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To wonder what's the bloody point of B&Q club cards?

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Thistledew Thu 21-Jul-16 15:12:25

We have just finished a massive remodelling project on our house and have needed to (and still are) spending £££ on DIY products. We tend to go to B&Q as it is the nearest store to us.

I was quite happy this year when they were doing a big promotion in store of their Club cards, and promising all sorts of vouchers and money-off schemes for members, so knowing we would be spending a lot there, thought it would be worth signing up.

We got a £5 off voucher immediately for signing up, and then a few weeks later an email with a 10% off offer if you spent a certain amount on line. I happily used both vouchers.

This was in February.

Since then, I have spent probably in the region of £1,000 on various things. I have received no other vouchers or money-off offers. I phoned customer services the other day to check that my card was properly registered, and it was confirmed that it is. When I asked why I hadn't received any offers, I was told that they are sent out on an "as and when" basis and that was just the way it worked. Contrary to what the promotional leaflets in store still say, they don't actually work on a loyalty basis, and their promise of regular offers carries no guarantee of frequency.

AIBU to wonder what's the bloody point of them, and to ask if other people who have one have received any offers in the last 6 months?

Welshmaenad Thu 21-Jul-16 15:13:26

I got a £5 off £50 spend when I picked up a few bits in b&q today. Like you took the card when I bought s new house a few months ago.

Welshmaenad Thu 21-Jul-16 15:14:18

Incidentally it may be worth checking if your local b&q is closing - lots of small ones are. Ebbw Vale is currently on a closedown with 25-40% off stock.

Floralnomad Thu 21-Jul-16 15:20:19

I've had quite a few of the 10% off if you spend so much offers , I get them at least monthly .

Thistledew Thu 21-Jul-16 15:22:42

Welsh - I did wonder if they were having financial difficulties from the tone and manner of the woman in customer services- she just seemed like she couldn't care less that I was not impressed with the lack of offers and didn't think it was at all unusual.

wowfudge Thu 21-Jul-16 15:23:19

No loyalty card scheme is truly for the members - it's all about tracking what you buy and when and trying to tailor things to induce you to spend more money with them.

Thistledew Thu 21-Jul-16 15:24:48

Flora - they are obviously sending them out then in some targeted way. Maybe I am spending too much too regularly, so they are not bothered about encouraging me to spend more. They shouldn't tout it as a loyalty scheme in that case.

My nearest store is one of their large ones, so I think it is in little danger of closing down.

Welshmaenad Thu 21-Jul-16 15:26:55

I don't think they're in difficulty as such, they're restructuring the business to concentrate on larger super centre type stores, but I suspect driving offers in the club card may be taking a back seat until the closedowns are completed, at which point they will probably try to tempt customers to the bigger stores with offers.

(Sorry, I'm not a DIY geek but my OH works for the merchandising company running the closedowns so I know more than us healthy about B&Q to be honest! If you pm me your location he can probably find out if any stores local to you are scheduled to close so you can snap up bargains!)

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