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To ask what is THE POINT of the M&S SPARKS card?

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Northernlurker Thu 02-Jun-16 20:56:13

Because I can see no point at all. I got 20% off food when it started but since then all the offers have been unmitigated nonsense.
I get the emails telling me to activate my offers and I log on to find it's offering me 20% off jeans (in what is supposed to be summer), 20% off blouses (I don't wear them on account of norks, have never bought a M&S bluse), 20% off adored bras whatever they are - see above for norks for why I don't buy M&S because they stop at a flipping G cup and 20% off glasses. I don't want any glasses and if I did I wouldn't buy M&S.

I have 30,000 points. WHAT ARE THEY FOR? I do occasionally get £5 off food vouchers which are very handy, especially if you use them on the self service tills because it doesn't insist you give them up and thus you can use them more than once if you're canny. But is that it?

littleducks Thu 02-Jun-16 21:00:49

It's to shut up the self service till when it repeatedly barks "have you swiped your sparks card"

Northernlurker Thu 02-Jun-16 21:04:08

It always sounds so helpful when it does that - like there's a point to it. I see no point!

Foofoobum Thu 02-Jun-16 21:05:29

It's to inundate you with spam emails you cannot unsubscribe from without giving up the points card completely

idontlikealdi Thu 02-Jun-16 21:08:09

It is shit. And it alienated a whole load of people I would imagine like my mother in law who is for some reason very loyal to M&S but doesn't have a computer or email so will bolognese on to see and select her offers.

I've binned mine.

idontlikealdi Thu 02-Jun-16 21:08:48

For gods sake bolognese = not log on

maggiethemagpie Thu 02-Jun-16 21:09:58

I find the plastic edges of the card very useful for taking hair removal cream off my skin when I can't find the spatula.

GiveMyHeadPeaceffs Thu 02-Jun-16 21:11:04

Oh great, I signed up today for one confused

SerenityReynolds Thu 02-Jun-16 21:14:55

The offers are rubbish. Mine are mostly food related or some cosmetics bollocks that they're obviously trying to get rid of. Very occasionally there's a 20% off all clothing/homeward but only about 3 times a year. Waste of time sad

FadedRed Thu 02-Jun-16 21:16:23

* What use is a Sparks card?*
Scraping ice from the car windscreen.
Scraping dog shite from shoes.
Scraping bird shite from windows.
Any other (shite-related) scraping you might need to do.
There's sod-all else it's any good for.

Noodledoodledoo Thu 02-Jun-16 21:39:30

I have offers for Beach towels, shampoo, beach cover ups, autograph dresses and autograph underwear. None of which I have ever bought!

I seem to have moved on from just food offers!

Northernlurker Thu 02-Jun-16 21:42:46

The food offers were shite too

Trills Thu 02-Jun-16 21:48:16

It's so they can email you and make you think about M&S more often.

Paperm0ver Thu 02-Jun-16 21:49:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Brummiegirl15 Thu 02-Jun-16 21:51:14

For marketing spam. That is it.

With John Lewis I get free coffee and cake, therefore I'm happy to use it!

megletthesecond Thu 02-Jun-16 21:52:38

Data harvesting from the sound of it.

sarahbanshee Thu 02-Jun-16 21:53:58

I used mine the other day to spread pate on a picnic when we didn't have a knife. Other than that search me...

TheSpottedZebra Thu 02-Jun-16 21:54:43

I got offered 10% of bathmats.


TheSpottedZebra Thu 02-Jun-16 21:54:58

That did say off, honest.

Northernlurker Thu 02-Jun-16 21:57:36

Well I do think of them but in an angry 'what is the point' way.

teagirl27 Thu 02-Jun-16 21:58:16

Sparks card has also replaced the coffee shop loyalty cards. I had 9 stamps on mine and was told it had been replaced brew

BeatricePotter Thu 02-Jun-16 22:03:00

Never use mine. Total rubbish.

DubiousCredentials Thu 02-Jun-16 22:06:44

I had a free hot drink with mine a few weeks ago. Went to use it and it had expired hmm

devilinme Thu 02-Jun-16 22:14:23

I asked the nice young chap at the till what exactly was it for whilst paying for the groceries ( after getting it swiped for a couple of months ) , he told me I have to log on and then there will be some offers on something or whatever. I asked what's the point and he replied ' I know ' in a really despondent tone

Thymeout Thu 02-Jun-16 22:14:53

Well, somehow I managed to get £15 off a £29 food bill. Don't ask me how, but I think there were 2 days when it was 10% off all food and I had 20% off sausages and cream and I did a 3 for £7 deli deal. Then when I got to the till, I was offered a free £7 bottle of wine or various picnic items, which came as a complete surprise.

I think the planets may have been in some v rare alignment, because it's the only time it's been of any use whatsoever.

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