just wondering do I have to wait until their coffee machines are in again or whether they're compatible with other cheap coffee machines?
I haven't had anything for Christmas apart from a bracelet, so would like to treat myself.

Firesuit Tue 01-Jan-19 19:03:21

Not sure if this is helpful, but if you get yourself an Aerobie Aeropress you'll be able to make yourself single cups of coffee without being dependent on pods.

Snoz Tue 01-Jan-19 19:04:19

Not familiar with that. Is it a whole lot of faff?

Triskaidekaphilia Tue 01-Jan-19 19:06:03

Is it these ones? It says they're for nespresso machines.

Chesneyhawkes1 Tue 01-Jan-19 19:10:41

I'm pretty sure I've used some Lidl ones in my Nespresso machine

Firesuit Tue 01-Jan-19 19:10:54

If I described all the steps, it would probably sound more complicated, but I think it only takes me two or three minutes to make a cup

The last step of my personal routine is putting the mug in the microwave for 30 seconds to compensate for cold milk I've added, I rinse the bits under the kitchen tap during that time, so cleaning is included in that estimate.

It's actually easier to use it to make one cup than for more. For more I filter into a milk jug so that I can allocate evenly to multiple cups.

Omzlas Tue 01-Jan-19 19:15:20

Nespresso seems to be the most universal machine, maybe have a look for a nespresso compatible machine.... I know Aldi had some before Xmas, they were about £45 if I remember correctly

Wide0penSpace Tue 01-Jan-19 19:16:02

Coffee pods are shockingly bad for the environment. They are rarely recyclable and each one takes up to 500 years to decompose.

Singlebutmarried Tue 01-Jan-19 19:33:02

I’m looking at one of the aluminium pods that you reuse.

I’d prefer to trial one first as they’re pretty expensive.

christmashope Tue 01-Jan-19 20:09:10

We use these in our dolce gusto machine and they work great

Snoz Tue 01-Jan-19 20:29:11

How much is the dolcegusto machine?

Snoz Tue 01-Jan-19 20:29:33

And for that matter, how much is Nespresso machine?

InspectorIkmen Tue 01-Jan-19 20:31:55

Snoz Tue 01-Jan-19 20:38:27

Thanks smartarse. I'm hoping to hear from someone who has a model that is compatible with the Lidl pods.

Omzlas Tue 01-Jan-19 22:02:42

I'm sure you can find cheaper on eBay / Amazon etc

glueandstick Tue 01-Jan-19 22:19:55

You can use the Lidl pods in any of the nespresso machines. They are just standard nespresso pods.

Cherry321 Tue 01-Jan-19 22:25:44

I have this machine and it's great. I use nespresso, Lidl and d'or capsules. However I'm not sure I will buy another as recycling the capsules is a pain.

marvellousnightforamooncup Tue 01-Jan-19 22:26:45

I've used the Lidl ones in my Nespresso machine but I've since bought refillable pods that I can put Lavazza in which I prefer.

Omzlas Tue 01-Jan-19 22:29:33

Oops, I meant to add, we have a Pixie by Magimix (sp?) and have a mix of Lidl, Aldi, Asda own brand, Lor, Starbucks and a few other pods - all are nespresso compatible and most seem to be plastic too, which should make them recyclable..... I hope. (We haven't recycled yet as the machine was a Christmas present)

Triskaidekaphilia Tue 01-Jan-19 22:32:17

If you like foamed milk the latissima ones are good. I have the touch but they have a newer model that only holds less milk but is about half the price. I've had mine a year and still working through the £75 of free pods they gave me. Because I feel someone will bring this up; I do feel a bit guilty that it's made by nestle but not enough to stop using it blush I might look into reusable pods when the free ones run out though.

Triskaidekaphilia Tue 01-Jan-19 22:34:01

In terms of recycling, nespresso will collect the metal pods, no idea how well they get recycled though.

glueandstick Tue 01-Jan-19 23:57:53

Waitrose do fully compostable ones and you can also get refillable.

BouleBaker Wed 02-Jan-19 00:10:24

Nespresso recycle their metal pods. We bag up all our used pods and send them back to Nespresso. Not sure if the plastic ones from other shops can be recycled in any way.

safariboot Wed 02-Jan-19 00:40:30

That's basically the point. The pods work in the established systems, and will say which system they're for on the packaging. Mostly Nespresso, some Dolce Gusto, you might find Tassimo too

And yes, they're really wasteful. Much better for the environment to use an espresso, filter, or cafetiere machine.

Snoz Wed 02-Jan-19 14:13:28

Are the refillable pods easy to source as they sound like a good idea?

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