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Surprise dairy & egg free finds - join me in making a list?

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abigboydidit Tue 28-Aug-12 12:56:30

Hi -

I'm new to the whole allergy thing (DS is 15 months old & allergic to milk & eggs). As he's getting older I'm starting to appreciate how limiting it is and how lovely it is when he can have an off-the-shelf item that everyone else is having. So, I thought I would start a thread where we could list surprise finds we've came across (or in my case, that MN have pointed me towards!).

My (very short) list:
- shop bought puff pastry (read this in a thread the other day. A revelation! And just in time for my nephew's birthday party!)
- jammie dodgers (ditto!)
- Nairns Dark Choc Chip biscuits (made in factory handling milk)
- Sacla tomato & garlic stir in sauce
- Sacla Char-Grilled Aubergine Pesto
- Cauldron aduki bean kiev (salty though!)

Anyone like to share their finds?

PeggyCarter Tue 28-Aug-12 19:51:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

abigboydidit Tue 28-Aug-12 19:51:55

Ah, thanks!

mamij Tue 28-Aug-12 19:54:20

Waitrose do a dark chocolate biscuit which is dairy free (not sure about egg). Pitta bread too.

bran Tue 28-Aug-12 19:55:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jojay Tue 28-Aug-12 19:57:59

Oooh, loving this thread as my 13 month old twins are egg and dairy free.

So chuffed to see the pesto and garlic bread grin grin grin

Plain pom bears in the red packet are ok.

Tesco's cheap value plain chocolate, about 30p a bar, is dairy free.

ReturnOfTheMunx Tue 28-Aug-12 19:58:36

Thank you for this thread OP!

DD 20 mo is dairy free, and the treats/biscuits ideas are most welcome as she is always very upset when others get a biscuit at the weekend and she doesn't!

ThisOnce Tue 28-Aug-12 20:08:02

I also like Cara, good in tea and cereal too.

Return, Tescos Jaffa cakes are dairy free if that helps. I think they're a 'may contain milk' product but it's not in the ingredients IYSWIM.

ThisOnce Tue 28-Aug-12 20:09:44

Am going shopping tomorrow for aubergine pesto and garlic bread!

Puddle, I'd like to see the brownie recipe please smile

I love these threads...

TheGirlOnTheLanding Tue 28-Aug-12 20:10:35

Tesco Jaffa cakes
Mrs crimble's macaroons
Lidl Empire biscuits
Fry's chocolate creme bars

are all dairy free - not completely sure about egg though.

Also very excited by recent purchase of d/free waffle cones (Lidl again) so DD can have her sorbet in a cone like her big sister.

PeggyCarter Tue 28-Aug-12 20:14:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThisOnce Tue 28-Aug-12 20:22:10

Swedish Glace ice cream too, Neapolitan is nice. From most supermarkets.

ThisOnce Tue 28-Aug-12 20:33:15

Ooh thank you Puddle

trixymalixy Tue 28-Aug-12 21:25:33

The Betty crocker icing in tubs is egg and dairy free.

mamij Tue 28-Aug-12 21:47:21

PomBears contains milk! I think it's in the guise of whey powder.

Also, Oaty Alternatives do a lovely cream, which I add to cupcake/biscuit recipes instead of milk.

Schmasch Tue 28-Aug-12 21:52:59

A great site to look at is!/groups/suitableforvegansuk/ group. Everyone posts everyday finds, which are egg and dairy free. Some great ideas. There are lists of supermarket egg and dairy free stock too. It's really useful. I'm on there all the time!

Jojay Tue 28-Aug-12 22:04:46

Mamij - how weird - Tesco website indeed says that Pom bears contain milk, yet some I bought a while ago definitely didn't. Maybe there's been an ingredient change at some point?

Schmasch Tue 28-Aug-12 22:12:58

I've never known Pom Bears to be whey free.

co-op own brand custard doughnuts are vegan, according to our resident vegan teenager who virtually lives off them

trixymalixy Tue 28-Aug-12 22:17:04

I looked at Pom bears recently and they had milk in of some form.

Coop jam doughnuts are also dairy and egg free.

abigboydidit Tue 28-Aug-12 22:24:04

Doughnuts? I like the direction this thread is taking! Took the huff with a work colleague the other day who announced (in reply to my despair that DS never got treats at parties/friends houses etc - even just a wee biscuit - unlike his peers) that "he's only 1! He doesn't need treats!". Grrrr..

Pancakeflipper Tue 28-Aug-12 22:26:31

Doughnuts??? Really? Wow, I am happy.

Maz007 Tue 28-Aug-12 22:29:21

Doughnuts with no egg / dairy! Yay!

I have known pom bears with milk (a couple of years ago when i last looked at them) and therefore stopped buying them. Looked at a packet a couple of months ago and it was fine - the ones I have in the cupboard now definitely milk (in all its forms - casein / whey etc etc) free... I assumed there had been a change in the recipe... but will definitely check carefully when I buy again as it sounds like it's not a straightforward old recipe with milk vs new without confused

ouryve Tue 28-Aug-12 22:37:43

I AM surprised at dairy free doughnuts.

Dairy & egg free treats in this house include lots of cereal bars - Fruitus (chewy and lovely) bars, 9-bars (dairy, egg, soya and pretty much everything untoward free) and fruitus bars all go down well. Sainsbobs basics Oat & Raisin bars used to be dairy free, too.

Most warburtons bread is dairy free (not the rich brown loaf) and a lot of varieties of M&S bread are dairy free. Bready products are so easy to get caught out with when it comes to dairy. The odd one contains eggs as well, but it's less common as eggs are expensive!

mamij Wed 29-Aug-12 06:08:09

Wow! Doughnuts and Jaffa cakes?! DCs would be over the moon!

Pancakeflipper Wed 29-Aug-12 07:39:19

The 10 little gingerbread men you can get at Tesco in the orange bag are dairy and egg free.

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