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Allergic to sunscreen on face only!

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SE13Mummy Sun 23-May-10 09:28:49

DD aged 5 and a half has developed a sudden allergy to sunscreen but only on her face. This is the second time it's happened in a month and was after using a children's hypoallergenic cream.

This morning her face is blotchy and swollen, her eyes look all puffy and the red areas are very hot.

We've given her piriton and she'll obviously be wearing her sunhat permanently for the next little while (she does anyway as she's a hat lover!) but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a titanium dioxide sunscreen that I could try instead?

velcro Sun 23-May-10 15:28:01

my DS2 has an allergy to sunscreen too. It's worse on his face - very red and swells up, but he also gets a lesser rash on the rest of his body where the sunscreen has been applied. We had some success last year with Vichy stuff but he reacted to it yesterday when it was applied for the first time this year. I'm desperately looking for something he can use on the off chance that summer makes an appearance in Scotland this year!

Earplugs Sun 23-May-10 22:57:17

We're having big problems with sunscreen here as well. DS face and ears are now very red and bumpy with what looks like small weeping blisters and patches have come up all over his arms. His nursery used Boots kids on Friday which I think started it, but the Tesco babies stuff has made it worse yesterday. Today was spent out of the sun.
Watching thread with interest!

mspotatochip Mon 24-May-10 13:41:05

dd reacts to tesco brand but not boots . Ds is much more allergicy and his excema has gone nuts after one application of the same boots one I use with dd. DD is 3 , ds nearly 1. Poor ds is looking at a summer in the shade........

thesecondcoming Mon 24-May-10 13:47:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Madsometimes Mon 24-May-10 14:49:31

She may have a photosensitive allergy, my dd2 is the same.

My dd2 is not allergic to the cream when it is applied, and the parts of her body which get the least sun flare up the least. When the cream reacts with sunlight a chemical reaction occurs which makes the UV rays safe. However, the chemicals released can produce an allergic reaction in allergic people.

Creams which contain zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide as their only active ingredients are safe for my dd2 but they are really hard to find. Most creams have these ingredients (physical sun blocks) but they also contain the chemical sun screens too.

The mineral sun blocks do not make a nice cream. They are hard to rub in and leave white streaky marks, so obviously they are not great sellers. I honestly do not care about this, I just want a cream that will not make my dd sick. I have spent most of this afternoon trying to work out the active ingredients in sun creams to try and find a suitable one. I suspect I have failed. Dd is in school today with no cream on, which is far from ideal.

Madsometimes Fri 28-May-10 22:43:20

I think I have found a good mineral only based sunscreen. It is made by Lavera and does not contain any chemical sunscreens. I tried it on dd2 today, and no problems smile. She was outside for most of the day doing sports at school, so although today was not super hot she was in the sun more than usual and she did not get a rash.

Maggie198 Mon 31-May-10 14:48:16

I have been using Ambre Solaire Kids 50+. It seems to be okay one day and not the next. Certainly the reaction seems worst on face. Seems worse the thicker it is applied. Worse once DS goes out in sun and gets sweaty.

SE13Mummy Thu 28-Apr-11 20:47:09

I know it's nearly a year since I posted about this but we eventually found this sun screen. It's available in John Lewis and, although expensive, is effective grin.

heliumballoons Thu 28-Apr-11 21:01:55

Thanks SE13mummy. DS has hives and sun reaction this year on his back/ shoulders and not just his face. I will try the cream you've suggested and see if it makes a difference.

Acekicker Fri 29-Apr-11 14:46:01

DS was recommended SunSense Toddle as a baby by the paediatric dermatologist. We used it fine for years and then last year he started screaming and coming up in blotches when we used it. We swapped to Piz Buin once a day stuff and he's been fine with that all through last Summer and no probs so far this year.

Andrea65 Tue 31-May-11 10:58:44

As an adult, I suddenly became allergic to sun creams on my chest area only (including Sunsense). However, I've discovered the Superdrug's own branded baby suncream 'Solait Babycare' lotion. It's factor 50+ so extremely high, but that suits me (and accounts for my young looks!!! who am I kidding?!!). It's also regularly on special offer - I managed to pick up three bottles for £ 5.00 recently!

Evieward35 Mon 20-Jul-15 08:20:00

Many sun blocks contain perfume and ingredients which irritate sensitive skin and even problematic for those with eczema and very sensitive skin. Dermaxsol a Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen from solvaderm skincare brand is great for all skin types, it contain safflower oil which is quite beneficial for improving the tone, texture and appearance of the skin.

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