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Shocking activites in Tesco car park!

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NerdyFace Wed 06-Oct-10 12:48:40

On my lovely half hour break from work today, I decided to head up to Tesco to do a little shopping so I could cook dinner for me and my Partner tonight.

Anyway, i'm driving around and it seems EVERY space is taken, so im down the other end of the carpark and walking up to the main entrance when I see a pair of VERY elderly old people get out from some small rusty mini in a Parent and Child space.

There wasn't a single disabled space left so I personally thought it was reasonable that they parked there, since the man opened his door fully and had to drag out a walking frame.

This woman pulls behind them, rolls down her window and literally starts screaming abuse at this old couple "pair of cunts..", "Hurry up and die" etc. I was totally stunned by this and so were a few other people, she kept screaming at them untill the old couple actually got BACK into their car and drove off, the woman pulled in the space they left and got out with her 18yr old looking behemoth of a daugther!

I was being unreasonable not to say anything to her wasn't it? I was just so shocked and stunned that someone could be so vile!

(Although on 6"4 and her daugther could of SNAPPED me in half had I said anything..)

FallingWithStyle Wed 06-Oct-10 12:51:20


I felt sure this was going to be about dogging.

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 06-Oct-10 12:51:57

And people wonder why I am not too keen on my planned return to the UK next year.
Out of curiosity, what is the maxiumum age of the child for those spaces? in the UK, I've been tempted to park in one, but with our DD being 9.5 now, I think it would be piss taking.

BeerTricksPotter Wed 06-Oct-10 12:52:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NerdyFace Wed 06-Oct-10 12:52:24

Sorry to disapoint! grin

i could go back tonight and scout it out for a new thread if you like? grin

ABitBatty Wed 06-Oct-10 12:52:56

I thought it was going to be a fight over some nice ham.

NerdyFace Wed 06-Oct-10 12:53:16

Last post aimed at FallingWithStyle

MaMoTTaT Wed 06-Oct-10 12:53:49

I thought dogging too

Thatwasyesterday Wed 06-Oct-10 12:55:20

Kreecher, Tesco gave me a little sticker to say we could park in P&C spaces and it's valid until DD is 5.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 06-Oct-10 12:55:25

HOW much disappointment on mumsnet of late.

Cunting in thread titles removed.

Paul Daniels isn't really murdered.

And no dogging in Tescos.

<checks out netmums>

bubbleOseven Wed 06-Oct-10 12:55:53

Are you really 6 ft 4? shock - if so, I hope to God you're a man.

OnlyWantsOne Wed 06-Oct-10 12:57:43

oh I do love catching people dogging in Tescos.

Much better in Waitrose though, people tend to have larger cars for better range of felxibility.


Chil1234 Wed 06-Oct-10 12:58:10

Had you wandered onto the set of Shameless by mistake?

scanty Wed 06-Oct-10 12:59:38

where was the train/footie thugs woman when she was needed? She woud have sorted them out! But seriously, would have been tempted to hurl some abuse at them myself (the mother and behomoth that is).

HowsTheSerenity Wed 06-Oct-10 13:04:52

That is horrible. It was not the Tesco in Twickenham was it? That is is full of behemoth type people.

Onto dogging though. I found through no fault of my own, a dogging directory. It tells you when and where and apparantly that tesco is the place to be.

bubbleOseven Wed 06-Oct-10 13:06:53

What is this "dogging" of which you all speak?

NerdyFace Wed 06-Oct-10 13:07:08

Yes I am a man, a 6"4 22yr old, heavily tatto'd young man!

The local dogging spot near me is actually out front of Marks and Spencer!

Chil1234 No I hadn't!...Literally where I live in north wales the proportion of Wankers to Nice People is heavily in favour of the wankers!

Mowiol Wed 06-Oct-10 13:07:22

What's dogging?

And OP that was horrible for those old people. I hope "what goes around comes around" for the awful mother and behemoth (love that word - have a vision of a huge woolly mammoth!!)

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 06-Oct-10 13:07:42

I am woefully unprepared for our return. Dogging in Waitrose? Blimey.

BeerTricksPotter Wed 06-Oct-10 13:08:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 06-Oct-10 13:09:00

I thought this was going to be dogging as well.

potplant Wed 06-Oct-10 13:09:41

Dogging in Tescos. I don't understand cos my Tescos is 24 hours so how do 'doggers' tell the difference between a potential 'doggee' and someone nipping out for a pint of milk at midnight?

Deux Wed 06-Oct-10 13:10:03

I'm whit bubbleOseven, definition of dogging please? And what's with the directory thing?

MrsChemist Wed 06-Oct-10 13:10:11

Another one here that thought it was going to be about dogging.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 06-Oct-10 13:10:17

Its all down to flashing your internal lights. hmm

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