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To be a bit disappointed with boyfriends presents for me?

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poppyflorrie Wed 28-Nov-18 09:14:20

Last night I was changing the bed and my boyfriend had hid my presents for Christmas in the blanket chest.
I am grateful but it's just the usual crap basically.
He's got my 2 fav bottles of perfume,a dressing gown,pair of slippers and a no7 skincare set.
It's the same thing pretty much every year.
I try and spice it up for him but he sticks to the same thing.
Aibu being a bit meh about them?

Ellisandra Fri 07-Dec-18 15:28:42

You think a motor racing experience is a good present, but I think that it’s just a dull and formulaic “present for him” as bloody perfume is “for her”!

I’d be more concerned that your dirty skank of a boyfriend thought the bed linen box a good place to hide presents a full month before Xmas. Doesn’t he change the sheets? envy

Seniorschoolmum Fri 07-Dec-18 15:29:25

Yabu. My ex used to be dismissive of the presents I bought him, although he could never suggest anything els. It just made me stressed & dislike Xmas.

cadburysflake Fri 07-Dec-18 15:38:00

Did you ask for something specific and he didn't buy it or are the relying on him being a mind reader? Unless you told him or gave him a v obvious clue I'd say his presents are nice. He got your favourite perfume not something you didn't like.

What were you anticipating?

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