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To buy all my clothes from the same shop?

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baileysyumm Tue 22-Aug-17 20:10:51

I love love love this shop and buy all my work wear and everyday clothes from there. I literally don't buy clothes from anywhere else. Is that odd? Do you think that makes my style really boring and predictable?

Smilingthru Tue 22-Aug-17 20:12:00

I'm exactly the same! Fits well, suit body shape, last a long time, not overly priced (IMO). Love it! X

Avesy Tue 22-Aug-17 20:12:48

Please tell us the name of the shop.

Lucked Tue 22-Aug-17 20:13:26

What is this shop?

buddhasbelly Tue 22-Aug-17 20:13:35

Yes, which shop?

Heartofglass12345 Tue 22-Aug-17 20:13:47

Sometimes i look like a walking advert for new look lol if you like it go for it 😊

2014newme Tue 22-Aug-17 20:14:10

I'm the same with John lewis

pastapasta Tue 22-Aug-17 20:14:45

As long as it's not Next or M&S, YANBU.

LadyWithLapdog Tue 22-Aug-17 20:15:32

Is it Boden? grin though they don't do much workwear.

buddhasbelly Tue 22-Aug-17 20:16:00

I'm going to say it's zara or h&m...we could place bets

Lokisglowstickofdestiny Tue 22-Aug-17 20:17:28

Since my work went to casual wear every day I've been getting the vast majority of my stuff in fat face. I don't care if it's not seen as fashionable, it's reasonably well made, they have frequent sales and the clothes fit me!

PutTheBunnyBackInTheBox Tue 22-Aug-17 20:18:08

Sometimes i look like a walking advert for new look lol if you like it go for it

Last Christmas I was at my aunt's house and she was talking about new look. I was slagging them off, saying their clothes are badly made and only for 'young ones'. I got home, opened her card, and there was a £20 new look voucher blush

Crumbelina Tue 22-Aug-17 20:18:46

Is it Cos? I seem to buy all my clothes from Other Stories. Not intentionally, I just can't seem to find anything else I like.

I buy everything else from John Lewis because it's a ten minute walk from my house and it's just so easy.

Brickswithstones Tue 22-Aug-17 20:19:14

Another one saying it's Zara .
I'm like a walking billboard for Zara

buddhasbelly Tue 22-Aug-17 20:19:28

Ha ha ha putthebunny! Thanks I needed that!

Crumbelina Tue 22-Aug-17 20:20:36

Oh yes! I'm changing my mind from Cos to Zara.

LemonyFresh Tue 22-Aug-17 20:20:38

I'd love if OP said it was Gucci or Chanel and it was the biggest stealth boast ever

PutTheBunnyBackInTheBox Tue 22-Aug-17 20:21:12

buddhasbelly luckily she saw the funny side! I did have to do some back peddling though blush

Bonesy1 Tue 22-Aug-17 20:21:23

COS for me

Crunchymum Tue 22-Aug-17 20:21:25

Def Zara grin

I'm too far for their stuff at the moment (well I'm too far for most stuff!) but DD is often dressed head to toe in it.

PutTheBunnyBackInTheBox Tue 22-Aug-17 20:21:49

Maybe it's Ann Summers shock

Migraleve Tue 22-Aug-17 20:24:10

Probably primark

haba Tue 22-Aug-17 20:25:43

I only really buy workwear from gap. It suits me, it's bland and inoffensive, only have to go to one shop (I have two DC with AS). Job done.

baileysyumm Tue 22-Aug-17 20:26:01

No ones guessed it yet...

I literally stalk the 'New in' section and although I don't love it all, I am tempted to buy lots! Work is smart/casual so not too formal.

LadyWithLapdog Tue 22-Aug-17 20:27:32

I remember when New Look was just a rather dodgy looking shop on Oxford Street. Now it's aspirational for my 12 year old.

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