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To stay off work as baby got chicken pox

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wasthataburp Fri 06-Apr-18 20:43:17

AIBU to stay off work with my baby who has chickenpox even though my mum would usually be looking after her?

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StealthPolarBear Fri 06-Apr-18 20:44:37

Yes a bit I think. Is she particularly unwell.
In what way are you staying off work? I am lucky enough to be able to take annual leave at very short notice.

Ubercornsdiscoball Fri 06-Apr-18 20:44:41

If there is someone to care for her then yes YABU really.

Invisimamma Fri 06-Apr-18 20:48:29

Yabu if your mum is happy to look after her. My workplace is very flexible and accommodating to childcare issues but would raise eyebrows at this.

SharronNeedles Fri 06-Apr-18 20:49:02

Even though you want to be there, it is a bit unreasonable and putting stress on your work places uneccessary.

wasthataburp Fri 06-Apr-18 20:49:10

To be fair I should have said working from home actually. Would my work think i was taking the piss? Baby is 8 months

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Nicknacky Fri 06-Apr-18 20:49:38

Is she ill with it or just spotty?

TittyGolightly Fri 06-Apr-18 20:49:46

You can’t work from home properly whilst caring for a poorly baby.

parrotonmyshoulder Fri 06-Apr-18 20:50:03

I’d have a day or so with her if really poorly, but not if she wasn’t bothered by it.

Tailfeather Fri 06-Apr-18 20:50:23

Depends if you'd still expect to be paid abc if you'd be letting people down or adding to their workload. If your answer is yes to any of those, then yes, YABU.

Nicknacky Fri 06-Apr-18 20:50:30

So stay off work or work from home? Big difference?

And does your workplace allow you to work from home whilst looking after a child?

Yarboosucks Fri 06-Apr-18 20:53:46

It is Friday now, if you can WFH I assume you have a Monday to Friday job. By Monday baby could be much better. Baby had CP before the spots came out so the reason to WFH is getting weaker by the day.

That said, WFH seems reasonable to me.

kaytee87 Fri 06-Apr-18 20:59:47

Ask to work from home and have your mum there to do the actual nappy changes, food, milk etc. You could just do the nice cuddles and get on with your work?

halfwitpicker Fri 06-Apr-18 21:00:27

Sounds reasonable. Stay home.

Squashpocket Fri 06-Apr-18 21:04:29

Depends on how I'll your dd is really. If just a bit itchy and spotty then you should probably go in I think. But if she's very unwell I would stay home. My ds had absolutely shocking chickenpox and I couldn't and didn't leave him. Somethings are more important than work imo.

Budsbeginingspringinsite Fri 06-Apr-18 21:08:35

My 9 month old had it, was fine day one or two by day three all of a sudden she went floppy, temp absolute soared.. Had secondary infection it was terrifying. So you can't really judge how she coped until its over.

LIZS Fri 06-Apr-18 21:11:32

You can't be productively working from home and look after a baby, especially if unwell. Could your dm not come to your house?

Tistheseason17 Fri 06-Apr-18 21:17:26

Take holiday or unpaid parental leave from work.
Easy if you want to.

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