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To not want her to come?

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HeyMaybeBaby Mon 17-Mar-14 22:18:32

I am married been with hubby over 20 years. He has a female friend he met in work about 7 years ago. We have had a few problems over the years he has always found her a good friend. The friendship has been purely platonic I think. We met up a couple times with her and her husband and we visited her when they had a baby but otherwise I didn't really know her.

Her and her husband split up last year and we started meeting up for coffees and nails and got friendlier though I wouldn't say she was a close friend. She got back with him but they split up again recently.
Last weekend oh was supposed to take me to cinema but then said he was meeting up with her as she was 'lonely'

This weekend we had arranged ages ago to meet up with some old friends of ours (a couple). My hubby invited her and she wants to come! I don't want her too - it's a couples night, she doesn't know our friends and I was looking forward to catching up with them and also want my husband to myself please! Do you think I am unreasonable if I say (nicely) that she can't come?

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 20-Mar-14 18:30:09

Last weekend oh was supposed to take me to cinema but then said he was meeting up with her as she was 'lonely'

From opening paragraph <pedants' corner> with OP's punctuation which I took to be a quote from DH. Who knows whether he made an assumption all by himself or an innocuous remark was made by the woman herself. She may have made a simple comment along the lines of, not having had much adult company recently. She may not be lonely (or God forbid, "needy" as some would say), in the least.

Martorana Fri 21-Mar-14 09:26:48

So, if your "hubby was going to take you to the cinema", (or, as we grown ups say- you were planning to go to the cinema with your husband) and a good male friend of his rang and said he was going through a crap time and would "hubby" meet him for a pint you would expect "hubby" to refuse because of the cinema trip? Or if a good woman friend rang you? If you were going to a comedy club with another couple and you invited a woman friend to join you, would you be OK about your "hubby" texting her to cancel without consulting you?

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