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I’m at a festival in wales...

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CantankerousCamel Mon 28-May-18 01:23:01

The tent is so cold it feels wet, my air bed is half deflated, I keep waking he baby up wriggling about and I’m FREEZING cold, so I’ve come down to the car to charge my phone a bit and put the blowers on. It is BLISS.

AIBU to either stay here for the rest of the night or very naughty drive up to the campsite and sleep in the car next to my tent?

VanGoghsDog Mon 28-May-18 01:24:33

Assuming baby isn't alone, stay there. No idea re driving car up, depends what the access is and the rules are. You'd probably wake everyone up.

frasier Mon 28-May-18 01:26:33

Sleep in the car with baby! Drive to the tent. Double date!

frasier Mon 28-May-18 01:26:51

Whoops meant double dare

steff13 Mon 28-May-18 01:29:25

Go back and get the baby and drive to a hotel.

CantankerousCamel Mon 28-May-18 01:31:43

Baby is fast asleep. With husband and two children. No way am I driving to a hotel at 1.30am!

I would like to be a bit closer to her but she’s fine and will probably sleep a ton better without me waking her up. Although if she does wake in the night it will probably piss my husband off no end

SensoryOverlord Mon 28-May-18 01:47:36

Big Weekend op?

CantankerousCamel Mon 28-May-18 02:02:53

No unfortunately not. It’s the big retreat which is a small hippy, yoga thing

CantankerousCamel Mon 28-May-18 04:15:55

He’s just come knocking on the window with baby in sling

Now feeding baby and will settle her in car with me (and blow heaters)

H thought I’d gone to someone else’s tent so was quite relived I was in the car and had some sleep as driving back later

steff13 Mon 28-May-18 04:21:35

Whose tent did he think you had gone to?

CantankerousCamel Mon 28-May-18 04:32:19

We met a gaggle of scouse fairy tellers last night and completely feel in love with all of them. If I was tent-hopping, it would have been there...

flowerslemonade Mon 28-May-18 05:00:02

Sounds like fun to be honest, I wish the weather was better for you.

Buggeritimgettingup Mon 28-May-18 05:20:21

If your staying another night you need to put something under your airbed tonstop tje cols rising up from the ground. Poundland space blankets are OK or better withtill them and a mat/rug/ or blanket. Also if you blow your airbed up wjen it's warm the air will contract wine it cools so blow it up pre bedtime but not in daytimee heat.

CantankerousCamel Mon 28-May-18 06:49:47

We are off today thankfully but thanks for the info. Hated all the cold sad

CantankerousCamel Mon 28-May-18 06:56:34

Oh, the festival was fabulous though :-)

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