Covid/ lockdown (or any!) memes and jokes

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Catquestion Mon 04-Jan-21 22:04:11

After the uncertainty over the last few days, culminating in the lockdown announcement, has anyone got any good memes or jokes to cheer me up please?

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LondonBus38 Mon 04-Jan-21 23:00:21

Made me laugh!

LondonBus38 Mon 04-Jan-21 23:02:30

And this

Impatientwino Mon 04-Jan-21 23:13:55

I was sent this earlier smile

WitchyPoos Mon 04-Jan-21 23:14:50


ShitUsername Mon 04-Jan-21 23:16:16


PhilCornwall1 Mon 04-Jan-21 23:17:05

I did this one because, well I'm bored.


PhilCornwall1 Mon 04-Jan-21 23:18:01

Got sent these

middleager Mon 04-Jan-21 23:18:06

Thanks - I need this thread right now!

FoxinaScarf Mon 04-Jan-21 23:18:12

I like these.

middleager Mon 04-Jan-21 23:19:53

And another for good measure.

WishMyNameWasWittyNotShitty Mon 04-Jan-21 23:20:25

I know Tier 4 is no more (for now), but this really tickled me!

showmethegin Mon 04-Jan-21 23:40:14


ceeveebee Mon 04-Jan-21 23:43:55

And the answer is - it’s a trick question as you are only allowed out once

FrankiesKnuckle Mon 04-Jan-21 23:47:17

About right.

Catquestion Mon 04-Jan-21 23:59:46

I love all of these- thank you grin

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Disorganisedfish Tue 05-Jan-21 00:00:34

Ahhh this is the thread for me!

TiddyTid Tue 05-Jan-21 00:01:38


Catquestion Tue 05-Jan-21 07:45:54

Has anyone else got any more to help us get through day 1 of homeschooling while trying to do a full day’s work?

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borntohula Tue 05-Jan-21 07:50:15

Love these. Nothing to add because I'm not on fb anymore and if there is one thing I miss about it, it's funny memes.

Reiningitin Tue 05-Jan-21 08:23:41

Made me laugh

SeeyouontheothersideofCovid Tue 05-Jan-21 08:36:20

Thanks everyone for these - really cheering, just what I need right now.

SabrinaThwaite Tue 05-Jan-21 09:51:52

This seems apt.

bendmeoverbackwards Tue 05-Jan-21 10:10:14

Love that one @SabrinaThwaite

Disorganisedfish Tue 05-Jan-21 10:24:18

This isn’t a meme but it did make me laugh, hope the YouTube link works grin

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