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Meeting the father of the bride(Meghan)

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Gouldengirl9 Thu 17-May-18 23:20:24

I like Prince Harry but I find it strange that he hasn't made the effort to fly out to meet his future FIL, to me that's bad manners. I understand that protocol between UK and Mexico would need to be overcome as this wouldn't be a state visit etc. He has met his future MIL and that wasn't a problem.
Or is Meghan not as close to her father as the press seems to think they are. I feel so sorry for her with the family she has (not including her mum) 2 faced people, one minute they love her then dislike and back to her being flavour of the month with them.
At least her Mum has been dignified.

ConfessionsOfTeenageDramaQueen Thu 17-May-18 23:32:27

It is very weird. The dad lives on the Mexico-California border and regularly drives into the US so they could easily have met somewhere in San Diego, LA or any other coastal town up the border.

It wouldn't have needed to have been a state visit either - Harry was regularly flying into Toronto on the quiet when Meghan was still living there.

Queenoftheblitz Thu 17-May-18 23:34:24

Yes I think there's more to this than meets the eye. I suspect her dad has some kind of social anxiety and is a recluse. I think Harry probably offered to fly over to meet him but dad put him off.

Rainbowqueeen Thu 17-May-18 23:39:45

I agree with Queen.

I have a friend who is struggling with anxiety at the moment. She simply cant bear to meet new people. A mutual friend has a new boyfriend and she hasn't met him yet as she just can't cope.

And given for Harry to meet him, there would need to be a least 1 protection officer hanging around I think he is not up to it.

I'm sure all the speculation isn't helping

helacells Thu 17-May-18 23:40:41

I think it's a combination of his reclusive nature and that Meghan has not been close to him for a long time, if she's been dating Harry for the last two years, it's obvious that she hasn't seen him in that time. But to the RF and the public admitting to that doesn't look good so they decided to go down this disastrous path instead. What do you want to bet she doesn't bother to visit him in Mexico after the wedding or ever?

Queenoftheblitz Thu 17-May-18 23:44:31

She's gonna have to go see him now he's had the heart op. Her public profile depends on it. You can imagine the headlines if she doesnt go.

ArsenalsPlayingAtHome Thu 17-May-18 23:53:08

Am I the only one thinking that this is all a PR stunt, then?

My theory is that this was all arranged months and months ago. The RF never thought that her dad was appropriate for the job of walking her down the aisle, but they made up a story that he was going to. It was agreed in advance, by all parties, that the week before the wedding said father of the bride would "suffer a heart attack" and would not even be able to attend the wedding, never mind walk her down the aisle.

That way everyone saves face! I expect payment changed hands.

Queenoftheblitz Fri 18-May-18 00:00:13

No arsenals I don't think the royals would scheme that one up.
They could simply have said ages ago he was in poor health and wasn't going.

GrimDamnFanjo Fri 18-May-18 00:01:09

The royal family have a long history of having little to do with Inlaws.

Ohmydayslove Fri 18-May-18 00:04:57

Na Arsenals if they had planned it things would have gone better as in he’s ill he can’t come and no paparazzi photos. This wasn’t in the script.

As for Harry meeting him that’s surely up to Meghan isn’t it. If she wanted him to I expect he would have.

I joe as an adult woman she would walk herself down the bloody aisle. Why should a woman need to be given away by any bloke.

KirstenRaymonde Fri 18-May-18 00:06:46

I think there’s a lot of people making judgments on this who’ve only ever experienced good relationships with their fathers and have no idea what it’s like navigating things like a wedding when you don’t have that. I’m sure if Meghan wanted Harry to meet her dad he would have done so.

Yorkshirebetty Fri 18-May-18 07:47:18

KirstenRaymonde I was thinking the same. Not everyone has loving and supportive family /parents. My dad was very difficult and only met my husband 4 years into our marriage. Harry said that his family was the family she never had. Not everyone has a dad that can/will walk them down the aisle.

caperberries Fri 18-May-18 07:50:10

Much is made of Meghan's (non) relationships with her father and fraternal step siblings, but the fact that none of her maternal relatives have been invited to the wedding is far more telling IMHO.

She is clearly ashamed of her background.

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