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To be bothered by DH's new "food militancy"??? He's turned vegan and gone a bit nuts really.

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MrsMushroom Sun 24-Feb-13 23:38:46

He's always been into healthy eating and working's part of his personality. Fine.

But...a friend of his (big into uncovering government plots and all that...lizard people you know)

Well this friend sent DH a copy of something called The China Study which is a big expose on our food chain etc.

All this happened BEFORE the horse meat thing.

DH is now vegan. He's constantly asking me to read the report...telling me things like "When meat protein mixes with milk protein that is what causes some cancers"

And the latest is that cheap peanut butter has mold in it...which causes cancer.

So we can only buy organic.

He won't eat any processed foods...we hardly have any anway! As a family we didn't eat a lot of roast chicken a week which we got 3 meals out of...and maybe a bit of bacon.

That was red meat really as we're on a small budget.

I'm frigging SICK of hearing it all!

he's now on Skype with his paranoid mate and they're discussing the evils of that fake meat...what's it know soy stuff.

I cooked a chicken yestersay which I ate with the DDs...he came in from work and asked me to cover the chicken up...I suspect because he was tempted.

AIBU to be bored and a bit annoyed?

grimbletart Tue 24-Sep-13 14:50:40

I know plenty of vegetarians but only ever knew one vegan. Sadly he died of cancer when he was in his 30s.

TheFuzz Tue 24-Sep-13 14:33:06

I would ask him to cater for himself as the diet sounds too extreme. You can't be preparing a meal for you and the kids, then having to come up with another meal within these tight restrictions. Oh and organic stuff doesn't come cheap.

You also need to go and give this 'mate' a slap for putting stupid ideas in your partner's head.

Blueandwhitelover Tue 24-Sep-13 14:25:17

i was thinking of this thread too the other day

Glenshee Tue 24-Sep-13 13:11:36

MrsMushroom - I'm wondering how things have been since February - could you give us curious minds a bit of an update? smile flowers

ConfusedPixie Fri 19-Apr-13 18:51:01

Sammy: That site hasn't got anything about guidance, it's a baking blog, and not a great one at that!

Lifetheuniverseandeverything Fri 19-Apr-13 17:33:29

YANBU to be worried about your husband's friendship and control issues with food.

If this thread was just invented to bash vegans and vegetarians YABU. The number one killer in the West is not B12 deficiency or protein deficiency. It's heart disease. It is not worth getting into a debate as addicts will always defend their drug of choice. Why do people still smoke even though common sense tells us it's not a good idea? Many say it's all a conspiracy and there is nothing wrong with a cigarette to calm the nerves. Plenty of folk started smoking at 8 or 9 and lived til they were 100 or didn't get emphysema like Richard Briars. Some control freaks get prissy and don't want their kids to smell smoke or be stuck in cars with smokers. Why don't they grow up and accept humans have smoked substances for many many years and they haven't even considered the devastation non smokers cause to the tobacco industry. Who would grow tobacco if we didn't smoke it?

Got to go, a badger has been run over outside and my paleo instincts are calling me, I'm sooo hungry and the kids need to limber up to catch the cat that keeps crapping in my garden if they want any tea. Free range!

I wish that calf in the truck crying for it's mother would just shut the hell up the sooner it's veal the better. Mmmmm milk and pus yummy.

Seriously, if you want some nice recipes that don't make you want to weep because they're so 'vegan' &health food shop go to the engine2 website with the lovely Rip Esselstyn, lots of scientific information & common sense advice, no Birkenstocks required.

HumphreyCobbler Fri 19-Apr-13 16:30:27

sorry, Claig

HumphreyCobbler Fri 19-Apr-13 16:30:07

Craig, your way of eating seems very sensible to me and reminds me of this book 'In Defense of Food'. The author says we should not eat anything that our great grandmother would not recognise as food. Look at the ingredients list. If there is something you cannot recognise, don't eat the food. It is a fascinating look at the 'science' of nutritionism that gave and gives us rather a lot of misinformation, like margarine being better for us than butter.

sammyscookies Fri 19-Apr-13 15:54:25

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

ppeatfruit Fri 01-Mar-13 11:26:49

Yes it's a blood group pessary It's not straightforward because you could be an A' type non secretor which means you can eat more meat. Most A's are good with fish but only a little white meat. It's good you have no health problems, I know a lot of ill A types IBS, arthritis, depression, Chrones' (sp)? disease etc. (check out the books and apps, FB etc. the name of its author is Dr. Peter D'Adamo) I don't do links sorry!

claig Fri 01-Mar-13 11:19:54

' I will not be medicated for problems I do not have.'

LadyPessary, spot on. They'll be giving it away free at supermarkets one day (but only for over 50s), but we'll still not take it.

LadyPessaryPam Fri 01-Mar-13 09:26:51

ppeatfruit, what's an A type? Is it blood group because I am A and I do really well on the low carb high animal protein diet.

LadyPessaryPam Fri 01-Mar-13 09:25:27

claig, I think the over 50s are destined to become soylent green at some point in the not too distant future grin

I too will not be taking their polypill or their statins. I eat green veg, meat, milk, eggs, cheese and butter. My BMI and blood readings are fine and my BP is 120/80. I will not be medicated for problems I do not have.

ppeatfruit Fri 01-Mar-13 09:11:33

claig Everyone is different and reacts differently to all foods. That is why SOME people e.g. Angelina Jolie are ill on vegan diets (esp. with if they include whole wheat see Wheat Belly by William Davis M.D.)

And others O types mainly do really well on a low carb high animal protein diet. I found my eczema,arthritis etc. disappearing when I began the Blood Type Diet I didn't realise that A types like me are bad with oranges and tomatoes.

WifeofPie Fri 01-Mar-13 04:34:56

Jains are not vegan. They eat (strictly controlled) dairy.

PurityBrown Fri 01-Mar-13 00:17:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

claig Thu 28-Feb-13 23:09:20

Have you ever wondered why they always offer these things for over 50s?
They love the over 50s and they also want to 'save the planet' and not 'burden the biosphere', or so the tell us year on year.

claig Thu 28-Feb-13 23:01:33

I'll have red meat, red wine, eggs, butter, bacon and all the stuff they say is bad for you. They can keep their polypill.

claig Thu 28-Feb-13 23:00:36

Polypill they called it. No thanks, I'll give that one a swerve.

claig Thu 28-Feb-13 22:45:06

Very good article in the Sun, thanks Lentil. If the Sun keeps writing informative articles like that, I may start buying it alongside my copy of the Daily Mail.

'You couldn’t have eaten more healthily than me.

Result? I was very sick. For 17 of those years I suffered from chronic IBS, my gut was bloated and felt like lead after every meal. I became clinically obese, had headaches every day, slept every afternoon, my libido diminished and my cholesterol was a massive 9.2mg/dl.

I did food diaries for my doctors.

Was this a really a healthy diet? “Yes, its great, keep it up,” they said.'

They never suggested that it was my diet making me sick. Not once.

Instead, they put me on statins, which made me weak and forgetful. But no more.'

They really think we are stupid. Remember their wonder pills that all over fifties should take along with all their jabs.

'And the one that go away

ANGELINA JOLIE: “I joke that a big juicy steak is my beauty secret. But seriously, I love red meat. I was a vegan for a long time and it nearly killed me. I found I was not getting enough nutrition.”

LentilAsAnything Thu 28-Feb-13 22:15:31

A response from the CEO of the Vegan Society re the John Nicholson book. Sorry for Sun link! smile

BeCool Wed 27-Feb-13 17:02:00

No Quorn isn't vegan - it contains eggs somewhere in the process

BeCool Wed 27-Feb-13 17:01:30

RE the insects, it's just a cultural thing. Commonly eaten in Asia - no doubt they will be farmed though.

I have read the reason millions of Indian vegans don't suffer from B12 deficiency is because of all the insects they are eating that are in the sacks of rice/lentils etc & subsequently cooked/eaten. smile

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Wed 27-Feb-13 17:00:06

Quorn isn't vegan...

claig Wed 27-Feb-13 16:58:24

Meat grown in vats from stem cells, insects more nutritious than meat, GM soy - all claimed to be good for you.

It's like something out of 'Brave New World', the scientists and technocrats love you and above all they are trying to "save the planet" just for little 'ol you.

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