Does anybody know London and can help me?

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cloudyrainbow Sat 24-Jul-21 14:06:52

I'm taking my 6yo to London on Monday - there are a few things I want to do but I don't know the best order to do them in and can't work out timings etc. So stressful! Everything needs booking because of COVID so can't just go with the flow.

I have ADHD and dyspraxia and I'm bloody terrible at organising things, working out directions and how long things take, so would really appreciate some help if possible!

We'll arrive at London Victoria at 11am.

I've promised we'll go to:

The Science Museum
Terrible Thames boat trip, at Tower Bridge Quay

If there's time and fits in location-wise with the above, we'd be interested in going to any of the following:

Natural History Museum
Diana Memorial Playground
Buckingham Palace (to see the guards)

Would anybody in the know be able to write out a rough itinerary for me, please, so I know what times to book, in which order? Never been to any of the museums so I don't know how much time you'd normally spend there. I have a train ticket that includes both tubes and buses. Also, any recs for lunch? I might need to book this in advance too.

Thanks so much in advance!

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Duckyneedsaclean Sat 24-Jul-21 14:08:09

Are you in London for one day?

gardeninggirl68 Sat 24-Jul-21 14:08:25

the museums are next to each other and would cover one day alone op

you are there for one day and arriving quite late

nancy75 Sat 24-Jul-21 14:10:39

Science museum & Natural History museum are next to each other. Depending how busy they are I would probably allow about 2 hours in each. Diana playground is about 20 minute walk from the museums.

Crunchymum Sat 24-Jul-21 14:10:42

You have to book the museums. It may be a bit too late.

NHM and Science museum are very near each other though.

I don't think you'll be able to fit everything in to one day. I'd maybe keep to the first few things on your list (maybe add in NHM) but be aware you may not be able to get tickets. sad

Attheheart Sat 24-Jul-21 14:10:58

Gosh, that's a lot for one day, you'd need a week to do all of those IMO. The Science Museum or the Natural History Museum can easily fill a day on their own. At most, I'd pick one of them and one of the boat trip, Hamleys or Buckingham Palace

KittenKong Sat 24-Jul-21 14:11:07

Hamleys isn’t all that brilliant- maybe renegotiate a trip to the toy dept in Harrods? That’s close to the science museum.

As for the science museum - we live nearby ;so would go a lot) and I could never get DS in and out in less than 3 hours!


nancy75 Sat 24-Jul-21 14:11:56

What’s the last time for the boat trip?
I would do the museums & the playground at a push

Clymene Sat 24-Jul-21 14:12:02

Ooh that's really ambitious. Science museum is nowhere near the river or Hamley's unfortunately.

Happy36 Sat 24-Jul-21 14:12:17

Good luck

Duckyneedsaclean Sat 24-Jul-21 14:12:19

If one day, book science museum for as early as you can get there, boat for as late as possible, and slip Hamleys in between.
There's plenty of mcds or similar for lunch

cloudyrainbow Sat 24-Jul-21 14:12:56

Yes, just one day. I was afraid you'd say that! Earlier trains are really expensive but maybe I'll just have to go for it.

It says on the Science Museum's website to allow 2 hours. She's desperate to go there, on the boat trip (which is 45 mins) and Hamleys - so maybe we will only have time for these, do you think?

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Duckyneedsaclean Sat 24-Jul-21 14:13:04

Ditch Hamleys if possible, it really is just a shop!

RubyFakeLips Sat 24-Jul-21 14:14:51

Is this all one day?

Buckingham Palace isn’t far from Victoria so you could go there first, then bus to Science Museum.

Science Museum and Natural History are next to each other.

You could go from Museums on the Piccadilly line to Piccadilly Circus and walk up Regents street to Hamleys.

I’m not sure you will be able to fit in the boat tour, firstly due to timings, tower bridge is more to the east, secondly because I think you will knacker your kid.

Maybe do another day in London and do Tower of London, tower bridge and then the boat tour.

It’s meant to rain Monday, I’d skip the memorial.

Eleoura Sat 24-Jul-21 14:15:20

Are you able to amend your train tickets to arrive in London earlier? Or, could you stay overnight in a premier inn? Starting at 11am is really pushing it to see much at all.

cloudyrainbow Sat 24-Jul-21 14:15:20

Her mate told her it's the biggest toy shop in the world and she's now obsessed and has been saving all her pennies and doing chores like mad. I've told her everything will be v expensive there and she'll get more at a normal toy shop but she has her heart set on a visit, unfortunately!

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Clymene Sat 24-Jul-21 14:15:52

You could definitely do the boat trip and the science museum. But you need to book for both.

There are tickets at 4.45 for the boat trip. You know it's £36 for both of you don't you?

CrouchEndTiger12 Sat 24-Jul-21 14:15:59

That's too much. Pick a museum or a boat trip or hamleys and the park.

SheABitSpicyToday Sat 24-Jul-21 14:16:05

We did natural history museum, Piccadilly Circus, China town, Covent Garden and Hamleys in a day. It’s a lot of walking and was a looooong day but is doable.

TakeYourFinalPosition Sat 24-Jul-21 14:16:12

It says on the Science Museum's website to allow 2 hours. She's desperate to go there, on the boat trip (which is 45 mins) and Hamleys - so maybe we will only have time for these, do you think?

Yeah, if those are non negotiables, I think you’ve filled your day. I wouldn’t try and cram more in, it’ll just get stressed up.

Going earlier will still be worthwhile to make it run smoother, if possible.

Have you got tickets for the science museum already? It often sells out during the summer holidays but I have no experience of this year.

SimonJT Sat 24-Jul-21 14:17:00

Thats a lot for one day.

Hamleys is crap, don’t bother.

The natural history museum is very busy, especially the dinosaurs. Its also next door to the science museum, some bits of the science museum are not free. The playground is about 20-25 minutes away, I would potentially go there first and have a picnic lunch, play and then head to the museums.

Changing of the guard is currently happening at Buckingham palace, I’m not sure when it will start again.

cloudyrainbow Sat 24-Jul-21 14:17:34

OK thank you, this is all really useful! I'll try and change my train tickets, and just book the things I've already (in hindsight, foolishly) promised.

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Clymene Sat 24-Jul-21 14:17:40

I'd do two things. I hate Hamleys and she'll be disappointed but I think you'll both be knackered if you try and do the boat trip too and you'll be cross if you've spent nearly 40 quid and she falls asleep!

Clymene Sat 24-Jul-21 14:18:27

Cheaper tickets are usually any that arrive after 10am

cloudyrainbow Sat 24-Jul-21 14:21:07

There are still tickets available for the Science Museum on Monday. Yep, I know the boat trip is pretty expensive, and some things at the science museum cost money too. I'm working for most of the summer holidays except a few days at the end where we're going to Butlins, so have budgeted for a special day out at the beginning - I just hate spending a fortune on train tickets, but I realise now I might have to grin

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