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to be really angry with Boots presecription service

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Jux Thu 16-Jun-11 14:51:46

I pick up my medication which is on Boots' automated repeat system. Half way through the month I run out of one of the pills. I go in and ask, and am told it's on an "as and when" basis but I tell them I've been taking it for nearly 8 years, 2 a night and I need a full months' supply every month - that I've never had a problem with this before and what's changed? They do an emergency prescription for me (as if they're doing me an immense favour) and I pick it up two days later, having run out of them altogether therefore not taking one of my pills for a couple of days. Not good.

Then, this month, as I was running low on everything else (except the one above, which I'd got on emergency prescription again a week or so ago, so had quite a lot of those), I went in to get my next lot and it wasn't there. Not wasn't ready, just wasn't there. Don't worry, we'll be getting it next week they say. On Monday I went to get it. Not there, but don't worry it'll be here in the next day or so. Hmm. I have completely run out of pills (except for the one I picked up mid-month)

I go in on Tuesday. It's not there. This time the pharmacist on duty takes me off to their office and sits me down with the computer and we go through everything I'm getting and everything I should be getting.

Boots' head office have apparently updated their system and lots of people have been having problems with their repeats.

What we found: one pill not on the repeat at all and two issued at the wrong doses. The doctor I have is apparently not the doctor I have; according to Boots my doctor actually practices at a different surgery.

How does updating a system currupt data like that?

More to the point, as soon as they knew there was a problem, why weren't the staff jumping up and down to sort things out with people whose prescriptions were obviously not working out right. Like asking why you keep running out of this one midmonth etc?

Rant not really over, but hey grin

MrsTwinks Thu 16-Jun-11 14:57:52

YANBU, you sound just like my Dh when he comes home (he works in IT)

it can corrupt data if its not done right/on the cheap. but yeah its fucked up they arent fixing it but see above reason. Dh deals with big companies doing this all the time. But to mess with prescriptions and not fix is inexcusable.

I have to say I generally dont mind too much TBH as the "emergency" overtime when they bother to fix it comes in handy.

LisasCat Thu 16-Jun-11 15:16:13

My friend was really screwed over by Boots prescription service. The untrained goon behind the counter couldn't find her prescription, so told her it hadn't arrived yet (from the GP surgery round the corner who had sent it two days earlier), and sent her away. She's convinced he saw it was for ADs and thought that wasn't serious enough to make too much effort taking a better look (in which case he'd have found it as it was there all along). In actual fact, her being without her incredibly complex system of meds for 3 days over the weekend is enough to put her in a very bad mental condition, and if she'd not had her family around to keep an eye on her...well, I'd have been inserting those pills via his eye sockets if I ever saw him again. Twunt.

Jux Thu 16-Jun-11 15:29:46

LisasCat, that's really shocking. Did anyone complain because I really think that little git shouldn't be allowed to work there. I know the sort of state I get in when I have to go a few days without my meds - that's why it was better for my repeats to be automated - it's not life-threatening, but I'll spend miserable days in bed from missing more than a couple of days' worth, and it'll take a week back on them before I'm OK again.

My prescriptions really weren't there. They have an incredibly efficient system; it's a tiny Boots which used to be an independent but was taken over. The staff are usually great, but the stock is far more limited now that Boots have got them. I think I hate Boots actually. If I had an alternative in town I'd use it.

MrsTwinks, you're incorrigible!grin

redexpat Thu 16-Jun-11 15:34:40

THe computer service sounds rubbish but at least it sounds like the pharmacist knows what they're doing.

interscholar Thu 16-Jun-11 15:41:37

You should definitely put your complaint in writing.

Our local pharmacy was taken over by Boots and the 'teething' problems were ludicrous. Some people weren't getting their current repeats and others were getting every repeat medication they'd ever been on. The medicines manager at the surgery complained to the Boots area manager who claimed they weren't even aware there was a problem.

My take home message was that of there's a written complaint, it gets actioned, otherwise you're ignored.

kittybuttoon Thu 16-Jun-11 18:29:58

There's also a problem with overseas suppliers buying up stocks of drugs from GB because they can get them more cheaply here. This results in the pharmacies being unable to obtain supplies as they've been snapped up by other countries.

I have been told to 'try the other Boots just up the road'.

I had to insist they telephoned their sister shop to find out whether there was any of my cancer drug in stock - the first Boots was quite happy to allow me to drag my sorry arse up there, despite my illness!

My experience is that you just have to park yourself on a chair and refuse to leave until they find you the drugs you're supposed to have!

At least you get a nice rest while they sort themselves out.

Andrewofgg Thu 16-Jun-11 18:39:04

Boots are crap. Full bloody stop.

smokinaces Thu 16-Jun-11 19:41:58

I;m on antianxiety drugs - and was told by the chemist the other day that they didnt have any and that there was a problem with supply so I would probably not find any in any chemist in the whole town.

Not a good thing to tell someone on antianxiety drugs!!!!

Turns out they were lying - went to a chemist about 2 miles away and they had stock for me thanks god!

Jux Thu 16-Jun-11 19:43:53

Andrewofgg, heartily agree. There is a bigger Boots in town here which has much greater choice (ife you can call Boots' imposed choice), but I never go there because it's just all the corporate crap. The little one is much closer to me, and has retained all the original staff from before they were taken over. Mostly it's OK because of the staff, and only falls down due to the 'purchasing decisions' and the systems imposed upon it by HO. It's so sad, when we first moved here their stock was very different from Boots', and a lot of stuff worked a darn sight better than anything Boots stocked. The only chemist in town which is not Boots is so far away I have no chance of getting to it.

Jux Thu 16-Jun-11 19:52:56

Smokinaces, fgs!!!! shock

Where are the journalists when you want them?!

Jux Thu 16-Jun-11 20:00:34

Kittybuttoon, I will say this for our little ex-independent, they would not do that to you. They have sent someone down to the other branch to get something I badly needed that day. They rang them, told me I could get it down the road, took one look at my face (this was when my mum was at death's door and I was desperately trying to get sip feeds that she liked - and they knew my medical probs) and one of the staff told me to sit and they went off to get it for me. It's one reason why I was so incensed by what has just happened, it's so unlike them.

CrossWhy Thu 16-Jun-11 20:14:47

Remember there are alternatives to Boots - Lloyds, Rowlands and Co-op to name the big ones then you have the supermarket and independent pharmacies. If you are not happy with a pharmacy service leave and try elsewhere you may find the other pharmacy in the town value your prescription more.

Having worked for Boots (don't worry i've seen the light since) I would say that the OP experience is not uncommon and unfortunately neither was how the situation was dealt with. Some pharmacists are really good and care about their customers and will make sure they have medication. Other pharmacists will just send the patient away to deal with the shops error and have the patient sort out the pharmacy's mistake with their GP.

If you have run out of medication always ask to speak to the pharmacist, if you can bring an old medicine box with label or your repeat prescription slip with you. Do not let counter staff send you away without medication unless you are sure they have talked to the pharmacist.

Medicine supply is a big problem just now with NHS trust and wholesalers selling UK meds to Europe at profit. I have spoken to one company who increased their medicine production in the UK compared to last year but their medicine has frequently been unavailable.

You do not need to be restricted by what a pharmacy has on its shelf, if you know a product that works for you then the pharmacy can order it for you and it should be in the next day.

Jux Fri 17-Jun-11 00:59:48

Sadly Crosswhy, for us there are no alternatives. It's the Big Boots or the Small Boots. I avoid the big one as they are dreadful, but the small one (which used to be independent) is the only other pharmacy in my vicinity. Sure, ther's one at the other end of the town, right near Tesco's. They are both too far away for me to get to. (we go to Tesco's about once every 6 weeks or 2months so I can't get my meds from there.)

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