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to have insisted that DH took the kids on the bus rather than accepted a lift without proper carseats?

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BreastmilkNewYearLatte Sun 20-Jan-13 18:17:14

It's an icy evening, and only the main roads around us are gritted. There has already been one car accident in our street today. DH took the kids (DS 18mo and DD 3.4) out on the bus for the afternoon and has just rung to tell me that one of his friends has offered the three of them a lift home. His friend has a car seat for DS but not DD. I said that I really wasn't comfortable with DD not having a car seat and have asked DH to take the bus. DH says the kids are cold and hungry and that the bus will take over an hour - but has grudgingly agreed to take the bus. I don't know whether he's genuinely intending to (TBH I wouldn't put it past him to get his friend to drive him to the bus stop) but either way he will return him very angry.. he's insisting IABU because he has been looking after the kids alone for a fortnight whilst I've been off work with anxiety.

I'm not starting to doubt myself - am I overreacting to this? AIBU to have insisted they take the bus?

13Iggis Fri 25-Jan-13 10:17:42

I heard recently that the number of children killed in road accidents (all sorts) had decreased dramatically since the 70s. I assumed this must be due to car seats/airbags/safer cars, as it certainly isn't down to the numbers of cars on the road.
Framey a cushion is likely to just going flying out from under the child in an accident, presumably then choking them on the belt. I have loose foam cushions in my vehicle (camper van) and was advised to make sure they are securely fixed to the seat before the carseat goes on top, to avoid this submarining effect.

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