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Barnard Marcus - don't ever use them! (well at least not in SW London)

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Mum2Pea Fri 14-Dec-12 12:09:48

Barnard Marcus are lying scumbags!

I recently let out a property through Barnard Marcus and it was a catalogue of errors and horrendous customer service.
I continually complained to the branch manager and he kept telling me he would sort it and he never did.

In the end, I asked for his manager?s contact details and sent her (the area manager) my complaint.
My complaint listed all the errors, the bad service and lastly querying why I was paying commission for a service that was not provided (i.e. what an agent is supposed to do in return for the commission they are charging)
She replied within a day to say she would resolve it however 6 weeks and 2 chasers later I still didn't hear back from her.

So I sent an email to the Paul Kenny, the managing director asking him to get involved as I wasn?t having any luck.
He replied immediately and said I would hear for the area manager with a full response.

She called me last Monday and claimed she had filed my complaint in an email folder and forgot about it and that's why she had never replied (? ok but what about my chaser msgs? Even if they auto-filed, she would have seen she had new msgs pending in her other folders!) and promised that I would have a full response by the next day.

I finally received a reply this Tues, a week later, and the letter is full of false accusations against me (basically saying I requested the service be provided like this) and that Barnard Marcus had done nothing wrong, however they were giving me a £100 as a goodwill gesture. (she even removed her contact details off ther signature! But I still have them from her initial reply in sept)

I immediately replied back saying I was dismayed at the lack of facts and would like her to contact me to discuss but have now received an out of office msg saying she is away til next week. Even then, I am doubtful she will call me when she sees my msg, it?ll probably get misfiled again hmm

I am fuming!
There are so many lies and accusations on her response and I cannot believe how they are trying to shift the blame.
It?s now become a he said (the branch), she said (me) situation and I dont know what to do!

£100 is all well and good however my complaint is to do with
1.Bad service and
2.The fact I paid for a service that was never provided

Apologies for the vent but would appreciate any advice!

Mum2Pea Fri 14-Dec-12 12:11:56

sorry, just to add, it's not about the money is what i mean about the £100, i want them to accept that they have provided a bad service and apologise

KenLeeeeeeeInnaSantaHat Fri 14-Dec-12 12:14:17

My advice is that all lettings agents are soulless purveyors of deception, best avoided unless absolutely necessary. Never met one with a shred of moral compass about them.

Are they registered with the ombudsman? I think you'd have a case to have them investigated.

KenLeeeeeeeInnaSantaHat Fri 14-Dec-12 12:15:13

P.S. If you're in SW London, also avoid Foxtons like the plague. Evil.

cosc Fri 09-Dec-16 13:43:14

I am having a similar problem with the Barnard Marcus Fulham branch. With me they have even refused to give me the area manager's details and just suggested i go through thir complaints protocol. It is if they aren't even interested in knowing why they don't provide good customer service. Would love to know Paul Kenny's email address if anyone has it?


LastnightIdreamed Fri 09-Dec-16 14:00:00

I also wouldn't touch them with a barge pole again. We sold our house through them and I felt that they were really rude and unprofessional. I also recall that their agent would ask me whether he should speak to DH instead of me. I managed not to respond that even though I was a woman, I was in fact able to write and count and everything. It's amazing what they teach us these days, no?

As we were ostensibly the clients, God only knows how they treated the buyers.

saqsaq Sat 11-Mar-17 22:27:26

Hi I am having trouble with barnard marcus- they have been deceiving. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Paul Kenny the ceo?

I will explain everything but do NOT use Barnard Marcus mitcham

NotCarylChurchill Sun 12-Mar-17 10:02:43

They're all the same.
I'm in SW London -James Anderson broke in and changed the locks, effectively illegally evicting me, when I complained to the council about the flat being in legally uninhabitable condition.

Douglas and Gordon's refused to communicate via anything other than phone for deaf client, then rented out flat without informing tenant the building was council owned and was about to become uninhabitable due to major building work.

anonanon123 Sun 12-Mar-17 14:10:30

Barnard Marcus Mitcham - They advertise to sell properties on the market and take bribes from buyers and properties go for under market value despite the fact offers were placed 20-30K above the price it was offered to...Do NOT sell your properties with them

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