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To think we should do away entirely with school holidays?

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SkaPunkPrincess Mon 28-May-18 11:14:28

Just musing and wondering why we don't just do away with them entirely?

Run schools like a regular workplace in that they operate 52 weeks of the year, Teachers and students to get 4 weeks allocated holiday allowance per year and parents can use this at their discretion. Staff would be able to be more flexible and they would have more time in the year to teach children at a more realistic pace?

Am I missing why this isn't a genius idea?

Tink2007 Mon 28-May-18 11:16:24

Perhaps because children don’t run the same way as adults?

VogueVVague Mon 28-May-18 11:16:27

I feel like kids need time just to experience life and grow without being constantly hemmed into school life.

noblegiraffe Mon 28-May-18 11:16:35

Yes you are.

I fancy taking my holidays in the run up to GCSE. Your kid is in Y11. Still keen on the idea?

Awrite Mon 28-May-18 11:16:56


The kids would burn out, never mind the teachers.

theboud Mon 28-May-18 11:17:36

My kids are exhausted after a 9 week half term. Do you have DCs?

scaryteacher Mon 28-May-18 11:17:49

Can teachers use the holiday allowance at their discretion, or is that just for the parents? Teachers should not be required to provide work for holidays. There would have to be times (like exam season) when kids could not be taken out of school, as the exam boards won't reschedule exams just because parents want to go on hols.

Teachers need a break as well....

noblegiraffe Mon 28-May-18 11:17:54

Everyone was shattered after the 7 week term we just had. The kids need regular breaks to learn effectively.

GalwayWayfarer Mon 28-May-18 11:18:44

It's a terrible idea because children need time away from school to pursue their own interests, to develop socially, to rest and relax. Intensive year-round schooling would cause them to completely burn out and would deny them the opportunities to experience life outside of the school room.

ZibbidooZibbidooZibbidoo Mon 28-May-18 11:20:13

Right so 30 children turn up for their GcsE maths lesson and Mrs smith has gone off to Cancun for the week? confused

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Mon 28-May-18 11:20:15

The school summer holidays were the some of the best days of my childhood. Not because we went on exotic trips or anything, just the freedom of being a child all summer with no school responsibilities.

Buxbaum Mon 28-May-18 11:20:21

I fancy taking my holidays in the run up to GCSE. Your kid is in Y11. Still keen on the idea?


As a parent, however, my four-year-old is exhausted at the end of each half-term. Aren’t your children?

I would be in favour of shortening the summer break and distributing those weeks elsewhere in the year. The ‘summer dip’ is well-documented and disproportionately affects disadvantaged pupils.

ilovesooty Mon 28-May-18 11:20:22

Oh I'm sure the government or the various school academies will come up with an idea like this eventually to make teacher recruitment and retention even more difficult than it is now.
That's even before the adverse effect on children is considered.

bluebeck Mon 28-May-18 11:21:11

I think the resultant tax burden would be very unpopular.

Paying teachers for all the additional weeks would cost a hell of a lot. How would you expect schools to provide cover if teachers would have random weeks off? Pay for cover? More money.

Butterflykissess Mon 28-May-18 11:22:19

Nope my school run is pretty difficult with 4 kids and don't drive (live far from the school so it's a long walk) I enjoy a breAk from the school run tbh.

MsGameandWatching Mon 28-May-18 11:22:36

Its a horrible idea. I home educate one of mine and wish the other would agree to it to but she won't so I respect that and support her above and beyond in her choice. Always counting down to the holidays though. Children deserve and probably need long periods of freedom and no responsibilities. We already have one of the highest rates of child MH issues in the developed world, what a shit idea to add even more pressure and demands to that.

NoStraightEdges Mon 28-May-18 11:23:37

From a work perspective, I get it. But the kids are knackered at the end of each term/half term and we're all greatful for the break. The break from the early mornings and the running round, and the costumes and the school admin, and the homework. And I don't resent the teachers the same break at all.

Belindabauer Mon 28-May-18 11:23:40

How can you manage refinancing different holidays?
Staff would also need paying more , supporters are only paid for term time so who will foot extra cost?

HellenaHandbasket Mon 28-May-18 11:24:22

School doesn't exist purely to facilitate working parents. The best interests of the kids should be primary.

How would teachers and kids being allowed to be out of school at varying points work from a continuity standpoint anyway?

AllMYSmellySocks Mon 28-May-18 11:24:40

I actually think you're right in that we should have schools operate in such a way that children and teachers aren't utterly exhausted at the end of term. There's also a lot of evidence that the long summer holiday is detrimental. That said I still think there should be some allocated holidays where kids have a longer time to indulge their interests or just get bored.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Mon 28-May-18 11:25:08

It's easy to see the education system as free child care but it's not. So it's not structured to facilitate parent's work schedules.

I mean some parents under your proposal might not even take the discretionary 4 weeks holiday for their child at all. They'd just leave them at school for 52 weeks of the year.

Hallamoo Mon 28-May-18 11:26:00

It's a ridiculous idea. So, 30 children in one class all take their holidays at different times.

How does the teacher ensure that 30 different children catch up on parts of the curriculum they missed when they were away? Many more children if it's secondary.

LadyLance Mon 28-May-18 11:26:02

I think the curriculum/expectation of schools would just expand to fill whatever time is available. This would still lead to children missing out on things and falling behind, especially in the early years.

Children would also miss out on life experiences, especially when they are teenagers. Things like independent day trips, camping trips, volunteering, getting holiday jobs and work experience- these are all much more likely to happen if they have the long six week summer holidays.

But the main reason this won't happen is that the country can't afford it. School staff currently aren't paid for their holidays, so the salaries of all teachers, support staff, office staff, lunch time supervisors etc etc will increase proportionally. Plus you'd have extra bills for supply teachers and cover staff.

Buxbaum Mon 28-May-18 11:26:03

Yes, there are significant financial implications.

Staff on term-time contracts would have to be paid year-round. Schools can currently secure a modest income stream from letting their premises and facilities to holiday clubs etc; that would be lost.

Meanwhile, some schools are shortening their teaching weeks in order to save costs. Where exactly should they get the funds to pay for an extras twelve weeks’ worth of resources, heating, electricity etc?

Helloflamingogo Mon 28-May-18 11:26:56

How could you possibly teach a curriculum on that basis?

MaisyPops Mon 28-May-18 11:27:15

We are paid term time only so I look forward to having a few months extra salary added on to my current pay...

In all seriousness, students are shattered by the end of terms. Life is about more than school and formal education. Education is more than what you learn in school.

Most of the claims to reduce school holidays seem to come from the view that school is there to provide convenient childcare. It isn't.

I do agree with PP about the summer. I like the 6 weeks but wouldn't mind 4 weeks at summer and then a the spare 2 weeks being allocated elsewhere.

elQuintoConyo Mon 28-May-18 11:27:34


Are you high, OP?

DS is off from 22nd June until 12th September and we are really looking forward to it. I remember summer holidays as a whole stretch of lovely weeks of nothingness to fill with playing in the garden and running around with friends sigh>

TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Mon 28-May-18 11:28:24

As a teacher I’m assuming l would get a large pay rise to pay for those extra weeks?

Also l do all my planning in the holidays so l probably only have 4/5 weeks holidays .

I think it’s a shite idea😂

LolaLouise Mon 28-May-18 11:28:32

No, but i think there should be subsidised summer scheme style holiday clubs available as holiday care is shockingly expensive. I also think we should have more facilities for kids older than 12, not all 12 year olds are mature enough to be left alone all day but in my area atleast there is nothing available for kids past 12 at all. Structured school and learning though shouldnt be increased.

Munchyseeds Mon 28-May-18 11:28:46

Do you actually have children??!

MichonnesBBF Mon 28-May-18 11:29:09

UMMM! The running costs of the building
phone lines/broadband

Teachers and support staff wages will increase as they are already only paid 4 weeks holiday, their wage is stretched over 12 months

The reality that school staff will effectively be raising other people's children until the age of 16/18 (not acceptable)

Your proposal although sounds great to some on paper will cost hundreds of thousands a year extra from local councils and tax payers to implement.

The main reason being, they are children and have the right to a 'Childhood'.

AnathemaPulsifer Mon 28-May-18 11:29:12

My kids are more likely to be ill towards the end of a half term and even more likely towards the end of a full term. They're keen students, very academic but just burn out. Teachers similarly limp from holiday to holiday.

Apart from student and staff burnout, it's a ridiculous idea. How would you plug all the random knowledge gaps at secondary level where students missed work whilst away? Who would teach whilst teachers away for 4 weeks? And most jobs with similar education and responsibility levels give 5 weeks holiday anyway.

Clionba Mon 28-May-18 11:30:17

Imagine teachers only getting four weeks break in a year, and teaching for 48! I don't know when they'd even get time to wash their pants, never mind go on holiday 😂

Tink2007 Mon 28-May-18 11:30:20

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

noblegiraffe Mon 28-May-18 11:30:33

They'd just leave them at school for 52 weeks of the year.

Oh god that’s true. Some parents don’t seem to want to have to look after their kids at all.

It would be enormously expensive to open schools for an extra 13 weeks per year, in terms of staffing and running costs.

reachforthewine Mon 28-May-18 11:30:55

Are you the poster that wanted to forget about bank holidays?

Trinity66 Mon 28-May-18 11:31:17

YABU, we have even more summer holidays in Ireland for kids than you do in the UK as far as I know but I would never try and take that away from my kids. Summer holidays are some of the best times and memories of my life. They'll be adults and working for long enough!

rainingcatsanddog Mon 28-May-18 11:31:24

I would like the holidays to be rearranged so the summer is 4 weeks, Christmas 3 weeks and Easter 3 weeks rather than the current 6 weeks/2 weeks/2 weeks.

Your system would be unworkable as everybody would be off at different times and you'd be asking school staff to work holidays like Christmas and New Years (since everyone doesn't celebrate those)

LokiBear Mon 28-May-18 11:31:30

Kids and teechers taking time off whenever they liked? There would be huge gaps in the curriculum! It would be a disaster! It is bad enough when a ks4 or5 kid goes on holiday during term time and you have to catch them up, but a whole classful at random points through the year?! My head would explode! (Btw, Im not against taking yerm time holidays for the most part, every family deserves quality time together, but during year 11 it is a nightmare). If you count my degree and my NQT year, it took my 5 years to train to be a teacher. The highest point on a mainscale teachers salary is about 38k. Ill never earm a bonus or drive a company car. The holidays are the bonus attached to my job. If you took them away I wouldnt do it. The holidays balance out the tough term time pace. They are the perk that gives me time with my kids. That works both ways as my kids are off with me which I love. Yabu!

Sprinklesinmyelbow Mon 28-May-18 11:32:23

I find it really hard to understand why children are so utterly exhausted from school that they need holidays. It seems to be a very recent thing

rainingcatsanddog Mon 28-May-18 11:32:47

If children only had 4 weeks rather than 13 weeks holiday, don't you think that politicians will just make the curriculum harder?

user1499173618 Mon 28-May-18 11:33:02

No no no! School serves a useful purpose but there are so many educational opportunities it cannot provide. I need the school holidays to ensure the DC donthe stuff school doesn’t.

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Mon 28-May-18 11:33:18

Christ this is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard. The kids would be knackered and families would get hardly any family time.

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Mon 28-May-18 11:34:20

I would prefer more holidays in school for what it’s worth.

MagicFajita Mon 28-May-18 11:34:28

It wouldn't work. Schools run so smoothly (most of the time) because they dictate when staff can take their annual leave. If staff were allowed to book leave one day per week for 20 weeks or 2 days a week for 10 etc that'd cause a massive issues. There would be no consistency for the children , how on earth would children with send cope if their 1:1 was off on random days?

It's an awful suggestion op. Sorry.

Gottokondo Mon 28-May-18 11:35:16

I'd like a shorter summer holiday and more vacation time during divali, end of ramadan etc. I don't think it is fair anymore to have all the holidays based on one religion.

GalwayWayfarer Mon 28-May-18 11:36:19

I find it really hard to understand why children are so utterly exhausted from school that they need holidays. It seems to be a very recent thing

Does it? It's been 20+ years since I was in primary school and 12+ since I left for good but I still distinctly remember feeling like I was crawling by the end of term - totally worn out by it! And then the excitement and fresh start feeling of the new term when it came. I think it's normal for children to need a break from the constant learning / testing / sports / activities / social exposure / regulation etc

BlueSapp Mon 28-May-18 11:36:29

I actually don't see why it wouldn't work tbh

missyB1 Mon 28-May-18 11:36:38

Sprinkles I’m guessing you work full time 52 weeks a year and never feel even slightly tired? Please tell us the secret of your amazing energy supply?

SoupDragon Mon 28-May-18 11:38:20

Why are some people so desperate to see less of their children?

ZibbidooZibbidooZibbidoo Mon 28-May-18 11:38:44

I find it really hard to understand why children are so utterly exhausted from school that they need holidays. It seems to be a very recent thing

Perhaps it’s the constant fucking testing they are having to endure.

metalmum15 Mon 28-May-18 11:38:59

Yeah you're right, 5 year olds have more energy than me, why do they need all these breaks? How will they ever learn to be an adult if we keep treating them like children?

Tink that was my first thought 😆

FeckinCrunchiesInTheCar Mon 28-May-18 11:39:09

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

bringincrazyback Mon 28-May-18 11:40:00

The daily grind starts soon enough, and once it starts it never lets up. Let children be children.

YearOfYouRemember Mon 28-May-18 11:42:09

It's not a genius idea because it is ridiculous.

Think about the angst about kids missing a week and the teachers having to teach the catch up stuff and marry that with thirty kids potentially taking off four weeks all at different times.

MaisyPops Mon 28-May-18 11:42:33

And now everyone has given perfectly polite and reasonable replies, shall we see if the OP returns grin

Witchend Mon 28-May-18 11:42:36

I used to, almost without fail, be ill at the start of every holiday, so being tired by school is not a new thing.

Two years ago dc's school only had 10 days Christmas holiday. The school found the sickness rate the next term was really bad and looked into it and found there was a correlation over the years between a shorter Christmas holiday and increase in illness.
They've lengthened Te school day by a short time and added a week to Christmas and it is so much better.

DameSquashalot Mon 28-May-18 11:43:25

I thought this was going to be a joke, or one of those threads where the title doesn't mean what you think it does...

Jellycatspyjamas Mon 28-May-18 11:44:01

My two really get tired by the end of the week - never mind the end of term, there are reasons for them finding school and formal learning particularly difficult. They need half term breaks, summer etc to really recharge their batteries and consolidate their learning out of school.

Regular breaks throughout the year also encourages (forces) me to stop fur a while too and spend some time with my kids when Work isn’t on the agenda.

BlueSapp Mon 28-May-18 11:44:27

well i mean, if they are in child care anyway during the summer months how would it be any different to keeping in the routine of going to school.

The school time would be less tiring surely because there is less pressure to cram the curriculum into a shorter period of time. The kids would get plenty of time to play and experience life and you can take them during the summer months on your two weeks holiday whenever its ready. People would pay less for childcare too.

If you work full time you won't see less of your kids, I can't take the summer off because the kids are off.

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Mon 28-May-18 11:44:37

So what about exams OP, say parents decide to take that once in a life time cruise in may and june, what the schools should keep an exam paper back risk all the rest of year 11 telling the child the answers?

Or oh the criuse is march but iy means missing three weeks of the curriclum do you demand that the teacher reteaches the previous 3 weeks when your child is back, if you do what is stopping the pther 30 parents in the class doing the same? Do you realise how much time would be wasted reteaching stuff the children have missed because they could pick and choose holiday.

Yep its the run up to the exam season and the teacher chooses to go on holiday?

Thats apart from the added cost of utility bills, staff wages, childcare for teachers, ect ect

And the emotional and devolpmental impact that not having the holidas would have on the children.

Why isnt it a genuine idea you ask because its an illthought out one at best

yippeekiyay2 Mon 28-May-18 11:44:58

I’m wondering how the children would get taught anything of any substance/build on prior knowledge as everyone (staff and students) would be in and out at different times? Plus all the other reasons already mentioned. Children and young people are not merchandise/product; they don’t fit into a business model, no matter how much schools are forced to try and do this already. Although as someone who works in education it would be ace to have a cheaper holiday at slightly cooler times of year abroad grin. Tbh I’m assuming this a goady post rather than a real opinion...

YourDaughter Mon 28-May-18 11:47:55

Haha, I’m just thinking of trying to organise the Christmas week. There would be minimal children, three quarters of teachers would want that week off 😂.
Plus the fun of trying to teach them on Christmas Eve 😱

BonsaiBear Mon 28-May-18 11:48:13

Yea, let's squash them into shape from the age of four. After all, they will have to do 'work hours' till they're in their late 60's or beyond, so why not extend that to almost their entire childhood as well?

Great idea.

LighthouseSouth Mon 28-May-18 11:48:29

OP is this about childcare?
You want an extra set of teachers for holiday times?

Sprinkles, It's not recent that kids are shattered at the end of term, it's been the case for years and years and years.

RexManning Mon 28-May-18 11:48:54

There would inevitably be weeks in the year, typically around major religious festivals and public holidays, when you would either have too few children in to justify the cost of opening the school and / or too few teachers to guarantee pupil safety. Head teachers would therefore have to close the schools for these weeks.

Y’know, like the current system of ... school holidays.

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Mon 28-May-18 11:50:06

People would pay less for childcare too.

Well the teachers woukdnt woukd they? They'd some how have to cover the childcare of their non school age children. So actally their would be more people paying for childcare, so more demand for nursary places more presure on child minders, nursaries ajd minders wouldnt have places for the non teacher working parents because they would have the teachers kids.

Also heres a thing School is not child care

Jessikita Mon 28-May-18 11:51:02

I don’t think they should be open all year, but I think the way the holidays are arranged needs a bloody good shake up.

It’s ridiculous that most of the kids are off at the same time, meaning attractions etc are flooded with people at the same time, it’s difficult to book annual leave at work, arrange childcare etc.

I also feel that as they get older the school day isn’t quite long long enough. Instead of homework they should stay at school for maybe an hour longer.

LighthouseSouth Mon 28-May-18 11:51:22

Also there's quite a lot of repetition in learning, pointless for some kids but really, you want to add in more?

You haven't thought of this from a child or teacher viewpoint.

Also imagine the lurgy rate being in with 30 children for 48 weeks of the year....

formerbabe Mon 28-May-18 11:53:15

I don't agree with your idea but I do think the summer holidays are way too long. I also think having the bulk of the summer holiday in August is wrong. August rarely seems to be sunny or hot. Summer seems to have shifted to may/June time. Last year my children were at school in the hottest weather and when they were on their school holiday, the weather was rubbish so we could barely enjoy picnics in the park and beach trips like I'd imagined. I'd like a four week break round may/June time.

LoniceraJaponica Mon 28-May-18 11:53:30

"The kids would burn out, never mind the teachers."

This ^^ with bells on.

FuckPants Mon 28-May-18 11:54:19

What an utter shite idea.

Jaxhog Mon 28-May-18 11:54:39

YES. But we've have to fundamentally change how schools work.

It would make more sense to have schools run more like real life. Having short terms and long hols made sense in the past, when mums generally didn't work and kids often worked during the hols. But society has moved on.

BlueSapp Mon 28-May-18 11:54:54

Also heres a thing School is not child care why not, combine the two, I'm sure there would be cost savings!

LokiBear Mon 28-May-18 11:56:04

BlueSapp - do you work in a school?

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Mon 28-May-18 11:56:21

I find it really hard to understand why children are so utterly exhausted from school that they need holidays. It seems to be a very recent thing

Well how resent, im in my late 30s and definately remember getting "end of term itis" as my mum woukd call it ie i was grumpy fed up over stimlated exhausted and quite frankly needed to not be at school.

As did my friends my siblings and every other child

Moonkissedlegs Mon 28-May-18 11:57:50

Either the OP is a goady fucker or they have zero critical thinking skills.

Either way they look like a total twat.

WorraLiberty Mon 28-May-18 11:58:12

I find it really hard to understand why children are so utterly exhausted from school that they need holidays. It seems to be a very recent thing

School isn't a standard 6 hour day for a lot of kids anymore.

Factor in wrap around care and a lot of young kids are putting in a 10 hour day.

AlexanderHamilton Mon 28-May-18 11:59:08

God no. Dd is mid GCSEs and needs the break.

It would have a serious consequence on holiday clubs too. They wouldn’t be viable. Dd wouldn’t have been able to do some of her dance residentials & ds his youth theatre holiday workshops.

LoniceraJaponica Mon 28-May-18 11:59:12

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MaisyPops Mon 28-May-18 11:59:25

I'm guessing goady but people have given quite reasonable answers. We just need to wait and see if the OP comes back or if the thread goes poof.

minipie Mon 28-May-18 11:59:58

I would be in favour of shortening the summer break and distributing those weeks elsewhere in the year.


Sosogoodagain Mon 28-May-18 12:00:37

we have almost 9 weeks holiday during the summer here. its incredibly long imo.

id prefer more balanced approach with extra shorter weeks dotted throughout the year, that way the potential 'learning loss' might be minimised.

9 weeks is a long time to keep kids amused on a tight budget, working parent or not. Its also a long time to leave a 14 year old at home alone. Im not saying its the schools responsibility to childmind but i do think its something society could be looking at.

We're seeing a proliferation of summer schemes locally in the last 5 years, and they're a godsend.

PhilODox Mon 28-May-18 12:00:51


I find it really hard to understand why children are so utterly exhausted from school that they need holidays. It seems to be a very recent thing

I think it has become like this since they introduced some accountability for what happens in schools (i.e. national curriculum and performance tables)
When I was at school (and probably when you were at school) it didn't matter if we worked. No-one made us work for GCSE. If we failed (90% of my year left with fewer than 5 A-c) we all still got jobs, so it didn't matter.

Children are exhausted now because it's one assessment after another, from starting reception. Constantly checking they're progressing to national standards, cramming core subjects for sats, etc.

Which was the better system?

My childhood memories of school are all pleasant ones- school was a warm safe environment away from harm. There was no pressure on me, it was lovely.

AlexanderHamilton Mon 28-May-18 12:00:59

Factor in the increased pressure (far more homework) constant testing (SATS & booster classes) and its no wonder kids are exhausted.

QueenofLouisiana Mon 28-May-18 12:01:39

You’re right, it’s brilliant. The teacher of my parallel class and I would both like the first 2 weeks of May next year as our holiday. Year 6 parents will agree that it’s a fabulous idea.

Also, my pay is currently based on my holiday allowance, therefore I assume that I’ll be getting a hefty pay rise- about 20% if my half term brain is working right. Great idea.

AnnieAnoniMouser Mon 28-May-18 12:01:40


Mad as a box of 🐸🐸🐸🐸

CuteOrangeElephant Mon 28-May-18 12:02:41

I would love to have some discretionary days to take off. There's an important holiday in my home country happening during term time that I would love my daughter to experience.

Now I would have to either not go or eat the fine for the Friday/Monday it would require.

SalveGrumio Mon 28-May-18 12:02:46

You'd have to increase teacher's salaries. At the moment they are only paid for the 195 days of school plus 28 days statutory holiday. So most of the 13 weeks is unpaid.

Plus we are haemorrhaging teachers from the profession as it is and you want to make it less attractive?

Maelstrop Mon 28-May-18 12:03:52

Shit idea, OP. I worked 12-9 yesterday marking GCSE oral exams and will be doing the same for the next few days. When would exams be marked if I didn’t have the holiday?

BoneyBackJefferson Mon 28-May-18 12:05:05

As a teacher I would love it.

13 weeks extra money (currently only paid 1265 hours, no holiday pay)
Only work 9-5, turn up on the dot, leave on the dot.
A clearly defined work contract and definition, no more till the job gets done BS.
Wouldn't have to worry about pastoral stuff, I'm a teacher, I teach someone else can do the other bits.
Children that will be removed from my class(if not the school) when they attack teachers or swear at us. (its just like a normal work place)
Parents that I don't have to deal with because they start swearing on the phone, or getting physically aggressive .
No more extra curricular stuff, no trips out, no weekend activities.
Getting paid overtime.
Proper training that takes place when I am at work and not in the holidays.
Not having to catch up pupils that missed work due to holidays
having my holidays in the run up to the exams (cos I can)
Being able to drink when I like and go to the toilet in the middle of the lesson.
Not having to work with 'substandard materials', Its a business now surely the input stream will be fully QA'd and QC'd before it gets to me.
And having clearly defined breaks in which I don't have to do anything.

It will be interesting to see when the OP thinks that teachers should fit in the marking and the lesson planning.

LoniceraJaponica Mon 28-May-18 12:05:37

sosogood in UK state schools the summer holidays are only 6 weeks.

BlueSapp Mon 28-May-18 12:07:55

Sosogoodagain This is what my kids school does, they start the summer school in July and run to mid August and they all love it, its a shorter day and they go on outings too during the three weeks its on.
It is difficult when you have to go to work and they are crying wanting you to stay home because they really don't understand why you can't, for two months.

AlpacaLypse Mon 28-May-18 12:08:21

I absolutely agree that the holiday weeks need to be redistributed, but the total length of school times is about right - 39 weeks school, 13 weeks holiday. July and August in the UK seem to be consistently wet and miserable, May-June and September tend to be far nicer. Five two week breaks and one three week one would be much better.

BlueSapp Mon 28-May-18 12:09:01

LoniceraJaponica in NI which is UK also btw the holidays are just over Two months, that is a long time

kittymamma Mon 28-May-18 12:09:32

What BoneyBackJefferson said with the addition of:

When I take my 4 weeks holiday a year, I am not responsible for setting cover in this time. The classes are officially "not my problem".

This is so going to be a win for us teachers!

LokiBear Mon 28-May-18 12:09:46

I teacg my subject at GCSE level. 40% of the final grade comes from 'Non Examined Assessment' or, coursework, if you prefer. Pupils complete this over a term, in groups. Could you imagine if, out of a group of 4, 2 pupils wentbon holiday at seperate times? The rest of the group would suffer and they risk 40% of their final grade. As it is, the vast majority of parebts avoid booking hokidays during term time in year 10 and 11. Under this idea, theyd have no choice and neither would I!

SkaPunkPrincess Mon 28-May-18 12:09:51

theboud yes I do, two actually.

senioritabonita Mon 28-May-18 12:10:03

Why not move to a kibbutz and out source the child rearing all together?

FairyLightBlanket45 Mon 28-May-18 12:10:31

If this ever came to reality- those poor children I would cry for them!

So many children wouldnt even get time off! At my nursery we have plenty of children who are full time - 7am till 6pm all year round. They get exhausted! Imagine doing that when naps and general free play is out the question and they have to be "learning" the whole time - And sadly for lots of them mum and dad get a week of leave and still put the child in full time

(im not bashing full time nursery at all I know its a necessity for so many but this point makes me sad, let them have a break too)

Why cant kids be kids these days? Why is it seen by so many that kids have to be working more, that kids have to fall into an adult routine so early? Why do we expect them too?
At nursery, the toddlers and babies generally wake up from nap time at about 3 pm- we are then expected to have a jam packed afternoon of learning opportunities- theyve had it with concentration by then! School finishes when it does for the sake of the children- from working in schools too children have pretty much lost the plot by 3pm! They could never manage all year round.

Besides which we also have one of the shortest summer holiday breaks across the world- America get close to 3 months in some parts, most of Europe have broken up by late June/start of July and dont go back more than a week sooner than we do, one of my friends works in an international school in the UAE and they get 2 months- privates schools have 2 months! Its barely even 6 weeks now the summer holiday- let them have it!

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