UK holidays are hard work

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ChocolateRiver Thu 22-Jul-21 22:17:49

We’re on holiday on the north Devon/Cornwall border. Staying in a converted barn on a farm. It’s lovely, the kids are having a great time but it’s such bloody hard work. Getting up early to get a parking space at the beach, making up picnics, putting sandy beach clothes/towels in washing machine, sorting out food, cooking etc, driving everywhere, hoovering up after beach days, tidying up - feel like I’m constantly on the go! And it’s so expensive, can’t afford to have all lunches and teas out. Don’t get me wrong, we’re having a nice time, but it’s definitely not a rest - we’re knackered. We usually go abroad but have stayed here due to Covid, we’ll be off abroad again next year if it’s possible.

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MrsFin Thu 22-Jul-21 22:48:09

Don't you have to do all those things abroad too? hmm

notacooldad Thu 22-Jul-21 22:50:33

Seriously what else do you expect going to Devon and Cornwall in the school holidays.
If you want relaxing g go to the places that aren't the honey spots at this time of year.

ChocolateRiver Thu 22-Jul-21 22:52:42

@MrsFin no we go all inclusive with beach towels etc provided. Don’t have to do a thing.

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IsobelEd Thu 22-Jul-21 22:55:51

The best tip I have is to book early and secure somewhere within walking distance of a nice beach. Then you don't have to get in the car every day or spend £££ on parking, you don't have to make lunches as you can pop home, if you forget something or the kids get cold, it's no drama. That is the only way I would consider going to Devon or Cornwall in the summer months.

A garden is helpful too, as an alternative to the beach. Take a paddling pool.

RLOU30 Thu 22-Jul-21 22:56:03

I find holidaying anywhere with my 3 year old knackering tbh but I kind of get what you mean.

Labradabradorable Thu 22-Jul-21 23:04:02

We are on holiday in Norfolk. It’s not hard work at all. Yes, some spots are busier than normal but head ten minutes off the beaten track and you get the beach to yourself. For a day paddling, swimming, kayaking and gilly crabbing. Yesterday we foraged for samphire and cooked it on the beach with local bangers and beer. It’s been wall to wall sunshine here age all feels a bit idyllic. We’ve booked a couple of meals out, but when we’ve not fancied cooking, the local lobster shacks, fish and chip huts and wood fired pizza have served us well. I also love a picnic, and mine take three minutes to pack, with lovely local fruits, cheese and deli products.

I’ve never done an all-inclusive holiday so maybe don’t know what I’m missing. But my U.K. holiday has been a joy.


Cam2020 Thu 22-Jul-21 23:04:56

Depends where you go and stay. I always have one UK holiday and we stay in a harbour with lots retuarants etc. within walking distance. We do always eat out though. I can't say it's any more aggravation then holiday abroad, but then I never go all incluslve anywhere.

WouldBeGood Thu 22-Jul-21 23:05:26

I agree @ChocolateRiver and am not going anywhere with my boy as it will be more work and more shite than being at home, and for a large amount of money.

FizzyPink Thu 22-Jul-21 23:07:56

Agree with this. We are luxury all inclusive lay by the pool all day kind of people with some cocktails and lovely meals thrown in.
We did the Isle of Wight this year and honestly it was exhausting and very expensive and we don’t even have kids to clear up after. I’ll never do a U.K. holiday again.

doorornottodoor Thu 22-Jul-21 23:09:27

Yes it’s definitely harder work in the UK. You need more stuff for a start!

notacooldad Thu 22-Jul-21 23:10:23

Yes it’s definitely harder work in the UK. You need more stuff for a start! what do you mean?

WouldBeGood Thu 22-Jul-21 23:11:34

You need more stuff cos the weather could be anything!

doorornottodoor Thu 22-Jul-21 23:13:12

Maybe because we tend to self cater in the UK and eat out more abroad? Also wetsuits and dealing with wetsuits, waterproofs , flasks of tea/coffee. (We’re in Scotland and we’re talking North Sea) None of that in Greece. Swimming costume, towel, suncream, book, water. Sorted!

doorornottodoor Thu 22-Jul-21 23:14:07

@notacooldad unpredictability of the weather. Waterproofs/wetsuits. Drying wet things etc…

TokyoSushi Thu 22-Jul-21 23:14:55

I totally get it, its certainly very different from our get up, go to the breakfast buffet, go to the pool/beach!

Frazzled2207 Thu 22-Jul-21 23:15:37

Surely this isn’t a uk hols thing? It’s a self catering cottage thing. We’ve done self catering hols in France and they’ve been pretty stressful too.

doorornottodoor Thu 22-Jul-21 23:15:56

I do love uk holidays but there is definitely more of a grind involved!

doorornottodoor Thu 22-Jul-21 23:16:34

Breakfast buffet- best thing EVER

doorornottodoor Thu 22-Jul-21 23:18:14

We were reminiscing today about the pancake machine at a breakfast buffet in Hong Kong. ❤️ You just pressed a button and out popped a pancake in a little splat shape grin

Fizbosshoes Thu 22-Jul-21 23:21:17

When DC were young I was (unreasonably) anxious about them being unwell on foreign holidays so I didnt enjoy them as much and took the entire bathroom cabinet of otc medicines in case I couldnt explain what was wrong blush

Then when they were older we generally couldnt afford to go abroad.
Now we can, and I dont really want to!!smile

RampantIvy Thu 22-Jul-21 23:21:38

I have never found holidaying in the UK hard work. We treat UK and abroad holidays differently, and tend to stay inland in the UK and visit places of interest. Even when we did seaside holidays it wasn't all about the beach.

AI holidays aren't our thing as we like to eat out in the local restaurants.

Cam2020 Thu 22-Jul-21 23:28:03

I totally get it, its certainly very different from our get up, go to the breakfast buffet, go to the pool/beach!

Again, that depends where you stay. Plenty of beach cafes and bars in the UK that can provide breakfast and lunch? There are so many lovely restaurants offering freshly caught fish or locally sourced meat, I dont really get why people talk about going to supermarkets or cooking on holiday. I suppose it depends what your expectations are, though. I've never been on holiday anywhere where I've eaten three meals at the hotel or barely left the premises, so it doesn't seem a big deal to me.

doorornottodoor Thu 22-Jul-21 23:34:56

@Cam2020 depends where you go in the UK though. We tend to go to more remote places in Scotland so no breakfast cafes etc… that’s fine, our choice. It’s just a bit harder work.

ssd Thu 22-Jul-21 23:37:40

Oh FFS i didn't realise the queen was on mn

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