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To ask those who don't have children and aren't trying, what made you come here?

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Emlou07 Sun 17-Dec-17 07:17:49

After reading another thread where there are some ladies who said they don't have children, don't want them and haven't tried..

What made you come to a parenting website?

I understand those who have tried or can't have children etc. - NOT a hate thread, genuinely wondering x

Silverthorn Sun 17-Dec-17 07:18:46

Why does it matter to you?

OccasionalNachos Sun 17-Dec-17 07:22:41

I was googling how to clean a washing machine with soda crystals, found a thread in search results, clicked around a bit... that was in 2011.

Emlou07 Sun 17-Dec-17 07:24:37


It doesn't. I was curious. Don't worry, I won't lose any sleep over it!

speakout Sun 17-Dec-17 07:25:52



CharleneMonaco Sun 17-Dec-17 07:26:10

They might have come here via a google search for something then got hooked! Google regularly has a link to MN for all manner of non child-related topics.

I do have a DD but am not interested in the parenting topics. I do love the EU thread and the Archers one. Lots of discussion on the relationship board might be of interest to people with or without kids.

MN is a broad church.

SpartonDregs Sun 17-Dec-17 07:27:13

Isn't it funny how 'genuinely wondering' is the least genuine phrase there is.

Redglitter Sun 17-Dec-17 07:27:17

I was googling something and ended up here. Then realised that a huge part of the site was about non parenting issues.

HerSymphonyAndSong Sun 17-Dec-17 07:29:44

I am now pregnant with my first but have been on here for over ten years and was not TTC for most of that time. These threads come up fairly frequently, it’s a common question

I was googling things to do with H’s godson who was coming to stay with us, MN thread came up, I ended up reading more of active conversations. I like the women-dominated aspect

There is a good deal of chat on here that is unrelated to becoming a parent or parenting. I think with apps etc these days a lot of people new to the site come via the MN pregnancy app (or whatever) and never look at the rest of the topics

silentsigh Sun 17-Dec-17 07:44:46

I found some mumsnet threads when I was looking for something on google search. I realised the forum was a lot more than just for parenting topics, got hooked on reading AIBU! Also I'm disabled and I was happy to see a lot of support for invisible illness/disability here.

camelfinger Sun 17-Dec-17 07:47:36

I have children now, but came on here before for the same reason above - was Googling something and mumsnet came up.

Fortheloveofscience Sun 17-Dec-17 07:50:19

I came for the classics, and stay for the feminism smile. It’s really unusual to find such an uncensored online space where the dominant voices are female.

NickMyLipple Sun 17-Dec-17 07:50:26

I am now pregnant but I first came here when I was a nanny and I used the nanny and aupair section. Then I found my way to chat and AIBU and became chronically addicted and was physically unable to tear myself away... 😂

EmpressOfTheSpartacusOceans Sun 17-Dec-17 07:54:16

I'm not remotely interested in having kids but Mumsnet is one of the best feminist sites there is right now.

That and the running threads.

CoalTit Sun 17-Dec-17 07:57:54

I'd seen mumsnet mentioned a fair bit in other comments sections, forums, etc. Then I read an AIBU quoted somewhere and looked it up. Now I'm a hopeless AIBU junkie. I don't look at the rest of the site.

Ecclesiastes Sun 17-Dec-17 08:05:58

I came on a Popbitch invasion and stayed. MN is where the cool women hang out. Nothing to do with whether they have kids or not. Who cares?

TheEagle Sun 17-Dec-17 08:07:50

I joined a few years before I had children because I was working as a nanny and needed some advice on that section of the site.

TheEagle Sun 17-Dec-17 08:09:20

Also the Mum I worked for at the time was a big advocate of Gina Ford. When I Googled GF to find out more about her I was directed to all the Mumsnet brouhaha about her and it looked like a good place to hang out!

YesThisIsMe Sun 17-Dec-17 08:10:58

A childfree mate of mine just comes here to talk about guinea pigs.

Poshindevon Sun 17-Dec-17 08:11:00

There is loads of useful information on Mumsnet quite apart from parenting and pregnancy.
Interesting views and comments made by real women. Love it or hate it MN is never dull

EmmaGrundyForPM Sun 17-Dec-17 08:11:52

I do have grown up children so am not on here for parenting tips - although a couple of the threads about universities wee useful lat year.

I had heard of MN but never been on it until 4 years ago.when we were having our kitchen refitted and did a Google search for "prison and cons of granite worktops" . A thread about "kitchens - lessons learned" popped up from MN and that was brilliantly useful.

Since then I check the news, politics, feminism etc boards but very rarely any of the parenting ones. I also get hopelessly involved with AIBU threads and waste hours reading them.

I love the Archers thread but as I only get to listen to the omnibus edition on Sundays then I daren't go on during the week for fear of spoilers.

MN has loads of good boards that are useful and have nothing to do with parenting. I also find that it's full of interesting and witty women, whether they are parents or not.

BulletFox Sun 17-Dec-17 08:13:45

I was considering trying as an ex asked me to. So I joined whilst I thought about it.

Then I decided it was a bonkers idea

whirlygirly Sun 17-Dec-17 08:14:56

I do have kids but rarely talk about them on here, to be fair.

bluebells1 Sun 17-Dec-17 08:19:09

None of your business. grin

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Dec-17 08:21:54

What a weird question. Have you looked at all the topics on MN OP? Loads of them don't involve having children/babies.

And YY to 'ladies'. Yuk.

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