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Amazon Bullshit Logistics

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MESSING2 Fri 04-Dec-15 13:56:30

Out in the sticks, so rely on online shopping quite heavily, particularly this time of year.

Message received this morning that a parcel had been delivered, on clicking through to track it, it said 'handed to resident'. Said parcel had certainly not been handed to me (was in all morning), nor left outside, and neighbours didn't have it either.

Started an online chat with Amazon Customer Service, to be told to wait until end of day tomorrow and then contact them if still no joy. They weren't able to answer the simple question of why a parcel is marked as delivered when it isn't, except to say that delivery drivers sometimes update statuses in error.

Now, as a one-off incident this would be acceptable - humans are not infallible. However, I have lost track of how many times it's happened recently. Always the same thing- message received saying item delivered, handed to resident. About half the time the item shows up in the next 2 days (thrown in next door's garden last ti )) , but often it doesn't. Amazon have had to resend several items (inc. some fairly high-value stuff).

So.. AIBU to expect the multi-billion corporation Amazon to pull its finger out of its arse and overhaul its delivery service, in order to avoid losing customers/£££ through having to resend items?
Paying more than 2p a delivery (or whatever it is) to the poor sods who work for Logistics would be a start. Perhaps they should divert the £££ they spend on tax lawyers to their delivery arm.

<and breathe>

TranquilityofSolitude Fri 04-Dec-15 14:06:56

You have my sympathy. I recently had the same problem - "handed to resident" when we had not received anything. I contacted Customer Services and they sent another item which duly arrived.

Ten days later the postman (actual postman, Royal Mail employee) knocked on the door to say he'd been walking past an empty house nearby when he'd noticed a soggy parcel on the doorstep. Yes, it was the books we'd ordered, wet through and clearly handed to an imaginary "resident" in an empty house. If only Amazon still used Royal Mail...

Higge Fri 04-Dec-15 14:08:40

I have had this for the first time - tracking says they've posted it through my letterbox but they haven't and are too busy to speak because of Black Friday

ginnybag Fri 04-Dec-15 14:09:21

If you use Amazon for a lot of deliveries, get a Prime subscription.

It sounds daft - giving them more money - but it works for me. 95% of my deliveries are bob-on. Those that aren't get jumped on fairly quickly, because that recurring Prime subscription is worth a lot to Amazon.

And, now, you can chose to offset the 'Next Day free' delivery into a standard delivery and get a £3 credit against ebooks/music etc as well.

I'm up to about £20 so far, just from deliveries of stuff I was going to buy anyway! :-)

wasonthelist Fri 04-Dec-15 14:12:50

Yanbu to be annoyed with Amazon.
Yabu if you think they care though - sadly as long as enough people are still buying they have no incentive to change. The recent stuff on Watchdog should tell you all you need to know about Amazon's attitude to customers, and there's quite a bit online about their treatment of employees, too.

MackerelOfFact Fri 04-Dec-15 14:19:11

I've had to call them today to get them to redeliver something too. It was supposed to have been delivered to my home address, but the tracking details said "Handed to receptionist" (I don't have a receptionist...) and the name of the person it was apparently handed to was something like 'Pinw.' Checked with all the neighbours, checked with the only place nearby I could think of with a receptionist, checked everywhere you could feasibly leave a parcel. Nothing.

Fucking useless! How can it be more cost-effective to resend orders than actually take another 2 minutes to leave the parcel with the correct recipient? And who signs for these parcels and doesn't think 'oh hold on, this isn't my name or address, but I'll sign for it anyway and make no attempt to ensure it gets to the correct recipient.'

TheWitTank Fri 04-Dec-15 14:19:40

Amazon have been really, really shit recently with parcels. Their online order tracker page is never updated or is updated inaccurately, parcels are never on time, frequently squished or battered. Placed an order over a week ago, still showing as order received, not dispatched to even 'preparing to dispatch'. All items were in stock/are in stock. I think I'm going to cancel it and buy elsewhere.

onecurrantbun1 Fri 04-Dec-15 14:24:22

This has happened to me yesterday too! I didn't wait in as such but kind of hung around the house more than usual; marked as "handed to resident" around 8pm.

Hoping it can be sorted easily and quickly for us both

angemorange Fri 04-Dec-15 14:43:11

This is a timely thread - Yodel couriers claimed they had tried to deliver a package to me (from Amazon) on three occasions but no one was in - which was completely untrue.

Now it is languishing in the Yodel depot (too far away for me to collect) for 7 days before it will be returned to Amazon! You couldn't make it up.

(All parcels to be delivered by Royal Mail arrive fine by the way)

beckworth Fri 04-Dec-15 14:54:08

I've had this. 'Handed to resident' which turned out to actually be 'left in next door but one's recycling box'. I, and both direct neighbours, were home, so it was actually more effort to do that than deliver it.

Think they're under particular pressure at the moment. I have prime, and most of my recent orders have been late. Marked as out for delivery, and then not delivered. They then get delivered late in the evening the next day, which makes me wonder who the hell they are employing to deliver. Their tracking system seems to have a quirk of marking something as 'lost in transit' for a short period when it wasn't delivered on time, before they mark it as 'out for delivery' again the next day. Last time this happened I followed the instructions to contact Amazon and they duly refunded me and sent me another one. So I ended up with 2. I am not ashamed to say I kept it. If they can't get their shit together and deliver on time/ accurately track parcels without temporarily 'losing' them, then I don't see how it's my fault....

saraht84 Fri 04-Dec-15 15:27:29

Amazon pay their drivers peanuts so the service is really, really bad. Today they threw a cardboard box over my back gate while I was at work. It's been raining all day so I've got a soggy unusable book!
I wouldn't mind but the porch was open and I'd listed that as a delivery instruction.

They are using royal mail for a lot of items locally at the moment but mainly high value stuff that needs a scan on delivery.

Roomba Fri 04-Dec-15 15:33:36

I've had the same experience, which ended up with me having two expensive digital cameras as they had to resend the order which had supposedly been delivered. The somehow either the original arrived, either after the replacement or someone else had received it then chucked it in my recycling box. I endeavoured to send it back to them but they made such a mess of that I gave up. They know I have two but have never contacted me back to chase it during the last year...

RattieOfCatan Fri 04-Dec-15 15:54:10

So not BU. I have to get my stuff delivered to post offices or drop off points now. I had one at my work last week, house in the middle of the countryside down a lane. Tried to hand me a parcel. Looked at it and it was the wrong road let alone address.

The road was around the corner. He started trying to give it to me again and I explained that it wasn't the right house. He gestured to his phone saying "Oh, it sent me here!" (it wouldn't, even the postcode for the house doesn't take you to the house!), I thought it was odd and glanced at it, it still had a few minutes drive on it taking him to the correct road. So I said to follow the sat-nav, go to the end of the lane, turn left and to take the first left. He shook his head, got back in his car and then tried turning left through to the very obvious garages of the house I work in hmm I wouldn't be surprised if the poor sods didn't get their parcel, he clearly wasn't interested in delivering it to the correct address! And to get onto the lane, from either direction he came he would have had to pass massive signs saying "The House-Name", the other house was named too so it was bloody obvious that it wasn't for us!

MESSING2 Fri 04-Dec-15 18:42:26

I do actually have a Prime account, so perhaps it would be worse without <hollow laugh>. Here's hoping all our stuff turns up soon.

wasonthelist Fri 04-Dec-15 19:22:07

I am trying out something new and revolutionary for pressies this year - it's called "going to the shops" - it's this new thing where I go to these buildings full of stuff and you're allowed to "buy" things and take them home (I hope you'll take this in the lighthearted way it's intended - although I really am having a year off from online Christmas shopping this year).

YouTheCat Fri 04-Dec-15 19:34:48

This happened to me last week. I contacted them via email and the items were dispatched the next day. Annoying though.

And I'm on a main road in a city so it's not like they've travelled miles out of their way to deliver to me.

I really hope whoever has received my parcel is enjoying Enya's latest album and the Ladybird book of the Shed.

mamapants Fri 04-Dec-15 19:39:15

Strange. I order lots via Amazon and have never had any issues with delivery. They always come really quickly. Get updates via text and email.

RNBrie Fri 04-Dec-15 19:39:54

Spoke to them about shit deliveries yesterday, I pay for Prime so I sort of expect to get the service I pay for...they were pretty reasonable. Said they'd had more orders than they'd anticipated since black Friday and added an extra three months to my prime subscription for free. I admired the honesty...

MrsPnut Fri 04-Dec-15 19:40:33

Amazon logistics broke my cat flap trying to force through a parcel that wasn't for me. I made a huge fuss and they replaced it for me - the cat flap was worth more then the parcel that my neighbour had delivered.

EnaSharplesHairnet Fri 04-Dec-15 19:43:13

The last delivery guy told me off for not having a house number up and showed me sarcastically where it should go on the wall. All in all he was quite a nasty piece of work. But it seems I should be grateful he bothered to deliver at all!

Where do they dig them up from?

A QVC delivery came via a very normal pleasant courier. They do charge you for it though.

OvO Fri 04-Dec-15 19:44:33

Amazon delivered a parcel to my outbuilding yesterday.

The one I don't have.

It was actually left behind the gate, in the middle of the path, in torrential rain. hmm

My DH fell over it and was lucky not to properly hurt himself I only laughed a little.

Postie (not my usual one) did the drop card through door saying 'sorry you were out' and ran for it. This time DH was lurking nearby and caught him. He did actually have the parcel on him! Just didn't want to spend 1 minute knocking/waiting at the door.

I do feel bad for them as there's just not enough hours in the day for all the deliveries. But not sorry enough to not get pissed off.

AliBingo Fri 04-Dec-15 20:16:03

Yanbu. Same here, Prime customer and for the last month or so Amazon logistics have been completely fucking up our deliveries. They've delivered to wrong house in next village, parcels out for delivery two or three days running before they arrive, lost items, items inexplicably returned to Amazon, parcels out for delivery then in the evening the status changes to "delayed due to external factors" and on the rare occasions when a parcel arrives, it's always about 9pm and the drivers are usually in a foul mood. Amazon customer service have been unusually shit too. So annoying.

I'd brave actual shops but tricky as live out in thecsticks, plus three under-4s so shopping can be quite stressful.

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