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AIBU to be childishly amused there is a Lady Garden in the House of Lords?

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lashingsofbingeinghere Fri 10-Feb-12 15:00:53

She is a Lib Dem peer and her title is Baroness Green of Frognal.

Made me chuckle when I heard the reporter on the radio last night refer to the Lady Garden. Did I imagine an infinitesimal hesitation when he said her name?

Let us hope James Naugtie never has to refer to her and James -C-Hunt in the same sentence wink.

Spenguin Fri 10-Feb-12 15:02:00



aldiwhore Fri 10-Feb-12 15:02:12


lashingsofbingeinghere Fri 10-Feb-12 15:02:22

Damn the strike through gremlins. CHunt, I meant of course.

Thankgodforcaffeine Fri 10-Feb-12 15:03:19


YouOldSlag Fri 10-Feb-12 15:46:01

I'm sure there's more than one whiskery old cunt in the House of Lords.

Sorry [bad slag]

GrimmaTheNome Fri 10-Feb-12 15:49:58

YANBU, and thanks for sharing.

YankNCock Fri 10-Feb-12 15:55:46



Deliasuckssometimes Fri 10-Feb-12 15:58:29

YANBU. Mind you, I have a little smirk every time I here the name 'Ed Balls'.

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